Bloom review by Eric Johnson

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  • Released: Jun 14, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.3 (12 votes)
Eric Johnson: Bloom

Sound — 10
This album deffinetly relfects all the styles that Eric is capable of. It has a great mix of some of his old blistering riffs and some new soft, mature sound. Here's a list of the songs and my oppinion: 01. Bloom - a great way to start off a new album. A song with amazing solos. One of those 'how is he doing this' songs. 02. Summer Jam - this fast paced song with some really cool riffs. One of those ones where you can listen to over and over and catch something new everytime. 03. My Back Pages - a great cover song! 04. Good To Me - a song thats a little more popish than Eric's usual songs. But he pulls off the style with his own technique and it sounds great! 05. Columbia - a great song for the victims of the Columbia disaster. And also one of my personal favorites on this CD. 06. 12 To 12 Vibe - an awsome from start to finish. He's played this live before but never on a CD. Short but sweet. 07. Sea Secret - a great acoustic song. Filled with sounds all over, it's a very wholesome song. Lots to listen to and soothes your ears. A nice break from blistering solos. 08. Sad Legacy - another one of my new favorite songs. A nice singing piece. This song also has a nice melody to it, with some piano work in the backround. 09. From My Heart - a slow paced song from the beginning, but mellows out into a jazzy feel in the middle. A very relaxing song. 10. Cruise The Nile - this song is very interesting because of the different styles that are in it. Very cultured song with very cool riffs. 11. Tribute To Jerry Reed - a song not to my taste but has very good technique. A country feel. 12. Your Sweet Eyes - this is one of my favorite slow songs on here. Very good tempo and vibe to it. Very heart felt lyrics and melody. 13. Hesitant - a jazzy feel right from the beginning. Very particular plucking skills demonstrated throughout the piece. Easy listening song. 14. Sunnaround You - very different feel from the beginning but deffinetly gets better as the song progresses and starts to have some feeling and emotion into it. Very nice lyrics as well. 15. Magnetized - very cool sound and feel from the start. Kind of jazzy and his own style mixed into this. Little riffs that will blow your mind. 16. Ciel - this song was completely improv. Very good acoustic piece. Has some very good acoustic riffs in the middle and toward the end where some strings and backround vocals come in. Very slow and somber feel.

Lyrics — 10
Very good lyrics. I was impressed of the feel of some of the songs. Such as "Your Sweet Eyes" really captured some emotion and in my oppinion his voice has improved over the years. "Sunaround You" has some interesting vocal melody, different from what he usually does. But it picks up as the song progresses. He is deffinetly a skilled composer of the lyrics and made some very meaningful lyrics on this album.

Overall Impression — 10
This album deffinetly is a blend of old and new styles. It also is a good mix of country, jazz, rock, and pop, a little for everyone. "Bloom," "My Back Pages" and "Your Sweet Eyes" are my favorite songs at the moment. Deffinetly worth buying. Being able to meet Eric a couple times, and will be the next time he plays live here is amazing. He is such a talented artist and is a really nice guy. His live shows are amazing seeing him pull off some new and old songs like "Cliffs Of Dover" is just insane seeing him up close. He is a god. We should all worship him. We want more CDs Eric!

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    Good review, nothing that doesn;t reflect the album as far as i'm concerned.
    great album i only wish someone could make a tab for the song Columbia
    I'm thinking about buying an Eric Johnson CD. What would be a good first one?
    Ah Via Musicom. It's not his best album, but it's the best for a new listener.