Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Review

artist: Escape the Fate date: 01/27/2011 category: compact discs
Escape the Fate: Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
Release Date: Sep 26, 2006
Label: Epitaph
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 11
On Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, the Vegas quintet is actually quite competent in the emo vein of post-hardcore that they reside in, providing all of the emotional singing versus throaty growling and winding guitar lines versus hardcore breakdowns necessary.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8.8
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overall: 9.7
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Reviewed by: Milenchi, on october 03, 2006
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Sound: Escape the Fate displays outstanding musical skill and a all 'round great hardcore punk sound. After learning to scream from fellow hardcore punk rockers Underoath, they have the perfect combination of emo vocals and different pitched screams. From the first song to the last it keeps you pumped up and never seems to get dull. As a new band from Las Vegas, they made a huge mark on the emo-rock society with their first EP, There's No Sympathy For The Dead. Their debut album is definetly a must buy for punk rock, metal, or emo-core fans. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are nothing short of amazing. They combine real life situations with a little bit of exageration. With phrases like "Crash my car through your window" and "I love the girls who hate to love, because they're just like me". They capture the attention of emo fans, metal fans, and pretty much all rock fans. Ronnie (vocalist) has outstanding skill and nails every note. And his screaming (along with the rest of the band members screaming) allows even the metal fans to mosh. // 10

Overall Impression: In our opinion this album is a masterpiece, especially for such young (and talented) musicians. They definetly out shine artists like Underoath, From First To Last, A Static Lullaby. The songs that stand out are definetly "There's No Sympathy For The Dead", "Situaions", "Not Good Enough For The Truth In Cliche". Actually, to be honest, they are all amazing. We love the all around sound and production of this album and there is nothing to dislike. If we ever lost this album, we would definetly cry, buy it again, and then cry in happiness. // 10

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overall: 8
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Reviewed by: tucker69, on april 21, 2008
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Sound: Great. Escape The Fate delivers music in their own unique style with "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion". Lots of impressive stuffs like My Apocalypse, Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche, and more. It also includes The Guillotine and There's No Sympathy For The Dead, from their past album "There's No Sympathy For The Dead". The song My Apocalypse sounds really cool with the guitar tapping stuff. The song starts with clean chords, then a blast of drums and lead stuff. The bridge is very impressive with the tapping stuff that increases tempo then whines all over the fretboard. Cool. Majority of the tracks are impressive, including the last track "The Day I Left The Womb" I think. // 8

Lyrics: Technically good. The song Situatins is cool because it's all about one night stand, and lyrics in the verse "I touched her oohh, she touched my ahh.." were very funny. It was definitely the craziest thing. "Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche" was great and unique with its Russian roulette stuff, blowing your girl's head up. But my fave was My Apocalypse, because the music copes with the story of the song. The vocalist screams "The pain!" over and over whil the lead dude fries his fretboard with his bare hands. It was awesome! the vocalist's voice was rather strange, though I can't explain how. It was odd. // 8

Overall Impression: An awesome album. The tracks on the album can carry you away. I love the lead guitarist, though the vocalist, on the other hand, sounds odd. No, just joking. He's fine, though he doesn't seem very great. my fave songs are Not good Enough for Truth in Cliche, Situations, My Apocalypse, and When I Go Out I want To Go on A Chariot of Fire. If it was lost, I don't care. I have a copy on my PC. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Reviewed by: UndeadSe7en, on december 07, 2010
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Sound: This album is definatly an improvement from their previous releases. Band has left their pop(ish) and emo influences from their music in this album and everyone is better in their instruments. While Dying Is Your Latest Fashion got the kids enjoy about their music, it didn't needed that much skill in the This War Is Ours album and especially this new self-titled album. In this album, Escape The Fate's sound is darker. Even old fans won't stop dissing their new music, it's actually pretty good. Like the previous album, album has many genres like metalcore and hard rock, while little piece of old post-hardcore and Mtley-ish glam metal. Album opens with Choose Your Fate, pretty mych just instrumental what is supposed to choose your fate, listen or not. Then comes Massacre, where drums and beat is totally ripped in the beginning from Bring Me The Horizon, but is still an OK song. Next is Issues, the worst song of the album. Really weird that this is first single but listenable song overall. Then comes very weird songs, Zombie Dance and Gorgeous Nightmare, which are pretty catchy songs but too short. City Of Sin is next, telling a drinking story of Craig Mabbitt in Sin City. Too short but screaming saves it. Highlight of the album, Day Of Wreckoning is perfect song: Cool riff, lot of screaming, melodic and well written chorus and good breakdown. This is what they need to do in future. Lost In Darkness is dark song where lyrics challenges the old Escape The Fate. Prepare Your Weapon is heavy, enough long, good song. It keeps the album good. World Around Me is so much better than Harder Than You Know, challenges the old Mtley Cre's ballads, very mature. Another higlight, final part of Guillotine series, The Aftermath, Awesome guitar, good screams, chorus maybe too soft but it's ok. Money shows in this song that he is one of the best new guitarists. In the deluxe, Liars And Monsters is too good to be in just Deluxe Edition, The Final Blow reminds me about their old style, but not that good song. // 9

Lyrics: Craig Mabbitt's lyrics was best in Blessthefall and The Word Alive, but sucked in This War Is Ours. In self-titled, they're ok and good in Lost In Darkness, Day Of Wreckoning, Liars And Monsters and World Around Me. Mabbitt has improved also in vocals now, still can sing high, but most of time he's using his good rocker voice. Alot better than before. // 7

Overall Impression: Bryan ''Monte'' Money and Craig Mabbitt has made really good album. (They wrote almost the whole album) Waiting for them realize they're too good (especially Money) for Escape The Fate. They need to start a new band with better drummer and make rock back to the top. Album is best in their discography. // 9

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overall: 8
Dying Is Your Latest Fashion Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 27, 2011
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Sound: "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" is a Post-Hardcore album by Escape The Fate. The album really introduces itself with the leading track "The Webs We Weave" utilizing low pitched growls, high pitched screaming and gritty clean vocals, leading to a overall awesome mix of vocals portrayed by Ronnie Radke. After this well, the album only gets better. Tracks like "Not Good Enough For Truth In Clich", "My Apocalypse", "They Day I Left The Womb" and "Cellar Door" leave the Post-Hardcore orientated-ness of the album, and become more rock orientated. They utilize mainly clean vocals, with the occasional growl, leaving a subtle taste. Then there are several songs which (As 13 Year Olds would say) "Metal" with such songs as "The Guillotine" and "When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire" and "There's No Sympathy For The Dead" because of the heavy breakdowns, aggresive riffs and more utilized growls. The rest of the album is mainly "Emo" and uses high pitched "squecks" to each breath (Reminiscent of Michael Jackson), leaving a pop-orientated taste to each listener, such tracks as "Situations", "Reverse This Curse", "Friends And Alibis". // 9

Lyrics: The lyricsin many of the songs are whiney, poorly structured and based too much on similar situations. However, there is alot of raw emotion, leaving the audience breathless. With that in note showing the lyrics are just written to fill the songs. In such songs such as "Not Good Enough For Truth In Clich", "My Apocalypse" and "Cellar Door" they are driven on pure emotion, leaving a shuddering feeling in the spine of the audience to which they can't seem to shake off. In one particular track "The Guillotine" (Rumoured to be inspired by Halo on the XboX) You can see structured lyrics, but with no real purpose, this leaves me personally dissapointed as I like songs with meaning and purpose, but the structure saves the song from total damnation. The rest of the album has many whiney lyrics, about either personal experiences or fantasy based. Such tracks as "Situations" and "The Day I Left The Womb" although good tracks, are simply put 'whiney and useless' for the fact they just screech about the same problems over and over. Although I do rather enjoy this album, the songwriting isnt as could as it could be. // 7

Overall Impression: Escape The Fate have always had a unique sound, so I personally find it hard to compare them to any other artist. (Until the most recent album release) I believe the most impressive songs on this particular album are: My Apocalypse Not Good Enough For Truth In Clich Cellar Door I love the raw emotion driven by Bryan "Monte" Money's guitar work and Ronnie Radke's unique voice. But on the same note, they both become repetitive after 5/6 songs. // 8

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