Out Of The Blue Review

artist: Electric Light Orchestra date: 11/26/2010 category: compact discs
Electric Light Orchestra: Out Of The Blue
Released: Oct 1977
Genre: Art rock, Pop rock, Progressive rock
Label: Jet, United Artists, Columbia
Number Of Tracks: 17
ELO is a symfonic rock group and thus contains synthesizers and violins. The use of those instruments are significant for making ELO progressive.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Out Of The Blue Reviewed by: Joost1795, on november 26, 2010
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Sound: Out of the Blue is the 7th album of the British Rock goup Electric Light Orchestra. This album is a Dubble album and originally contains 17 songs, on the 2007 bonus version it contains 20 songs. That's pretty much. Well, ELO is a symfonic rock group and thus contains synthesizers and violins. The use of those instruments are significant for making ELO progressive. The sound of ELO was totally unknown in the 70's the way they made it, ofcourse synthesizers were known, but not the way ELO used them. This album was written in 3.5 weeks, and published in 2 months and sold over more than 4 000 000 copies when it was released. ELO is a band you'll need to listen when you're a bit down with other words, feel sad. This music will make you feel better, definitaly. If you look at what kind of instruments were used for this album you'll see: Piano, cello, violin, mini-moogs, the kind of instruments you wouldn't expect in the 70's, at least I wouldn't. ELO is a special group. Sad that they'd quit. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are not very impressive, it's, well, it's fitting in the music, but it doesn't contain a real message. Ofcourse it sounds beautiful but it doesn't impress me. Though the singer(s) skill(s) are amazing, Jeff Lynne is an amazing singer but the background vocals are perfect, it's just ELO, it's perfectly fitting, sounds good, I love that really much of ELO. ELO isn't really about the lyrics but just simply the music. // 7

Overall Impression: I hardly know any other band with the sound of ELO. They were so special, maybe an unknown band would sound like them but I can't figure out which band that may be. Maybe a little bit like YES, but that would be 20% the same. I love this album because it's just so melodic and cheerful. This music makes me feel all better. You'll see the joy of life literally, no joke. Though I hate it that the lyrics aren't so stunning. It's all blue sky, blue this, blue that. Well, actually the songs with the name ''blue'' in it are the best. But still it isn't thrilling. If it was stolen I would definitely buy it again, this is one of the best albums of ELO. The most impressive songs are: Birmingham Blues, MR. Blue Sky, Sweet Talking Woman and Standin' in the Rain. ELO is beautiful music, no doubt. Not every song is amazing, but most om them are so lovely. This was my review about ELO, I hope you like it, please don't mind my English grammar, word use or something. I'm a foreigner, and I'm just learning English. Greetzzz :D // 9

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