Hate Me review by Escape the Fate

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  • Released: Oct 30, 2015
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 4.5 (26 votes)
Escape the Fate: Hate Me

Sound — 7
Graige Mabbitt has come a long way with his vocals over his albums with Escape The Fate. While keeping to his powerful vocals, especially apparent in this album. His vocals are strong and loud, and not much more could be asked from his performance. However, more can and always will be. I didn't feel there was enough growl and power with his heavy voice. It's there, and it's strong; use it. This is especially apparent when the album is a balled. There isn't a whole lot of songs devoted to the heavy side of the band. While unfortunate, there are a numerous number of preteen/teens out there that will find this album as apart of their normal playlist on there iPods.

Good effort from Craig, strong vocals on the tracks that needed them. Needed a tone more heavy and just downright hateful grunt. Especially as this is the new album, and Escape The Fate have built the reputation of being a metal band. There just was not enough heavy stuff to make a good setlist. Geez, I'm really nailing him... Sorry mate!

Lyrics — 4
Lyrics? Well, what's there to say...? Nothing ground breaking here. Basic lyrics. There are the odd moment when you'll remember a lyric and sing away with the song, but there is nothing here to make you "LOVE" the lyrics. Most of the songs, as talked about before are on the softer side, and this makes for some stronger lyrics. This doesn't by and means go to say that the lyrics of the heavier songs are going to be behind and boring, the heavy songs (of the very very very few) are the ones that stand out and shine.

Alongside the kind of disappointing lyrics, I feel as if this is the reason behind the lower effort from Craig. They don't feel, or sound for that matter like Escape The Fate lyrics, they are a little odd and out there. This also will be apparent when the band goes to start adding new songs to live setlists, I don't feel as if there will.

"Let Me Be" is the one song that stood out to me. Not only lyric wise, but instrumental wise. Is this really the direction Escape The Fate is going? I'm not a HUGE fan to be honest of this song. Feels very radio. Not much else to say, great songs, seems the lyrics where just kind of there.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, this is a great album if you are a fan of the band. This isn't the album to tell your friends about to get them into Escape The Fate. The solos are there, Kevin did a top job, as usual, "Just a Memory" is one of his best solos throughout the album, it's fast, it's crazy and it's in your face; it's a balls to the wall solo.

The rest of the band do their part, great drums, bass is there and rhythm guitar is there. The tones of the guitars are also different since the last album. All the usual distortion is there, but it's more dialled back, and toned more to the djent genre... If this is even been accepted? You'll bob your head, sing along and just enjoy the album. Don't expect anything better than their self-titled and "Ungrateful" but, it's worth a spin. That's my little view on the album, it's hard being critical on a band I enjoy so much. This is also my 1st review, and I'm not the most gifted with words and grammar; so I apologize now. Rock on guys!

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