Back Home review by Eric Clapton

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  • Released: Aug 30, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (41 votes)
Eric Clapton: Back Home

Sound — 10
Well, first of all I must say, I am a huge Eric Clapton fan. Even though I have only been a fan for a few years, I love his music to death. Well the sound of this record is different. It's different than what most Eric fans are used to hearing. The record is very well mixed, but then theres the guitar parts. As many of you may know, Eric Clapton has written some of the most memorable guitar riffs like "Layla," "Sunshine Of Your Love," "Crossroads," "Cocaine" and "Wonderful Tonight." Well don't buy this record if you are looking for a song to add to that list. I was kind of dissapointed that there were no big rock riffs or anything. There's not even really any good solos on the record. None the less, I still like it and the music is much more melodic on my opinion, and that's what keeps me listening to it. There are some new sounds though. Some of the songs have some "horns" in them (trumpets, stuff like that). A couple of styles are used on this record. There's rock and roll, which makes up most of the record, and theres blues, which in my opinion is the best part of the record. The song Lost And Found is amazing, its a blues track, with lots of layering, it's not like the Sessions For Robert J. stuff, it's powerful and full of emotion.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are really good. Eric has a great voice in my opinion. This record is no let down when it comes to his voice. There's not much range of vocals on this record, its pretty much the same all the way through. Not really much else to say here.

Overall Impression — 8
This CD doesn't really compare to the stuff Eric has done in the past. I think he could have done a little better in terms of the guitar work. I was kind of dissapointed that there were no great memorable rock riffs or anything in this record, or solos for that matter. I really love the song Lost And Found, its my favorite off of the cd. The single that he released "One Track Mind," is alright, but not as good as Lost and Found in my opinion. If it were stolen or lost, I would buy it again, just because the pros out-number the cons. If you have a few extra bucks lying around, then I'd suggest getting it, but if your in a financial problem, don't worry, your not missing a whole lot. I'd give this a 3.5, but since I can't do that, ill just give it a 4.

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