Speaker Of The Dead review by Emmure

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  • Released: Feb 15, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.6 (45 votes)
Emmure: Speaker Of The Dead

Sound — 9
Emmure's newest record has one of the most unique sounds I have heard in a very long time. It is, without question, the most revolutionary album the band has ever released. While it may not be the best, its new-and-improved sound and vision absolutely demolishes expectations I had, and quite frankly raises the standards for the genre. Each and every song on the record differs heavily from the previous, and yet they are all good. Emmure focuses a lot more on the "tech" aspect of the music this time around, and it really works. Are there still a LOT of breakdowns throughout the album? Yes. But this time around, they are controlled, and incorporated in the music much more naturally than before. They never feel forced, and they always sound fantastic and far from generic. You can almost feel them coming too, which is really cool. Like the songs themselves, the breakdowns are significantly different from one another. Some are very heavy, while others are very tech-oriented. It all depends on how the song sounds (other than awesome, of course). The unique sound of each and every song works really well along side the lyrics. Even before reading the lyrics, I could tell you at least vaguely what each song was about. That is extremely impressive. The only band I have any recollection of doing that successfully would be Whitechapel. Like always, you shouldn't even have the right to review anything by Emmure unless you've listened to them on a high quality Bose sound system with heavy distortion and bass settings. It's a different experience - believe me. Still, the album struggles in some areas. Overpowering guitar riffs are an issue on occasion, and the band does stray away from its roots at times. But all in all, this album is a masterpiece to the ear.

Lyrics — 7
Lyrically, Emmure has always been considered to be a failure. Frankie just doesn't have the intellect and natural creative ability to write beyond generically in my opinion. It has always been the band's biggest issue. While "Speaker of the Dead" is is not an exception, it still it is certainly improved from previous records. Frankie certainly worked a bit harder this time around, and the results are mixed. With that said, though, the music compliments the lyrics very well and forms a terrific sense of connection to the music. It works well enough to make it through, and I think we all know that we aren't listening to Emmure for the lyrics. Frankie's vocals are top notch as always, and probably a bit better in areas. While I know most people hate his vocal style, I think it works miracles with the band's sound, and this album does not count as an exception in my book. He certainly works hard at improving.

Overall Impression — 9
Is the album perfect? By no means. But it does what Emmure has failed to deliver on with their past two albums. It creates a terrific atmosphere for the listener, and just sounds so badass on every single track. Some songs certainly stand out more than others on the album, but each one has its own personality that has the ability to draw you in. Whether it be from the breakdowns, the vocals, or the intense emotion that can be found on some of the later tracks, each song has something that should take you off your feet. Give it a chance. I know most people are going to trash this review and give it thumbs up just for the score, but I don't care. I refuse to hate on a band that I find to be incredibly fun to listen to, regardless of how they may compare in talent. "Speaker of the Dead" is my favorite metalcore album at this moment, and I don't see that changing very soon. Favorite Song: Bohemian Grove Least Favorite Song: Eulogy of Giants

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    i liked the album.. the song bohemian grove is a blast to listen to.. the band is just fun to listen to!!
    To be honest with you, I really like this album, though the fact that this is my first Emmure album, I like it either way!
    I actually love Emmure, I dunno what there is to dislike about it. To me, it's markedly different from a lot of other stuff, and I enjoy the ludicrous nature of the lyrics and the way Frankie bangs it out. Maybe I'm just wierd, but I really like Emmure.
    ProgJazzMath wrote: Phe4rTheGod wrote: I was gonna give this shite band another shot, but after reading the other comments, I suppose it's safe to say that this is more of the same...lame, untalented, boring, Tool-esq... HAHAHA, did you just say Emmure sounded like Tool? What kind of drugs are you taking today man? I wouldn't mind taking a hit myself! There is no band that sounds like tool, let alone this deathcore garbage. Sorry for fans of these guys, but I can't stand them.
    I think he means they are a tool. a talentless band riding a fad. for which i agree. but if not then this guy needs to learn his genre's
    this album wasn't completely terrible, i just wished the songs wern't breakdowns and were longer
    Wasted Guardian
    Anyone who can't open then eyes to this album, let alone any dark and disturbing artist (i.e. Tool, Edgar Poe) should not be commenting this, because you just don't know. For you critics; its messed up, that's all its supposed to be. Cheers, 'posers .'
    To be honest with you, I really like this album, though the fact that this is my first Emmure album, I like it either way!
    Well the biggest flaw in all of these complaints is that this band isnt trying to be "deep" or whatever. They do breakdowns.... All. Day. and they do it well. Considering 100% endless face crushing breakdowns is what they were going for i give this album and band a thumbs up. (I do love me some breakdowns tho ;P)