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artist: Escape the Fate date: 12/06/2010 category: compact discs
Escape the Fate: Escape The Fate
Released: Nov 2, 2010
Genre: Post-Hardcore, Metalcore, Hard rock
Label: Interscope Records
Number Of Tracks: 11
Escape The Fate takes a turn for the heavier on its third studio album and self-titled major label debut.
 Sound: 8.2
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 6.7
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: larrytheguitar, on november 08, 2010
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Sound: Before I conduct this interview, I should say that my opinion is a bit biased, as is, I think, most of UG. I was once a fan of this band, but have quickly grown out of it. It's very easy for me to just say that this album blows. So let me say this; first impression: this album sucks. But that wouldn't be fair, would it :) Here is my attempt at writing an unbiased review, as all reviews should be. Reading a few recent interviews this band as conducted, they have stated several times that this album would be much more guitar driven, and it definitely shows. With almost each track having a solo of some sort, Escape the Fate's eponymous album is taking a step closer to "metal" (in many 13 year old's minds). While This War Is Ours was filled with a somewhat generic guitar tone, with the instrument itself a bit lower in the mix, and the occasional sweep or melodic arpeggio, this album makes it a little more clear that there actually IS a guitarist behind these riffs, with the "attack" of the strings a bit more apparent. The band also continues it's Guillotine series (Oh, God..). BUT I actually was taken by surprise, and like This War Is Ours was the best song in their last album, the 3rd installment of the Guillotine trilogy, titled The Aftermath, is, IMO, the best on this record. With an impressive solo, impressive vocal performance, this song has the power to keep even the most flamboyant Escape the Fate hater to keep listening for at least another 10 seconds. // 7

Lyrics: Escape the Fate lyrics are what they are: lyrics. Nothing thought provoking or insightful here, but it does keep the song a bit more interesting. Back when I listened to this kind of music, my top two bands were Blessthefall and Escape the Fate, and what do (did) they have in common? Their frontman, Craig Mabbitt. Although I find he has the appearance of Demi Lovato's identical twin brother, he has a very palatable (not in the edible sense of the word) tone to his voice. I truly do find him to be one of the best vocalists within his genre. His clean vocals, while not my cup of tea, ARE appealing and I find nothing especially wrong with them. His harsh vocals, spanning from a high pitched, yet very meaty scream, to a low, guttural growl, can spark envy in many metal heads as well. He may not be the brutal Randy Blythe, Corpsegrinder, or Mikael Akerfeldt people want him to be, but he is by far the only person for Escape the Fate. ^Currently. All Ronnie Radke, please stand back. // 6

Overall Impression: There's two ways most people (myself included) can decide whether or not an album is "good" or not: by comparing it with older albums, or comparing it with their favorite band. By choosing the latter, I can say with certainty that this album is [Simon Cowell accent] complete and utter rubbish [/accent]. But comparing it with their other albums, I wouldn't go as far as to say that it's an improvement, but it is a solid album nonetheless. The thing is, many people criticize bands because it sucks in their mind. What they don't know is that they are horny, desperate, teenagers. Let's say you want to start a relationship with a girl, but find that it doesn't work out, you blame the girl for not being who you want her to be. Something that slips many people's minds is, maybe the GIRL doesn't want to be with YOU? Escape the Fate knows their target audience, and I'm sure the people within that audience will like this album very much. But then here come the metal heads with their pitchforks, flaming Escape the Fate, when the band didn't even intend on making music satisfactory to your ears. It's all about a target audience. I looked them up on YouTube today and say many people praising their songs. And I've come to realized that I was one of them. I was IN their audience, enjoying everything they do. So I think this album will do just fine to Escape the Fate fans. I really do. But man am I glad to have found a new audience. // 7

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overall: 7.7
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: UG Team, on november 08, 2010
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Sound: Gaining the attention of Interscope Records apparently had everything to do with Escape The Fate's decision to embrace a heavier sound, the product of which you'll hear on the band's self-titled debut. The Las Vegas' quartet utilizes more guitar parts for a good chunk of the record, but there are the occasional moments where you could say it delves into your traditional emo category. Those selections are outnumbered by strict post-hardcore/metalcore fare, which is driven in large part by guitarist Bryan Monte Money's technical ability and keen sense of melody. The record opens with Choose Your Fate, an instrumental for the most part that is, if you don't count the numerous chanters that repeat, Choose your fate! The dramatic intro is befitting of the other 10 tracks, which present a roller coaster ride of emotions. On one hand, you have tracks like Massacre, Gorgeous Nightmare, and Prepare Your Weapon that revolve around old-school metal riffage. The tones on Money's guitar are phenomenal throughout the whole record, but in the aforementioned tracks the tone is thrust into the forefront. At the other end of the spectrum are songs that are in the mid-tempo range and carried by vocalist Craig Mabbitt's emotional delivery in the choruses. The first single Issues once again shows off Money's skills with a memorable opening riff, with an even more engaging solo. The only issue is that the solo seems to be over before it began. Whether that was a decision driven by the fact that it's the first single or not remains to be seen, but the solo just cuts off too quickly which is a compliment to Money, as the song could only benefit from it. Zombie Dance definitely seems to play on the sudden hype with the undead, but it's a solid song for the most part that becomes more intriguing with the classical flair that Money injects into his playing. To say that Escape The Fate has written a heavy record through and through would be a fallacy. As the album winds down, the riffage isn't quite as aggressive. The band isn't afraid to slow things down drastically, either. The World Around Me is a full-on piano ballad with strings and it actually makes for a nice contrast. The closer The Aftermath (The Guillotine, Part III) combines a bit of both worlds with an Iron Maiden-like intro, verses accentuated by death vocals, and a melodic, emotional chorus to round it all out. In that same song Escape The Fate also gets a little experimental in terms of an effects-laden, vocally layered bridge (not to mention Money's best solo yet soon after) that builds up to the big finish. // 8

Lyrics: Escape the Fate does seem geared toward a specific audience, particularly with content that often involves self-doubt and discontent. Massacre, Issues, Prepare Your Weapon and Lost In Darkness are key examples for the general themes of sadness/anger, and fans will most likely appreciate the band's ability to relate. "Zombie Dance is surprisingly enough as much of a love (or lust) song as it is an ode to horror, while City of Sin delves into a world of seediness and greed. For the most part emotions (usually not the happy-go-lucky kind) are what drive the debut. // 7

Overall Impression: While the band is solid as a whole, Money's guitar work outshines in pretty much every track. Craig Mabbitt's vocals are both strong and versatile, and he can tackle pretty much any and every style from sweetly serene to caustic growl on the 11 tracks. While it's true that Escape the Fate has written heavier material, between the mid-tempo offerings and balladry, there is still plenty of room to expand upon that aggressive side in the future. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: ThornzBEM, on november 10, 2010
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Sound: Many reviewers and music critics have stated that this album is basically full of "This War is Ours" B-sides. In my opinion this album is a MUCH more solid album than TWIO as well as a fresh feel for ETF. Each and every guitar solo fits it's song perfectly. And the fact that nearly every part of this album can be called back to my memory helps me know that it's an infectious and unique album. The use of electronic effects (ex. 'Massacre' vocals) and the heaviness of the 7-string guitars show an obvious evolution from it's predecessor. Not to mention the overall dark feel of the album. There are similarities to TWIO but it stands it's ground. // 9

Lyrics: Now, I'd like to bring up the Ronnie vs Craig debate. Ronnie had only one thing over Craig, and that was his ability to write lyrics that made songs trendy. For example, take songs like The Guillotine and Situations. Both songs have lyrics that make people want to shout and participate. Craig is a very talented lyricist, don't misunderstand me, but his lyrics aren't (necessarily) going to create cult-like fanbases. As far as musicianship though, Craig owns. Craig is the more professional artist both melodically and vocally, and an album like the 'self-titled' album is beyond Ronnie's grasp. As for the 'self-titled', the lyrics are memorable. You won't forget the choruses. THEY FIT THE SONGS and they make you want to dance around or mosh, but, "Issues", the first single, has dull lyrics. Very vague lyrics about some "ISSUES" that he's got going on. Of coarse this makes for a good song for people to relate to, but it's no golden egg. The best song lyrically would have to be either 'The Aftermath' or 'World Around Me'. Both excellent songs lyrically. My personal favorite lyrics are on the Deluxe Edition track entitled, "Liars and Monsters". // 7

Overall Impression: This album sounds like ETF. It doesn't sound like anyone else. That, in my opinion, is a great achievement. Sure, you can easily determine what genre they are, but when you hear any ETF song with Craig in it, you know it's ETF. I also believe that this is my favorite album by ETF. It's just got crushing breakdowns, catchy EVERYTHING, and every bit of it is placed perfectly. There are about 3 ballads on this album and each one is different. (I'm counting Prepare Your Weapon as a ballad for it's second-half) The guitar is definitely the best Monte has ever written, nobody is debating that. Pure shredding on some songs, but never dull and he has found the perfect tone. They do not stray from typical song-structure (except for The Aftermath), but that just shows a mature band wanting to reach as many ears as possible. They haven't sold-out with this album. They got heavier than TWIO and they experimented with a few different styles. Typically a band mellows out and goes straight to the "alternative" sound when they "sell-out". It isn't easy writing a solid album. I'm a song-writer myself. Writing (for the most part) random things that sound good together like what they did in 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion', is much easier to do than writing an album with solid lyrics and melodies that fit the feel of the song. I say, go out and listen to this album song by song with an open mind. Forget about the old ETF for that time. I guarantee you will be singing these songs in your head after the second listen. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: reaper_x, on november 08, 2010
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Sound: I had always been a fan of Escape The Fate and everything Craig Mabbitt has been involved in. With the release of This War Is Ours, I sat on the fence as to whether I still enjoyed Escape The Fate or not. I found there to be a rather big change in terms of the band's music direction. With the current release of Escape The Fate's self titled album, you will notice a maturation that not all bands can work well with. Some bands crumble under the pressure (especially the pressure of losing a frontman who was and is famous within the post-hardcore scene) and some bands don't. Escape The Fate, in this album, show no mercy for pressure. If you're a Ronnie fan boy/girl, you will hate this record. Escape The Fate have drifted away from the post-hardcore scene that brought them this far. Instead, they dive into a more melodic and almost... well... metalcore sound. You'll find lots of experimentation within this record and to be honest, it does not bad at all. It works and it flows well. You'll find variety on this CD - from the slower and calmer songs like "Lost In Darkness" and "World Around Me" to the more punchier and more aggressive songs like "Issues", "Massacre" and "The Aftermath (Guillotine Pt. 3)". The latter of which features an entertaining guitar solo. Any lover of some decent alternative and metal would enjoy this record. // 8

Lyrics: On this particular record, Craig goes for the more contemporary melodies. An example of this is "Gorgeous Nightmare". It makes you want to sing along, until he hits the high notes, then singing along becomes a tad harder. Where Craig really shines on the song "Day Of Wreckoning", which really showcases his ability to sing, just after screaming a whole verse. Vocally, Craig would have to be up there with the best singers in modern day rock. He may not be first on the list, but damn, he's up there. The lyrics on this record seem to be more about personal struggles than anything else. For example, take the first half of the chorus from "Issues": These issues pin me to the floor. These issues are my overlord. I feel so dominated. And now, lyrics from "Massacre": This is a problem. So stay with me until I erase this. This is a habit. Drugs were made for addicts like me. Close the casket. Send me to my grave. Bury me alive. I don't deserve this place. I've medicated myself again. I feel I'm killing my only friend. I've turned this world upside down, As I am slipping under. And so on. This record seems a bit more personal from a lyrical perspective, which is always interesting. // 9

Overall Impression: Does this compare with the other Escape The Fate albums? Depends. If you're like me, and think "genre" is just another word, you'll enjoy this as much as the previous albums (if not more). If you're someone who did not like where Escape The Fate went with This War Is Ours, you'll probably dislike this record. But it's all subjective and personal, really. Personally, I love it. I love the riffs, I love the vocals, I love the percussion and I love the production. If it was stolen or lost, I'd probably get it again. Considering I enjoy my Escape The Fate collection. // 8

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overall: 9
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: guitarlover762, on december 06, 2010
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Sound: This album, being their first with the new record company, DGC, a division of Geffen Records, was guarenteed to have a new fresh sound. It's deffinantly more in your face and metal than This War Is Ours and Dying is Your Latest Fashion. They have added more screamed vocals from This War Is Ours, a deffinant plus. Eventhough it still consists of mainly clean vocals they did a great job of making a really dark and demonic sound out of a good 80-85 percent of the album. Also there experimenting with electronic sounds and alteration of the music was quite intersting, at first I disliked it, but now after hearing all of the songs a good 10-15 times they really fit into the new style that ETF is adopting. Great producing also, can't find a single flaw in the album as far a sound quality goes. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are much better than any of the previous albums. The previous albums lyrics there were alot of whinny over emo sounding lyrics, they were still good don't get me wrong, they would just get annoying after a while. This album does not suffer from that, although a few songs get annoying all in all there really good. For me, I think that Craig is much better than Ronnie. And all of the bithcing and moaning about getting Ronnie back has to stop, deal with it. With that said, I expect hate comments but keep it to yourself, nobody wants to hear it. // 9

Overall Impression: Like I said before this album surpasses all other fomr ETF, lyricly and musically. To me, songs that stick out The Final Blow (only on the deluxe edition), The Aftermath G3, Day of Wrekoning, Lost in Darkness, and Prepare Your Weapon...really all of the songs are great, but if I had to pick those would be the best five. Again, like always, Monte is just epic when it comes to te guitar solos. In my opinion he is onw of the best guitar players of this genre, for sure not the best, but close. And his wonderfull songwriting skills make him sound much better than he actually is. All in all it is the best album I've heard all year, if you haven't go out and buy it as soon as you can! // 9

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overall: 8.7
Escape The Fate Reviewed by: CJCKO, on november 19, 2010
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Sound: ESCAPE THE FATE has just released their third album self -titled and second album with singer CRAIG MABBITT (ex-blessthefall). This album is their first album released on INTERSCOPE RECORDS. I have been a fan of escape the fate since dying is your latest fashion. When I heard ESCAPE THE FATE kicked their frontman RONNIE RADKE out of the band, I was devestated. I thought that they would never find a singer to replace him. They replaced Radke with CRAIG MABBITT (which at the time I was also a blessthefall fan and still am)and followed up theirdebut album with THIS WAR IS OURS. I thought TWIO was okay but not as good as DIYLF. I wanted to hear more screaming in he album but did not get what I wished for. I am not saying that the album was not good cause it didn't have RONNIE RADKE. Its just that that DIYLF had better songs thenTWI. Again, the album was okay but not as good as DIYLF. When I heard that they were recording a new album I got really excited. When tey released the first single "Massacre", I loved it. It was heavier and bettr written. The only thing that would dissapoint people is the complaint that it sounds a lot like BRING ME THE HORIZON'S "Chelsea Smile". But at least ETF made it sound very creative. Including a crowd gripping chorus and mosh-pitting breakdown and guitar solo. I love that song. Then I heard the second single titled "Issues". At first I was not a big fan of the song, but then it kind of grew on to me and I started to find it catchy. SO i bought the album and itdid not dissapoint me. To this very day I still think DIYLF is still their best album but this is very close to almost being as good. This album IMO is a lot darker and a lot heavier than their 2 previous records. The sound of this album is very creative. I have never heard of any type of music like this. Combining Post-hardcore music with MOTLEY CRUE type 80's metal. Out of all the insturments of the band the guitar had to be the biggest improvement. BRYAN MONTE MONEY shreds the $h1t out of every track on this album. All with crazy shredding guitar solos. Monte worked on this at his hardest. This record has the best guitar work that ESCAPE THE FATE has ever had. The drums and bass i really have not much to say. The only thing to say about the drums is that there are more fster sons meaning there are more double bass action on ROBERT ORTIZ'S drumkit. Now I am going to review the songs each 1 by 1, rating all the songs from 1-10. 01. Chose Your Fate: song that builds up the album making the people listening to the albumget pumped up. The song fades into the beginning of the second track MASSACRE. 7/10 02. Massacre: a heavy track on the album with screaming vocals and clean singing chorus. This song leans more towards the metalcore category than the post-hardcre genre. Has a breakdown before an epic guitar solo. great song to mosh to. The song may sound like BMTH's Chelsea Smile but who cares, its awesome. 10/10 03. Issues: one of those dark songs on the album. I would say its a darker version of THE FLOOD from TWIO. Pretty catchy chorus. 8/10 04. Zombie Dance: another dark song that talks about brinnig the dead back to life. not a favorite but not bad. 7/10 05. Gorgeous Nightmare: this song as soon as I clicked play I was amazed on how badass the intro to this song sounded. This song sounds a lot like a post-hardcore motley crue song. Really awesome song, the guitar solo is evern better. 10/10 06. City Of Sin: at first I thought the opening lyrics of this song killed the album. But afterwards it became enjoyable to listen. One of those alternative rock songs that ETF plays. 7/10 07. Day Of Reckoning: another heavy song with screaming verses and clean singing choruses. This song too has a breakdown that makes you want to get up and destroy. 8/10 08. Lost In DarKNESS: I have never heard of a song like this before in my life. It has to be the most creativ song on the album. I would also have to say probably the darkest song Escape the fate has ever written. The vocals go from low pitch to high showing Craig can really sing. The end of the song fades into the 9th track. 10/10 08. Prepare Your Weapon: another one of those heavy songs on the album. As soon as you hit play on that song, you know that the song is going to be fast paced. Has an awesome tapping solo nea the end. 8/10 10. World Around Me: has to be the sftest song on the album. It has a piano intro to it, making it the ballad of the album. Not a big fan of it but its till good. 7/10 11. The Aftermath (G3): okay eer sinc I heard that ETF was making a third guillotine song I was so excited. The first guillotine was awesome. The second was even better. This son is the best! Its the best song on the album. I love this song with a passion. Fast heavy song with a mix of screaming and singing verses with a heart gripping chorus. This song has the best solo they have ever recorded. This song is where BRIAN MONTE MONEY shines. His guitar work is unbelievable. The solo is crazy. It sounds like something DRAGONFORCE would play. That crazy! 10/10! // 8

Lyrics: Now the most contreversial member of the group. CRAIG MABBIT's singing does not dissapoint me. His vocls has gotten a lot stronger than TWIO. In the tracks Masscare, Day Of Reckoning, The Aftermath (G3) he puts more screaming vocals in those songs than any other songs on the record. He also shows his high pitch and low pitch singing throughout the record as well. You can hear the high pitc vocals on the tracks Issues, City Of Sin and the outro chorus of The Aftermath. He shows his low pitch vocals on Gorgeous Nightmare and Lost In Darkness. I love Craig's vocals. I always know what he is talking about in all of his songs. One of my favorite lines would be in "The Aftermath" "My god forgive me for all of the bodies i've taken in battle oh god dont forsake me" the chorus is good as well "I will stand right by your side I have made it through the fight. Now I'm coming home" The song talks about what happens when you go to war and how you feelafter the fighting is all done. How you want to go home and be with your loved ones. "Massacre" also has reallygood lyrics as well. This is a problem. So stay with me until I erase this. This is a habit. Drugs were made for addicts like me. Close the casket. Send me to my grave. Bury me alive. I don't deserve this place. I've medicated myself again. I feel I'm killing my only friend. I've turned this world upside down, As I am slipping under. talks about how a person addicted to drugs is acting and how h tells his friends that are trying to help him to go away befoe he hurts them. knowing he will hurt all his friends near him he tells them to kill him (close my casket, send me to my grave) you got to give CRAIG MABBITT credit for that. // 9

Overall Impression: All of ETF's albums had a unique song. This album has a unique sound as well. This album is darker and heavier than the previous records. This has a uniqe sound and did not dissapoint me. In my opinion I love the heavy songs the most but if I had to pick my favorites I would say Massacre gorgeous Nightmare day Of Reckoning lost In Darkness and most of all !The Aftermath! I may like 2 songs the least on the album than all the other songs but overall I really like the album. F you are fans of metalcore bands such as BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, AS I LAY DYING. Post-hardcore bands like SILVERSTEIN, ALESANA. And 80s metal MOTLEY CRUE. You would like them because that is what they sound like all put together on that album. This album is amazing. GO GET IT! Escape The Fate 4 Life! // 9

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