Goodbye To The Gallows review by Emmure

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  • Released: Mar 6, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.6 (37 votes)
Emmure: Goodbye To The Gallows

Sound — 10
As far as metalcore fans are concerned, a lot of you would probably consider this album to be 2007's Holy Grail of metalcore. I know a lot of people associate Victory Records with shitty pop-punk, emo bands like Hawthorne Heights and such, but these guys prove that it isn't an entirely bad label (also, The Tossers are signed with Victory). Anyway, the album's sound brings to mind three great bands: The Acacia Strain, Elysia, and a little Every Time I Die (as heard on Hot Damn). The breakdowns are absolutely brutal. The vocals are perfect to go along with it.

Lyrics — 10
I haven't checked to see what some of the lyrics are, but whatever they are, they sound like they were written to go along with the playing. Their singer has both a Keith Buckley-ish voice and a scream that sounds like a better version of Elysia's(And if you've never heard of Elysia, you're missing out). Song titles can get creative(ex: "The Key to Keeping the Show Fresh is I'm Dead").

Overall Impression — 10
The sound is reminiscent of a few other bands, but done in such a way that you forget about that and focus on just how great this band is. "10 Signs You Should Leave" will give you a general impression of the band's sound, "A Ticket To The Paralyzer" is a brutal instrumental track, and "It's Not Just a Party, It's a Funeral" is another great track. Hell, all of these songs are awesome. If The Dead Walk was 2006's most brutal album, here's an early contender for the '07 spot. If somebody stole the album from me, I'd buy a new one after I find out who stole my old copy and smash a guitar over their head. If you're looking for someone to breathe new life into metalcore, here ya go.

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    id have to say that this band is ****ing garbage. the vocalist has TERRIBLE everything , and why were they signed? every local NYC band doesnt know why , but they were. This in fact Proves that victory is a garbage label. Screw these acacia strain wanabees , the only reason they sound decent now is because the singer is really good with protools. it sucks that the good bands dont get recognized and this garbage goes on national tours. i hate...metalcore now...thanks emmure (BTW , the actuall members of this band are *****s as well.)
    I only have some of their pre-Victory recordings, and I'd have to say that they've got the Acacia Strain and Elysia beat on all levels. I'm picking up this CD as soon as I get the chance.
    they played a show in my town with a bunch of local bands and i heard maybe like one song, and the song ****ing rocked my socks off.
    Victory Records destroys a lot of bands (Atreyu, Bury Your Dead). Emmure kinda is an exception cause they weren't that great in the first place. I remember when I first met them, they were the worst people to talk to cause they were complete dicks, which ultimately led to them being blacklisted from CT (I bet A LOT of you didn't know that). But if you take the breakdowns of Bury Your Dead, mix it with The Acacia Strain's discordant chords, and you have this garbage. Should've never gotten signed imo.
    Their lyrics SUCK! From "10 signs you should leave": "I still cry to the same Bayside cd every night..."
    I love Emmure, but the guitars are so easy. 75% of their songs are *chug... chug chug chug... chug... dissonant chord*.
    honestly anyone who hates this band are just riding a band wagon give this band a listen because there alot better than what people lead them on to be this Cd is better than there previous EP and everyhting about this cd is a reason why metalcore or maybe Deathcore still has some good bands to its name Emmure isnt an excepting taking the best aspects of other bands to form an extrmeley heavy yet heartfelt style listen to there lyrics they may all be depressing but there alot of emotion behind the lyrics and that all come across the music listen to the song "you got a henna tatoo that says forever" or the song "when keeping it real goes wrong" lots of emotion soupled with heavyness
    actually they were blacklisted from some places because of the chaos their fans created during their set. too many crazy fights/riots have started. theyve had humble beginnings playing a lot of shit locally in nyc, which i have been blessed to witness. they're a hardworking band and have come a long way. i met frank the singer and he didnt seem like an *****. does it really matter how much of a dick they are? its about the music and yes, this is victory records answer to the acacia strain. but thats not such a bad thing, is it?