Wonderful, Glorious review by Eels

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  • Released: Feb 4, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (12 votes)
Eels: Wonderful, Glorious

Sound — 8
Eels are a hailed American indie rock band whose roots stretch back all the way to 1996, when the world was first gripped to the contemporary rock stylings proudly featured in the band's debut album "Beautiful Freak". Almost immediately, Eels were subject to international success and fame, with such melancholy soaked pop rock tunes as "Your Lucky Day In Hell" and "Novocaine For The Soul" topping the charts, and even going as far as to earn the band's music several appearances in major studio films. Now, following a brief 3 year hiatus from the studio, Eels have proven that, just like their fans, they were more than anxious to return to the music scene. So, proudly announcing this return is the band's new studio album, "Wonderful, Glorious". It's back to basics for the Eels with this one, as we take a look at the lead single, "Peach Blossom". Dark pop-synth sounding distorted guitar chords are backed by lead vocalist E's low register, talk-singing, all put to a vigorous pulsating beat. These layers of musical composition help attribute a strong "Souljacker"-esque feel to this track, and is a great hint at what fans can expect to hear out of the rest of the album.

Lyrics — 9
When it comes to Eels catalogue, lead vocalist E is renowned for always utilizing his lower register in the majority of the band's songs. In "Wonderful, Glorious", it's the same case, and for the most part he still sounds the same as he did on "My Beautiful Monster". Sticking to your low octave voice throughout the years doesn't really take a toll on your vocal chords as compared to soaring heavy metal screams, so I was admittedly already anticipating this, and am gladly reassured.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, "Wonderful, Glorious" is an incredibly solid return-to-form for the Eels, which shows the band taking a look back through their earlier releases and contributing some of those classic features to new music. Whether it's instrumentally or vocally, there's no weak point that I found overwhelmingly essential to consistently dwell upon. The entire album is just great, but if I had to play favorites, I would say "Peach Blossom", "Bombs Away", and "On The Ropes" are a few of the album's strongest moments.

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    This is much more challenging than any pop song on the nearest Top 40 station. I love E's music and his unique expression as a songwriter and musician. He's really set-up a nice place for himself in music history and I'm thinking will be remembered a lot more fondly than he is known right now.
    Still, he's pretty huge at this very moment. His Amsterdam show, for instance, sold out in no time, and then a second show was scheduled, and it sold out, and now a third show has sold out. That's impressive for an artist who doesn't appear in the mainstream charts. I must say that I feared that Wonderful, Glorious could become a mediocre record, considering the rate at which Eels have been spitting out records these last years, but wow, I really love it again. There's not a day that I wouldn't want to listen to Mr E.
    I love the hard rock influence on this album. Eels always reinvent themselves. On a side note, the video for New Alphabet is ****ing hilarious.
    what do you mean "return-to-form"? Eels are an alternative band which means that each album is going to sound different, and I can honestly say they have never released a bad album, therefore how can it be a "return-to-form"?
    Perhaps because they're last album, Tomorrow Morning, wasn't as critically acclaimed as his previous works... (Though personally, I loved it and it was the first album I bought from Eels that got me into them, now owning several vinyls and all the albums and whatnot)