Venus Isle review by Eric Johnson

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  • Released: Sep 3, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (19 votes)
Eric Johnson: Venus Isle

Sound — 10
This is a remarkable album, this is a must have for Eric Johnson fans and anyone one who enjoys good guitar playing. The sound on this album is awesome, it just wraps all around you, makes you really feel it, it's like watching a good movie at the movie theaters for the first time, it is just amazing. 01. Venus Isle - is probaly one of my favorite tracks, his singing is just remarkable, he has this jazzy feel to it, I just love it. 02. Battle We Have Won - is another good singing track, the lyrics on this is just so powerful it just really speaks to you, ah, it's like a fine wine. 03. All About - another singing track, it's alright. 04. S.R.V - is the instrumental track that he dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughan, his brother Jimmy Vaughan plays the first solo on the song, and Eric plays it just like SRV. 05. Lonely In The Night - another singing track, it's alright. 06. Manhattan - is dedicated to Wes Mongomety, it is a good instrumental. 07. Camel's Night Out - another great instrumental, has more of a rock feel, heavier than the stuff he usually does. He Plays this song on a Flying V. 08. Song For Lynette - wow what can I say about this one, it is really good, not that much guitar on this song but it has good piano playing in it, one of my faovrite tracks. 09. When The Sun Meets The Sky - another singing track, I really don't listen to this one that much. 10. Pavilion - is really exciting, really pumps you up, the solo is really exciting. 11. Venus Reprise - last instrumental and song on the album, it's really good too.

Lyrics — 10
They are really good, they really speak to you, though he only sings on four of the eleven tracks, the songs are really good, my favorite is either Venus Isle or Battle We Have Won. And his singing ability is awesome, wish I could sing that good, if I could sing like anyone, it would be like Eric Johnson.

Overall Impression — 10
This is one of my favorite Eric Johnson albums, it took him six years to make it and it was well worth the while. He is by far my favorite guitarist and singer. He has really influenced my playing a lot. I love everything about this album, I really don't hate anything about it, the only is that I wish he would make more albums. If this was stolen from me I would defintely buy it again.

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    You've slated some of the best material there, "it's alright" isn't really a good observation. To say you don't like the song would be less of an insult. One last thing, Camel's Night Out is done on his stratocaster, i don't know where you picked flying V from, he didn't own one 1996, still doesn't now. Predictable review.
    EJ used different kinds of guitars when recording this album. Poison is right about the flying V. I remembered this from an interview on a magazine. Here is a trivia for you young grasshopper...would u believe that cliffs of dover was originally recorded on a gibson ES335? im pretty sure u think it was done on start also...get ur facts straight b4 insulting anyone.