Felony review by Emmure

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  • Released: Aug 18, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.3 (79 votes)
Emmure: Felony

Sound — 9
Emmure's new album "Felony" has drawn a lot of chatter. I've noticed that fans have a love/hate relationship with the Connecticut based bands latest effort. If you're reading this review you most likely have heard or seen Emmure and want to know what others think about their new album. After listening to Felony over and over again, I will say that I love the album. To silence the skeptics I will admit, this album's sound has changed since Goodbye To The Gallows (their first full length). Although I think the change is minor and for the better, this albums sound incorporates other genres of metal/hardcore to give it a more full sound. Frankie, the lead vocalist's way of talking through some parts of the lyrics and switching to his famous high and low growls makes it fun to follow. I heard people criticizing this album for sounding too "nu-metal" and to them I say "You're kidding, right?" haha. Yes, I understand that a few bass lines and riffs have a nu metal feel but by all means it should not be categorized as a nu-metal album. Put it this way, if it was a "nu-metal" album then I guess we could expect their songs to be on mainstream radio, right? Personally, I like when hardcore bands do a little throw back 90's riffage, but I digress...The guitar effects are nice and crunchy and some of the lead dissonant chords have a cutting edge to them that don't even sound natural to a guitar. The rhythms are trademark Emmure, and their are tons of serious breakdowns that will make you move for sure. The kids down in the pit will find their mosh parts in every song, so no worries hardcore kids! The "sound" of Felony is a good step for Emmure and this genre in general.

Lyrics — 7
When I think of Emmure lyrics a smile always comes to my face. A lot of the lyrics deal with relationship issues and Frankie's way of putting them are great. I think a lot of people can relate, not just people who are into this genre. These relationship issues can be in context to significant others, family members, and of course enemies. The song "R2DEEPTHROAT" is rumored to be a shot back at the The Acacia Strain since apparently Emmure has been criticized with "copying" some riffs from The Acacia Strain.. "I am so flattered that you mention my name..You've been paying my bills for way too long..And I'm so happy that you just can't stop talking shit" You can look at that by thinking the more The Acacia Strain talks about Emmure, the more publicity and marketing Emmure gets. But who cares, I like both bands. Emmure's lyrics on this album fit well with their genre and the highlight for me was the lyrics to "I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper" which is a song about getting tested for an STD. A song theme I have not ran across until now. And just wait for the best line in "R2deepthroat"..."Ask your girl what my di@k tastes like" haha good stuff!

Overall Impression — 8
This album is all about impression. Like I said before, people seem to either love it or hate it. I'm a big Emmure fan but listen to every aspect of the "metal" community and I feel that this album separated Emmure from a lot of the bands in their genre. There is more "music" on this albums and the entire album is not just one long guitar chug. The songs "Bars in Astoria" "First Impressions" and "R2Deepthroat" really stuck out to me as great songs. Good lines, good breakdowns, and just a fun album to rock out to. If you are a fan of heavier rock stuff, I say you give Emmure's new album "Felony" a shot.

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    davisdestroyer wrote: Hands down i hate this band. I think the only good album from them was GBTTG. thats it. Plus it annoys me hearing breakdown among breakdown can't they right something that is not just constant chugging of Open A#??? compleatly talentless. My one question is how do these guys have so many fans? oh i know why, its becuase of all the kids that have ruined the metal scene with their over gel'd hair and thier gauges. The metal/hardcore scene is dead thanks to bands like emmure
    I remember back when they'd play little shitty local shows.. and then later when they first got signed to victory with GTTG. I don't know how a band can backpedal into something like nu-metal.. but yeah. The CD is horrible with a few exceptions that are just OK. This was certainly a rushed effort. They've gotta take more time to write this crap.
    emmure shmemmure and a terminated tenure. tender slender acupunctured blender. they blow like wind!!! :/
    Just to clarify, R2 Deepthroat is definitely about TAS, though Skynet could easily not be about Emmure (though it probably was). Let's look at some lyrics from R2 Deepthroat. I can see right through you - Skynet I'm more machine now than man - Cable Ready Techno Slut Your career is flipping (response to vanflip comment in skynet) So much for plagiarism (plagiarism is the highest form of flattery - skynet) Might be more, idk, I'm bored and tired as shit.
    Can someone explain the line "Vanflip times 1000" in The Acacia Strain's song Skynet?
    ok so here's the thing. big fan of both bands. neither are very talented music-wise, but when it comes time to knock someones face in, you've found the right guys. and throwing your hardest insults in a forum shows immaturity more than anything. Respect them, they love playing music. as do all of us (i assume). As for this CD however, i was indeed disappointed...not even comparable to goodbye to the gallows, in my opinion their best album. as always the lyrics are mean and yes they are talented writers. Their lyrics are catchy, clever, and at some points, things to laugh at. and yeah the dispute about the skynet-r2deepthroat thing: deffinately a comeback song. (and i'm not bagging on either band) and i'm pretty sure it all started because tas thinks emmure ripped off smoke ya later with rusted over wet dreams. which is a terrible observation lol. they do sound similar but nowhere near copying. so if every band that does a sweep in a solo is it copying? no. but anyways. Skynet--"Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery" R2--"So much for plagiarism..." Sky--"look into my eyes and know that i can see right through you" R2--"I can see right through you; now tell me that doesn't sound familiar" sky--"I'll be collecting soon, I'll be coming for my payment soon" R2--"You've been paying my bills for way too long and i'm so happy that you just can't stop talking shit" (I think the more TAS talks about EMMURE, the more publicity they both get, which is why frankie from emmure refers to how he likes the shit talk) and finally emmure steals the oh so famous line (intended) "you're so vain, i'll bet you think this song is about you" And according to a New York news report, While Emmure was playing a show on the "Hard Knock Life" tour, soon after "Felony" was released, TAS showed up at the show. There was a confrontation afterwards in the back of the venue, weapons were present (brass knuckles and a bat) from both parties. and there was a scuffle between frankie and vince. They both commented on twitter saying "hell of a fight" and no more than a bloodied up nose and lip was done to vincent and no more than cuts and bruises to frankie. All in all, Emmure could've done better than "Felony". But I stil love both bands.
    Emmure > Acacia I love Emmure because its simple, aggressive music with good layered vocals. Plus they have a pretty shweet live show. Acacia is just a boring Deathcore version of Pantera. /: