The Respect Issue review by Emmure

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  • Released: May 13, 2008
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 7 (10 votes)
Emmure: The Respect Issue

Sound — 6
Emmure sound like every other core band out there, a lot of the album consists of chug chug breakdowns which you will soon get tired off after the 2nd or 3rd song. There are a few high points on the album such as 'Chicago Finest' and 'Rough Justice' but this is a real let down compared to 'Goodbye To the Gallows'. Most of the guitar work on the album is pretty simple except for the odd section, but this is not what the band is about. They make music to mosh to and they do a great job at it. On the other hand, their vocalist Frank has some brutal screams. As well, the clean vocals have a weird twist to them which is the only thing that sets them apart from other deathcore/metalcore bands. Even though this band sounds like many other bands, they have potential to move away from generic -core and make some good music.

Lyrics — 6
I haven't read over the lyrics in great detail but after having a quick skip through there are some amusing moments, f--k her like I never could, f--k Her Doggy Style First - it's quite obvious that the lyrics were written along with the playing. Frank has a great scream which can be compared with bands like The Acacia Strain and All Shall Perish. Another thing I liked was the song titles, for example, You're More Like A Friend Without The 'R', which adds a nice touch to the album.

Overall Impression — 6
To finish, I think this album is a step down from Goodbye to the Gallows and their Complete Guide to Needlework EP. For scene kids and fans who love breakdowns this will be a classic but if not then this will be a disappointment. I hope they don't continue with this direction in sound on their next album since when Metalcore/Deathcore dies - they're in trouble.

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    emmure did great in Goodbye to the Gallows but dropped the ball completely with this new album
    pitbull510 wrote: dude Emmure's sick, and you shouldnt be all gay and write of Emmure (and Deathcore)as just another weak fad. Get a life and stop bein a stoopid idiot.
    AHAHAHAH, I was talking to TheBabySnatcher about how long it would take for one of these comments to appear, the first one. AHAHAHAHAHAH! They're not that great a band, they are just the same as most deathcore/flat-peak-core bands out there, and they're not even that good at what they do.
    haha Thing is, id respect the guys opinion if he could actually write a decent review. His writing is barely coherent. Hes jumped on the anti-scene, which is basically the new scene, only worse because the kids prentend to know what they are on about. Basically, this CD is pretty good, not their best work and its not at all original, but its still a good album to listen to on occasions, particularly if you liked their their older stuff or similar bands, the Acacia Strain etc. TheBabySnatcher, LULZ aweful person.
    rofl. i like this album but the complete guide to needle work was better imo
    this album does blow.... this band is probly the shittiest hardcore band I've heard. Goodbye to the Gallows is probably their biggest achievement and it still has a bunch of filler. They need to stick to their melodic stuff, they don't butcher that at least. With their lyrics and overall concept of the band and the fact that they only make music to mosh to; they are obviously not that ambitious to try to make groundbreaking music. But this band is one big inside joke that no one gets
    King afed
    Their not hardcore!!!!! Hardcore is punk not screamo. Metalcore is metal with hardcore punk breakdowns and deathcore is the same but death metal. So please stop saying that they are hardcore. This CD was pretty bad but at least it's more original then their other stuff. Deathcore and rap is a weird mix though...
    Fuck i was hoping that maybe there wouldn't be another fight about how this band is such a cliche death/metalcore group but it looks like my hopes were for nothing. I hoped that the words scene and kids wouldn't be used either but again my hopes were completely shit on.
    dude Emmure's sick, and you shouldnt be all gay and write of Emmure (and Deathcore)as just another weak fad. Get a life and stop bein a stoopid idiot.