Copia Review

artist: Eluvium date: 10/13/2008 category: compact discs
Eluvium: Copia
Released: Feb 20, 2007
Genre: Ambient
Label: Temporary Residence
Number Of Tracks: 12
Copia is the fourth album from Portland, Oregon ambient musician Matthew Cooper, under the name Eluvium. The cover illustration is Jeannie Paske's watercolor and ink, titled In Search of a View.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Copia Reviewed by: sigur_ros6, on october 13, 2008
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Sound: Copia is like a beautiful painting. Layer upon layer of strings, brass, woodwinds, synthesizers and piano are blended perfectly creating a beautiful ethereal landscape. Songs like "Seeing you off the Edges" and "Reciting the Airships" display a feeling of longing and devastation. Songs like "Indoor Swimming at the Space Station" and "Amreik" are nostalgic of being young and staring at the stars. Feeling so complete and so perfect; like everything happened just they way it is supposed to. On the last track of the CD "Repose in Blue," a mournful melody rings out reminiscent of soldiers returning from war, and with what sounds like bombs or fireworks in the background. Beautiful piano driven pieces, with many classical elements, separate lengthy ambient songs all flowing perfectly together. One example is the mournful yet beautiful "Radio Ballet." I think it is in these piano driven tracks that Mathew Robert Cooper, only fixed member of Eluvium, truly shines. So many emotions flood over one as they listen to this album. It is like you are witnessing a lifetime of sorrow, pain, longing, hope, and beauty in just 12 tracks. // 10

Lyrics: Like all of Eluvium's music, Copia doesn't have any singing or lyrics. However, it doesn't need words to convey the emotions of the songs. Although some of the songs are over 10 minutes long, the lack of singing never leaves the listener bored or wanting more. // 8

Overall Impression: This is an album you can put on and just lay down and look at the sky, or watch the wind sway through the trees or the listen to the pitter patter of rain as it taps on your window. Copia is truly beautiful, with child-like innocence, yet the knowledge and wisdom of someone who has lived thousands of years. This is by far Eluvium's best CD to date, and is a must have for fans of Explosions in the Sky, Hammock, Sigur Ros, or even classical music fans. // 10

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