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artist: Equilibrium date: 08/20/2008 category: compact discs
Equilibrium: Sagas
Release Date: Jul 8, 2008
Label: Nuclear Blast
Genres: Death Metal/Black Metal
Number Of Tracks: 13
All of the songs on Sagas has a certain beauty to them, making none boring or in a way that would drag on for a long period of time.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Sagas Reviewed by: monkey of doom, on august 20, 2008
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Sound: This record really did come out of nowhere for me. I'd heard the name Equilibrium before on various other forums, not really ever checking out any of the music they've produced (and not even knowing what style they played). Then, a few months ago, an album called Sagas came out. Not really knowing what to expect and reading all these 'OMG Equilibrium' style comments from places, I youtubed the damn thing to see what the hell it was about. First song that appeared was 'Blut I'm Auge'. Needless to say this album was so bought, regardless of hearing the rest of it. And I don't regret the purchase. It is that damn good. I don't really know much about Equilibrium, save for the fact that they have another album 'Turis Fratyr' (which was bought also). Folk metal is kinda a thing I enjoy, although recently I've been listening to a hella of a lot of power metal (Savage Circus and Persuader). This album is up there with the best of the folk/power metal genre. The whole band is damn great. The mix between high end growls and low end ones for the vocals is quite varied and interesting. Guitars are either restrained or at the forefront of the noise (see 'Unbeseigt'). No wanky solos. Drums are great, the blastbeats and double bass pedals for those fast sections are really nice. The bass, well, it does its job. There's also the keyboards, flutes and god knows what else, all expertly played. That's all very well but if you can't make good music then what have you got? // 10

Lyrics: Fortunately, the band excels at its musical ideas. Nearly every song on this album is well thought out, from the way the instruments interact with each other, to the very energy of the performance. The lyrics are in German, presumably. I don't understand the language of the power metal and Volkswagen beetle creating gods so I will let that be. I assume the lyrics are about vikings, which are, by definition, so awesome. Anyway, it's about the music. I have many favourite tracks from this piece of work. 'Blut I'm Auge' is balls to the wall awesome, a very majestic sounding treat, not to mention the fact that the chorus kicks ass. 'Unbesiegt' is an oddity. My brother has named this song 'Jungle metal' and I can see why. The first section of the song sounds like it's recorded in a rainforest. Then it bursts in with the distortion. Good god, it is anthemic. 'Verrat' is stunningly aggressive, almost like a black metal song in parts. 'Snuffel' and 'Heimwarts' excel at being nippy with the first having the most ridulous use of a ZZ Top riff in there and the last being so goddamn pedantic. 'Des Sangers Fluch' is so huge and filled with melody. The last track is the best however. 'Mana' is a 15 minute plus instrumental, featuring a sling of time changes, awesome flute solos, the most headbangable riff ever created (about 5 minutes in), and the greatest climax ever. It sounds like the LOTR soundtrack and Wintersun in parts, which is always a compliment ('Time' please come out this year) This is the best instrumental ever. And if anyone says 'look at Orion by Metallica', I will beat them to death with their own stupidity. I hate instrumentals, let it be known. But there is something about this track. Is there another word for epic? it's the only word I can think of. This review is sounding very fanboyish, but it's worthy of that kind of rabid leg humping, generally reserved for dogs and people with kinky sex needs. // 10

Overall Impression: I'm in love with this record. The only two bad things about it is the German song names and singing and the way 'Wurzelbert' sounds like the castle music from Zelda 3. I know, stupid complaints really. I haven't really listened to 'Turis Fratyr' that much, so I'll neglect to comment on the difference in these records (Wingthor's hammer kicks ass though). Along with Ensiferum's self titled, this is the folk metal CD to buy. Go and buy it, now, preferably. Also, for the purpose of those smart alec comment people, doing the stupid accents over the letters is way too annoying. // 10

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