Dying Is Your Latest Fashion review by Escape the Fate

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (153 votes)
Escape the Fate: Dying Is Your Latest Fashion

Sound — 9
Escape the Fate displays outstanding musical skill and a all 'round great hardcore punk sound. After learning to scream from fellow hardcore punk rockers Underoath, they have the perfect combination of emo vocals and different pitched screams. From the first song to the last it keeps you pumped up and never seems to get dull. As a new band from Las Vegas, they made a huge mark on the emo-rock society with their first EP, There's No Sympathy For The Dead. Their debut album is definetly a must buy for punk rock, metal, or emo-core fans.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are nothing short of amazing. They combine real life situations with a little bit of exageration. With phrases like "Crash my car through your window" and "I love the girls who hate to love, because they're just like me". They capture the attention of emo fans, metal fans, and pretty much all rock fans. Ronnie (vocalist) has outstanding skill and nails every note. And his screaming (along with the rest of the band members screaming) allows even the metal fans to mosh.

Overall Impression — 10
In our opinion this album is a masterpiece, especially for such young (and talented) musicians. They definetly out shine artists like Underoath, From First To Last, A Static Lullaby. The songs that stand out are definetly "There's No Sympathy For The Dead", "Situaions", "Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche". Actually, to be honest, they are all amazing. We love the all around sound and production of this album and there is nothing to dislike. If we ever lost this album, we would definetly cry, buy it again, and then cry in happiness.

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    the cd is great...except for cellar door. and it should appeal to most ppl, the songs are all different.
    the decision to get rid of him was mutual, he was doing drugs and the band didnt want that around them
    ****ing sweet awesome ****ing band i love all of their music...too bad u made ronnie sound so awesome...HE LEFT THE BAND...stupid **** he left right before the album came out...
    [FrozEn] wrote: He didnt leave the band at all. Its obvious he didnt, considering he sings on all of the tracks, and is in several interviews with the band that are all up to date, and is currently touring with the band.
    HE WAS KICKED OUT OF THE BAND , i talked to max and even on Max's, omar's, and robert's myspace it said that ronnie wasnt in the band, they had to stop touring for a bit because of that, which sucked because i couldnt see them live.
    I'm pretty sure somekid182 is more then wrong or just plain out lying his ass off cause Ronnie never got kicked out and there is no way his friend could just know them like that it just sounds really unlikely but anyways this is a really good band and the instrumentals are very good and unique and the vocals are pretty much just amazing and I saw them live Ronnies pretty much one the most energetic and funny people on stage
    i cant believe omar is leaving now! His new band the black and white city is terrrible and i loved his screams in ETF. Oh and btw, Ronnie, Omar and Bryan all provided vocals for the album. ETF RULES
    Fairly good?! such an awesome cd, from an awesome band! cant wait for a follow up! p.s he was kicked out but came back...jeez
    escape the fate, learning to scream frmo underoath? 'hardcore punk rockers?' yeah that is funny. i started listening to this cd. fairly good
    AMAZING album and I had the opportunity to see them live at Warped Tour in Dallas. They're even better as a live band. I can't wait for their next album to come out.
    nah ronnies still in the band, they're coming to aus for the taste of chaos tour.
    yea Ronnie is back...he was addicted to heroine before they released the album...thats why they kicked him this is one of the best albums ever...every song is amazing except for "The Day I Left The Womb" ronnie should stick to screaming and loud vocals,non of this acoustic stuff he sounded horrible on that track
    Ronnie Screaming? It's omar who does the screaming ronnie does a little not much
    he's back?! thank god! i love these guys to bad there are not to many realy good tabs for them, mabey i'll try and come up with some but anyways awesome band
    Oh, apart frm him getting booted for drugs, but yeh. Hes back. Looking forward to a tour of australia, if they come here =P
    He didnt leave the band at all. Its obvious he didnt, considering he sings on all of the tracks, and is in several interviews with the band that are all up to date, and is currently touring with the band. Get your facts right, and stop swearing so much creature5, your not cool. p.s. Best album ive ever heard.
    yeah they kicked ronnie out for getting in some trouble with the cops. he had brass knuckles. i live in vegas, and my friend is tight with them. anyways, ronnie is back in i think.
    After learning to scream from fellow hardcore punk rockers Underoath
    Hardcore punk rockers? Now that's funny