This War Is Ours review by Escape the Fate

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  • Released: Oct 21, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (174 votes)
Escape the Fate: This War Is Ours

Sound — 8
When I first heard Escape The Fate, it was on my birthday, October 22nd 08. I heard The Flood on Youtube with the music video and loved the band. Delving deeper into their history and albums, I found out that they had had a previous album and EP, both of which I loved. I also discovered the fact that they had had a different singer in the past, a certain Ronnie Radke. So I watched a ton of live performances by them, and I saw tour videos and interviews and I got to know the band. And that was when I started seeing the huge difference between this album and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion/There's No Sympathy For The Dead. Ronnie Radke, in my opinion, brought the band to where they were a few years ago. His energy, hyperactivity, and extremely unique singing made Escape The Fate a band with a hugely one of a kind sound. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion is my favorite album of all time because ETF combined all my musical tastes into one band. They had the more punk/pop oriented "Situations" hit (still their most well-known song) and then they had songs like "There's No Sympathy For The Dead" and "The Guillotine" which were more melodic screamo metal. that's what I loved about them, the melodic chorus' and screams and insane guitar riffs in the background. This War Is Ours is a vaguely similiar, but at the same time completely different album. While Craig Mabbit brings a cool new voice to the band, the songs are also very different. it's as if the Escape The Fate is waving goodbye to itself and looking straight in the eye of a NEW BAND. They've changed. This is not Dying Is Your Latest Fashion but a fledgling band out with their debut album. That's how I look at it. Escape The Fate was destroyed with Ronnie going to jail and is now risen in the form of something entirely different... except without Mr. Radke or the other guitarist, Omar Espinosa.

Lyrics — 7
I must agree with the majority of comments I have read on the fact that most of these songs are about the opposite sex. That is kind've new considering the fact that DIYLF didn't really have song meanings. The songs were about feelings: hatred, rage, anxiety, etc., all sung with passion about something that was never really totally clear (with the exceptions of songs like Situations, Not Good Enough For Truth in Cliche and The Day I Left the Womb). At first, the only thing we all realized was that it was awesome music but you had to look deeper into the songs to find the meaning. Ronnie Radke DID sing about the opposite sex, alot, but he wrote/sung his lyrics in a different way. Craig's songs draw a straight red line towards girls with songs like Ashley. There are some exceptions, however. Songs like We Won't Back Down, The Flood, and This War Is Ours come back to the old Escape The Fate lyrical method. These are great songs, in my opinion, the best on the album. Mixing a slight glance at love with some punkish ideology and other real-life themes, these tracks hold true to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion's genre.

Overall Impression — 7
Yes, this album is good. But it is not Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Escape The Fate Post R.R. is a good band and I like them a lot. I liked Escape The Fate with Ronnie Radke a lot better though. Bands can change, and people need to get over it. If you look on Youtube at The Flood and scroll down to the comments, you'll see what I mean. All the comments are ETF fans arguing over TWIO. There's the die-hard old ETF fans, and then there's the one's like me, people who had never heard of Escape The Fate before This War Is Ours, people who love both the old ETF and the new.

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    "A hundred thousand wings, soaring through the skies, at in-tense speeds, we can't catch with our eyes". Ah. Good times. Every song made before this album was constantly being played, I loved every damn song they made. This album is not what I expected. I expected greatness after hearing the two tracks they posted on myspace. It's like they posted those songs "hey our album will sound like this" response "Oh cool lol I'm totally buying". *buys* "Hey wait a minute..." I'll always love their old songs though and I hope they can bring back that atmosphere in the future. I think their songs had a certain level of epicness and badassery in them.
    I'm very disappointed that the bad review is the featured one. The review isn't even good, I bet UG just has some ETF haters who featured a review to make everybody think this album is horrible. Yeah Ashley and some other songs are terrible, but the albums good. The guitars are sick, and I think Craig did a good job at taking over. Screw all you Ronnie lovers, he's a loser. what kind of loser posts pics from jail on his myspace?
    well... i liked the old ETF better, but some of the new stuff is ok. i liked the old Blessthefall better too... oh well. BTW in the first review it says "Blessed the Fall" seriously man, what the ****? its Blessthefall.