There's No Sympathy For The Dead [EP] Review

artist: Escape the Fate date: 04/19/2008 category: compact discs
Escape the Fate: There's No Sympathy For The Dead [EP]
Release Date: May 23, 2006
Label: Epitaph
Genres: Post-Hardcore, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 5
Without regret, the most captivating element of Escape the Fate is their incredibly energetic live show, something that the band feels is lost in the mix of most rock bands today.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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There's No Sympathy For The Dead [EP] Reviewed by: Murderintheink, on april 19, 2008
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Sound: Well if you love Escape The Fate, then you'll love their debut EP "There's No Sympathy For The Dead" This EP is really raw sounding, what you would expect from most debut EPs. This 5 track juggernaught will leave you begging for more (hence Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, their debut full length, except now they have kicked Ronnie Radke, their lead singer out)When this 5-piece Vegas bred band emerged on the scene, many things were granted upon this band, a large fan base, badass music, and kick ass videos. The guitars on this EP are crunchy as frosted flakes. The vox are raw and emotional, and the drums are extrodinary. One of the songs "Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills" shows they can be both really up beat and then break down into a headbanging bridge. While "Make Up" an unreleased track meant for this EP shows the beautiful lyrics that Radke can deliver and will deliver on "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion." // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are nothing short of amazing. A great example would be from "As Your Falling Down": "As Your Falling Down, my heart beats the sand, and the tears they run down your face, drown in your fake presonality, shattered glass and frames, snap shots of reality, burnt pictures and memories, your heart is cold and dead" Ronnie Radke is so good at capturing emotions and painting a vivid scene. The lyrics are great on every song. Ronnie is great, he can hit the nice pitch needed and can throw out some hardcore screams ranging from a low growl to a higher pitch brutal scream. You will be capitivated by the lyrics and the skills on the EP. // 10

Overall Impression: Compared to other EPs, this sets the bar pretty high, well at least in my own opinion. All the songs are impressive, however if there was a best it would either go to "The Ransom" or "Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills", the worst would be "There's No Sympathy For The Dead", even though the lyrics and guitars are great in themselves, just the recording is really bad on this one, it's a lot better on "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" though. I love that this a piece of work, it's so amazing, every song is great lyrically and musically, it makes you gasping for more. If it were stolen, I would cry, then hunt the guy down and kill him. // 10

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