Dragonheads Review

artist: Ensiferum date: 10/17/2011 category: compact discs
Ensiferum: Dragonheads
Released: Feb 15, 2006
Genre: Viking metal, Folk metal
Label: Spinefarm Records
Number Of Tracks: 6
Petri's first album, at least mini one, with Ensiferum, and it couldn't be any better!
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Dragonheads Reviewed by: zannibal, on october 17, 2011
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Sound: Petri's first album, at least mini one, with Ensiferum, and it couldn't be any better! Starts with song Dragonheads wich has actually pretty low tempo compared to opening tracks of Victory Songs or From Afar. And that's a good thing. It also has folk stylish melodys, and so does the second song: Warrior's Quest. Again another song with not so fast tempo, but great melodies. You can't get as perfect folk song as the third song is; Kalevala Melody. It could have worked with some metal maybe, but they decided to do it accoustic wich sounds also fine. On towards to White Storm, a song that starts with not so Ensiferum riff. They also did a cover of Into Hiding by Amorphis. Last song is as perfect as it possibly can get: Finnish Medley. 3 Finnish folk songs: Karjalan Kunnailla, Myrskyluodon Maija and Metsmiehen laulu. It's a medley, starts with Karjalan Kunnailla wich has female vocalist, then smoothly jumping to Myrskuluodon Maija wich is a instrumental and then finally to Metsmiehen Laulu. As for music, it's almost perfect but I think the cover wasn't really needed here. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics are just normal folk stuff. Vikings and battles. They sure fit with the folk stylish music. If you're not a Finn, you may like the last song because all the songs in the medley are sung in Finnish language. Petri does good job as always with the growling and also other vocalists do their job well. // 10

Overall Impression: I really think this is very nice MCD, and I actually think it's better than Victory Songs. If I had to say best thing about the album, I'd say it's the Finnish Medley. Perfect idea wich works perfectly. Worst thing is the cover, it's not bad, but not really needed here. Really worth buying, it may be short but the songs are almost best ones the band has ever made. // 9

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