Take to the Skies review by Enter Shikari

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  • Released: Mar 19, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (99 votes)
Enter Shikari: Take to the Skies

Sound — 9
A game changer of sorts, "Take To The Skies" is. With sing/scream vocals so brilliantly done, massive songs that would demolish a building, fast, intuitive and sometimes tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The odd electronic moment which adds some great moments throughout the album, and main aspect of the bands sound. And some great grooves, beats, breakdowns and soaring vocals, and when combined you have the debut album from one of the best British bands in years, Enter Shikari. "Take To The Skies" debuted at #4 on the British music charts and one listen clearly shows why it was so popular! It has some themes throughout the album: Climate change and our destructive ways on our environment ("Mothership") Marriage ("Labyrinth") War and violence ("Johnny Sniper") Racial issues ("Sorry You're Not A Winner") And as opener "Stand Your Ground, This Is Ancient Land/Enter Shikari" kicks in you are pleasantly indulged and intrigued and when the destructive closer "OK, Time For Plan B" ends you have an epiphany that this is one of the best albums you've heard in a long time. And you release a breath of fresh air.

Lyrics — 10
"Stand you ground this is ancient land, i was guided here by the spirits hand". This is one great lyrical line that is continually followed by every track on the album. There is a level of creativity and adventure in Enter Shikari's music that so many other bands fail to capture. One song that will send your senses into a frenzy is "no Sssweat" which captures some powerful experimental hardcore like nothing before, this song is also a mosh-pit favorite. Rou Reynolds is not only a great singer but an excellent screamer, his wails are constantly a highlight and his growls are quite unexpected at times but without them the album wouldn't be as good as it is. Drummer, Rob Rolfe is to say the least brilliant, his grooves are defined and there isn't one part on any song in which his drumming doesn't feel repetitive or dull. Bassist Chris Battern sometimes his parts overshadowed by the keyboard/ electronic and vocals and drumming. But his backup vocals on "Mothership" are just amazing! Guitarist Liam Clewlow shows some great riffs on "Sorry You're Not A Winner" and "Johnny Sniper".

Overall Impression — 10
If you've heard their previous EP's "The Zone" and "Nodding Acquaintance" you'll see some similarities obviously, but also a more improved and polished sound, one that is constantly engaging and stunning. Every single track is a real standout! A MUST BUY!!!!!!! 10 out of 10!!!!!

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    pigmaggots wrote: It's okay, they'll fade into obscurity...they are just the new big thing for the coolkids right now.
    I guess you were wrong :/