This War Is Ours review by Escape the Fate

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  • Released: Oct 21, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (174 votes)
Escape the Fate: This War Is Ours

Sound — 10
Escape the Fate is definitely my favorite band. I love Screamo and Emocore music such as: Escape the Fate; Underoath; Senses Fail and Bullet for my Valentine. The guitar licks and riffs are insanely fast and amazingly melodic. Bryan Money, the lead guitarist is the best guitarist ever. This is Epitaph Records best album. Craig Mabbit is a great singer, as great as Ronnie Radke. Escape the Fate will always be the best emocore/screamo band ever.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics of this album are awesome. "We Won't Back Down"'s lyrics sound a lot like it was made for "A Skylit Drive", Craig Mabbit's other band. "You Are So Beautiful"'s lyrics are genius: "You are so beautiful You are the kind of girl That has the chemicals That makes me fall in love" That's Genius! Again Craig Mabbit is as great as Ronnie Radke. Great structures of lyrics are important in an album.

Overall Impression — 10
This album does appear to be better than "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion". The most impressive songs from the album are: This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II) [Which by the way is a great sequel to "The Guillotine"]; The Flood; You Are So Beautiful; We Won't Back Down, and Ashley. The best guitar solo is either This War Is Ours or We Won't Back Down. If I ever lost this album or was stolen; I would buy a new one A.S.A.P. I definetely recommend this to and emocore fans, screamo fans, or metal-heads.

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    ismellfunny13 wrote: dragula852 wrote: this shitty album sucks such magnificently large balls. Xdearxxdiaryx who cares if someone saw the original lineup live, we still heard the music so **** you! Ghostknive, craig is trying to be and even look like ronnie, he changed his looks upon joining the band, and i just wanted to let you know you are a bitch****... and hey padgea7x craig is a shitty replacement on a shitty album so **** your 7.1, blow it right out your ass cuz the rest of us know this war is ours is a piece of shit... dont buy the new cd... bring ronnie back... please!someones had a bad day
    lmao ... more like a very bad day! Well the album is okay apart from shit like ashley and let it go ... you gotta respect the fact that they came up with such an effort after losing a terrific vocalist and a guitarist! 6/10
    Zebrahead_SICK wrote: kgranlund wrote: Craig murders Ronnie vocally. and ronnie just plain murders...
    haha i gets it
    all these reviews are bad.. all by ronnie lovers that are hating cause he got kicked out.. craig is vocally much more strong
    ethizzle2 wrote: As for the guitar ed - it's monte, who had been playing rhythm in the past.
    thats partly true Bryan was lead in a few songs on the past album
    idk how u guys can like...diss ETF after all the shit thats gone down. i like ETF either way. with ronnie or craig. some people get ticked off that ronnie is gone or craigs gone from blessthefall but seriously...why bother anymore when this bands totally doing good. Bryan great guitarist. Max great bassist. Robert amazing drummer Craig, fits right in like he was there from the beginning. so let it go
    Second Bass wrote: Screw the new album. Its awful. Ronnie ftw
    Shutup. Ronnie can't sing for ****. Craig is much more stronger vocally, Whether you like it or not. ETF will always be ETF. Now go cry yourself to bed.
    BTF is better without Craig. Falling In Reverse with surely flourish and Escape The Fate will be forgotten. seriously? Ronnie ftw. ETf IS NOT THE SAME AT ALL. Huge style changes, massive and horrible lyric switches and it completely lacks the vibe Ronnie and Omar brought to the band. PLM and FIR are way superior to this. ETF is seriously going down the shitter if they don't fix this on the next album. I mean, it's one thing to have sophomore-nitis, but this takes the cake for worst followup. Craig isn't a bad vocalist at all. He's just not good for the ETF vibe.