Dopethrone review by Electric Wizard

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  • Released: Nov 28, 2000
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (49 votes)
Electric Wizard: Dopethrone

Sound — 10
Heavy. So deliciously heavy! From the first few seconds of the first track, right through to the end, you are bombarded with an enourmously thick and tasty wall of bass and distortion. Not that it is a pleasant experience, it's a tough one! The first time I listened to the album all the way through, I had to stop the last track, as the atmosphere was really starting to affect me. I was paranoid, in cold sweats, feeling that impending sense of doom that the music gives off. You can definately hear some Black Sabbath in the riffs and drums. The music (provided you have a very open mind) really transports you, you can end up high or having all kinds of hellish experiences if you let the monstrous bass move you. It must be listened to at high volumes! I personally don't use dope, but sometimes it almost makes me wish I did, just to experience this music as it was intended, and how it was created. The tone of the guitars and bass is mind blowing, so rich and heavy, the sound of the guitar is like a giant, impossibly huge behemoth, made of iron and smoke, that lumbers along when it wants to, but can at any moment turn savage and brutalise the hell out of you (kind of like that monster thing on Lost). The songs themselves are loooong and drag on for ever, but yet they never seem to be long enough. I would say, in terms of shear heaviness, this sort of thing flogs death and black metal. It's a different kind of heavy, an impossibly slow, dark, twisted, Apocalyptic heavy.

Lyrics — 8
As a previous reviewer said, the lyrics and singing are used as another instrument to add to the doomy atmosphere. The lyrics are mostly incomprehensable (although well written), yet you manage to get the message of them throught the desperate way in which they are sung. A friend of mine who had a listen commented that the singing doesnt't add much and is the least-tasty part. I have to agree ever so slighty with that.

Overall Impression — 10
The stand out tracks are probably Funeralopolis and the title track Dopethrone. Funeralopolis, with it's apocalyptic lyrics and riff-tastic epicness. The first minute and thirty secconds are very subdued and calm, with the riff just floating above the ground gently, as though this enourmous, black monolithic monster is just gracefully floating, with an ominous feeling that at any moment it could land. Then, at 1:30, it does, and all hell breaks loose. The riff-monster lumbers along, uprooting everything in it's path. Great song. Dopethrone is the heaviest riff I have yet to hear! End statement From my first Electric Wizard listen, I was hooked. I was new to the extreme heavyness and doom atmosphere, and it shocked me. But strangely I kept getting drawn back to it. It has become like a drug that I can't function without. Like all hard drugs though, I imagine it would have long term side affects, so I can't listen to it for too long or I really feel quite ill. If I lost this CD, I would track it down and buy it again.

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    possibly the best doom band ever... great music... but the full awsomeness can only be truly experienced under the sweet influence of marijuana