Caught In The Act review by Eric Church

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  • Released: Apr 9, 2013
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (5 votes)
Eric Church: Caught In The Act

Sound — 10
Eric Church has captured his signature sound in this concert, before he begins the songs second track "How Bout You" Eric tells the audience "I promise you this, this is gonna be unlike a show you've seen from us or you've ever seen at all" and it is indeed that, He has put more rock twists on many of his songs using a very interesting distortion on tracks like "I'm Gettin Stoned."

Eric Church's sound incorporates very rock 'n' roll style guitar and in some cases in this concert some metal distortions. He also uses the atmospheric feel of Bruce Springsteen in his show closing song "Springsteen" written around the memory of a girl and using Springsteen's music as the music that triggers his memory of her. Church also uses rather slower feeling songs based usually around a drum beat in songs such as "Over When It's Over" and "Hungover and Hard Up."

The sound in the concert has three main feels:

- There's the hard rock feel that Church has given to songs like "Before She Does," "I'm Gettin' Stoned" and "Lotta Boot Left to Fill." In these versions of these songs Church's guitarists use a variety of distortions going from wailing riffs like at the start of "Lotta Boot Left to Fill" to heavy, roaring distortions when Eric's drummer moves onto the double bass drums.

- Secondly Church has a slower fell that gets you swinging to the music. The guitar in these songs is much cleaner than the roaring riffs from previous songs and draws the audience into the music with much slower riffs that mainly stick to the chords Eric plays. Two main examples of this are "Hungover & Hard Up" and "Over When It's Over."

- The third variation of Church's playing is the section of the concert where Eric plays a small group of songs by himself, two brilliant examples of this are "Sinners Like Me," an song about Eric's family and the bonus track "Lightning" written about a man who feels guilty for the crimes he committed as he is sentenced to death by the electric chair. This section of the concert Eric has gotten the crowd very connected to the music and the crowd is either silent or singing along to every word of the song.

Lyrics — 10
Eric's lyric work in his songs is as always is amazing, top quality writing. In my honest opinion I believe he is probably one of the best song writers I have heard in any genres of music over the past few years. Eric's lyric work is very unique to his style of music and he is a very talented musician and singer songwriter. Church writes using a lot of references to words within the line giving the word two or more meanings. Some examples of this style is in his song "Hungover and Hard Up" with lines such as "I'm tired of this see-saw merry-go-round so Mary you can go to hell" and "I've given everything but up and up's doing down the drain." During the "Caught in the Act" concert Eric has the vocals of Johanna Cotton which is used to a great extent in the single "Over When It's Over." The vocal quality is of very high standard and in some cases like in the opening song "Before She Does" Eric's vocals are better than his vocals on the studio recording.

Overall Impression — 10
"Caught in the Act" is Eric Church's first live album, and his fourth release so far. Eric's band have put a twist to many of the songs on the record. Recorded from a concert in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the album was released on the 9th of April 2013 as response to the large popularity of Eric's third studio album "Chief."

The concert begins with an explosive opening with the track "Before She Does" which is given a rock twist as so does the following song "How Bout You" which uses the guitar riff from AC/DC's 1990 hit "Thunderstruck" during the bridge and the choruses after. This album is of very high quality with the live recording of the song "Over When It's Over" (originally recorded on Eric's album "Chief") being released as a single representing the album.

It is hard to pick whether "Caught in the Act" is better then it's pre-descending album "Chief" but the rock twists that are added to the songs and during the middle of the concert where Eric plays songs by himself really makes the concert great to listen to. It is definitely worth buying with stand out tracks being the two opening tracks "Before She Does" and "How Bout You" and from the collection of bonus tracks also available from the concert "Lighting." These are amazing new versions of amazing songs. "Caught in the Act" is my favourite album from 2013 so far and is one of my favourite all time live concerts.

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