Sorry You're Not A Winner/OK Time For Plan B review by Enter Shikari

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (12 votes)
Enter Shikari: Sorry You're Not A Winner/OK Time For Plan B

Sound — 9
The opening track "Sorry You're Not A Winner" is by far the catchiest song on the EP, using post-hardcore esque riffs and jump-around-like-crazy drum beats to make you want to attack the nearest person to you, whilst combining it with anthemic trance music. Not all hybrids of genres sound as appealing as they used to (nu-metal anyone) but this catchy blend of genres makes a refreshing listen. Influences of punk are also heard on B-side "The Feast", which is a fast-paced, shout-out-loud anthem in the making. However, some guitar parts are very repetitive, which doesn't help when many of the lyrics are also repeated. These things combined start to sound repetitive, especially on second track "OK Time For Plan B". However, there are still stand out moments on this track, including a dance provoking tune, followed by a crashing riff which is sure to make any moshpit explode.

Lyrics — 8
Every track contains at least 5 stand-out phrases, which are chanted, screamed, shouted, called and even growled, which shows the variety in the singer's vocals. No doubt his singing ability is of high quality, but the combination of this with the hardcore-style screaming and growling creates a vocal force to be reckoned with. However, even though the use of repetition can create an anthemic feel, it is slightly overused. "OK Time For Plan B" almost made up of violent and chaotic chants, which at first is exciting and makes you want to scream them yourself. After a while they become slightly grating, which leaves you gagging for some more variety.

Overall Impression — 9
New release "Take To The Skies" shows how much more the band have improved since this release. However, this is by no means a weak record. "Sorry You're Not A Winner" is one of last year's most loved anthems, while "OK Time For Plan B" and "The Feast" are sure to make the crowd go wild at gigs around the country! The blend of screamo/post-hardcore and trance creates a whole new breed of music, which is not only mosh-able, but also stupidly dance-able. If I lost this, I would definitely buy it again, if only for "Sorry You're Not A Winner".

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    sammy g
    i stil scream the "ok time for plan B" lyrics to myself after months of listening to it!!! gid stuff =]
    sorry your not a winner is one of the only songs i never get bored of hearing