This War Is Ours review by Escape the Fate

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  • Released: Oct 21, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (174 votes)
Escape the Fate: This War Is Ours

Sound — 9
Releasing there second album under new singer Craig Mabbitt, Escape the Fates new album seems to me to be a bit soft, with such songs such as "Ashley", "Something", and "You Are So Beautiful", But the band does an exellent job of balancing these songs sentimental meaning with some killer guitar, drum, and base riffs. The only way you could describe the sound of Escape the Fate would be loud. Driving riffs, and screeching vocals make this a great album for lovers of loud powerful music. The band also brings back there old screamo sound in the title track for the album, "This War Is Ours". All around I would say that the sound of the band is still in full force, yet morphed into something almost new.

Lyrics — 10
Lyrics, what can I say about the lyrics besides they are amazing. They seem so powerful, and intricate compared to most of the music today. For example, here is the chorus for the song "This War Is Ours", "Yes I will see you through the smoke and flames on the frontlines of war, (we have to find a better way), and I will stand my ground until the end 'Til we conquer them all (we have to find a better way). The lyrics in parenthese are what's being screamed, and Craig is singing all of the rest. I also want to say that Craig has been a great replacement for the bands original singer, Ronnie Radke, but I like the vocals of Ronnie a little better than Craig, even though Craig is an amazing singer.

Overall Impression — 9
Escape the Fate has there own unique sound and style, comparing this album to there debut "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", as I stated before this one is a softer from what I heard, but rocks just as hard. Some of my favorite songs off the album are of the softer variety in "Ashley", and "Something". It is hard to target the best songs on this album as to all the songs being good in there own unique way. One thing that I don't like about this album is the lack of screaming compared to there debut, along with the lack of solos that Monte is playing. If it was lost I would definetly by another copy.

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    First off, people need to stop bitching about this album. It was not THAT bad. Craig is a good vocalist who managed to hold his own with this band. Personally, I like his screams better than Ronnie's but Ronnie's singing voice beats no contest. Craig just sounds too generic screamo band sometimes when he sings. This CD had some good standout tracks. My favorites were The Flood, This War Is Ours, and Ten Miles Wide. Having the guy from Buckcherry on that last one was... interesting. I kinda liked it. It's just a fun song all around. The rest of the songs are alright but kinda seem like filler compared to their last CD. Not terrible, but not the best they could have made. On that note, When does Ronnie get out of Jail? Hopefully before their next album...
    CleanCanvas wrote: all these reviews are bad.. all by ronnie lovers that are hating cause he got kicked out.. craig is vocally much more strong
    haha hmmm, i herad both albums, about 400 times and have come to a conclusion... They are two different singers, they are different in lyrics and tecnique, they are (have) took the band to different styles, and they both rule. Just mourn the loss of Ronnie but at least get over it, ETF are now new and I think the direction they are taking is epic... but more metal and abstract lyrics... (like THSFTD *sigh*)
    This war is ours' solo, i have to say, is no match to the sweep picking in the beginning of the song. It is monsterous! The coolest sweep picking i have ever heard.
    You realize that this cd name is about ronnie right? man, they are both talented, different styles, but talented, I was talking to craig on november 1st, 2009 in worcester, MA. and he said he is getting more comfortable with his screams and they already have new stuff written and they are going to be heading to the studio again soon. He also said that they are going to be a lot heavier which is good, not to mention ronnies song on the falling in reverse myspace was recorded when he was 18 years old in escape the fate, however it was his song, so the song is old, but they too are going to be heavier, and they will also have some pop punk songs as well!
    tbh i feel sorry for them because actualy not only do i think this is a gr8 album but i think that it is good because despite the fact they have had to go through a radical image change they hav left it pretty similair and its not as if thier eva getting thier old singer back cuz he killed a boy. u betR get used 2 the new escape the f8 cuz ur neva getin the old 1 bak. i think this is a gr8 album and all of you are paying disrespect to the effort and time that has gone into it by every1 and stop being so harsh 2 da new singer hes betR than u could eva do and betR i think his voice is gr8 and i luved the old Escape the f8 but i still think thier gr8 and actually i do prefer the old album but this is still a realy good effort and i think it is a gr8 finishing piece! lk at it this way if ur front man goes u can go 2 ways break up or get a new 1! which would u prefer answer me that and if you wanted them 2 break up that is just heartless for the band members and disrespectful to the old singer for despite the fact he did kill a boy which was undoubtedly bad and not clever he would want his legacy which is the band 2 live on
    all i can say is wow, get your facts straight if your gonna say ronnie killed a kid? wtf??? His friend shot the kid and he got battery charges for involvement. He didnt pull the trigger. He was put on probation and violated it, thats why he is in jail. (btw listen up was recorderded with a previous band than etf, he said so in an interview and yes he was 18). Yes I think Ronnie is better than craig on the albums, but im over all the craig vs Ronnie drama, its over. I love Ronnies voice, but hes and ass and doesnt deserve to be in etf. Craig is Alright, an odd choice for a replacement. Heres where i stand on his singing. I think hes very talented, but it sounds like he didnt even try on the album. He sounded bored and uninterested. Not to mention his best quality are his screams, which were rare in this album. Craig has potential in etf, if he put some effort in, this cd wouldnt of sounded so blah and generic. Now ive listened to every etf song old and new, bought every cd/ep the day it came out so dont tell me i never listened to it so im an idiot when ive listened to these cds on a daily basis since they came out. Overall, very disapointed with this war is ours, it could have been a lot better, and tracks on the cd feel like they dont belong, boring and mainstream and very forgettable with no lasting appeal. They could do a lot better with their instruments and singing. Not to mention the lack luster lyrics that make me cringe if i hear them. The lyrics have little thought to them and are too straightforward, leaving little to the imagination. The old days of etf were definitely the best and i don't see etf going very far unless they put some effort in. Theyve lost most of there fan base and gained a more mainstream audience or scene girls trying to act brutal. I wish etf the best of luck and hope there next album shows their true talent, but they have to work for it. Ronnie never killed anyone btw, do your research first 10 Miles wide drove me insane, I hate jodd todds vocals, buckcherry and etf should have nothing to do with eachother I feel that ronnies voice and singing are better because it was different and refreshing and hard to catagorize. Craigs has potential to be good, but it didnt show on this album, his voice is whiney, high pitched and less full than ronnies, in this album, he sounds better live, ive been to 3 shows, one with ronnie, 2 with craig. Ronnie is better on the album than live, but has that great energy where it doesnt matter, your there for fun Im dragging on sorry, i had a lot to say
    btw, if you listen to the album enough, it grows on you, but eventually youll despise it, and im not trying to dis on either craig or ronnie, i just feel ronnie put his heart and soul into etf and craig kinda just went with the flow and just threw an album together to get money, instead of making it good like the flood or guillotine part 2 (both okay still)
    and as far as screams go they are both good, but ronnie used the right amount and never over did it while craig should of used his quality of screaming more often but did not, which was a dissapointment
    i dont care i like alot of this album but it got repetitive with all the love songs theres nothing wrong wit love songs but if all but like two or three are love songs then i tink theres a problem unless thats what u usually do which they didnt really do
    one x
    i prefer ronnie but how they are now they are not a bad band they are pretty average but the old etf was the shit like....the webs we weave and there's no sympathy for the dead and Dragging Dead Bodies In Blue Bags Up Really Long Hills.....c'mon you cant beat that.
    "You Are So Beautiful"'s lyrics are genius: "You are so beautiful You are the kind of girl That has the chemicals That makes me fall in love" That's Genius!
    I REALLY hope that's sarcasm...
    me too...those lyrics are pretty conventional, unoriginal, uninteresting, leave nothing to the imagination, etc...if those are genius lyrics, you might need to reconsider your choice of music. There are so many bands that write great lyrics, that make new escape the fate look like a 12 year old wrote them. "and i hope this makes you happy now that the flame we had is burning out and i hope you like your pictures facing down as even broken hearts may have their doubts" much better lyrics, and not even their best (mayday parade)
    archangelseren wrote: this album is so horrible!!!! no its just peaking on average they have turned even more generic than before and now just whinge and whine like any loser could. my standouts though are 1. On to the next one (love it!) 2. This world is ours (guillotine II) 3. The flood, the rest well youll see
    **** yeah, album definitely a let down i agree with the last two songs you picked out, on to the next one should *in my opinion* be replaced by we won't back down or its just me
    Astronomer9893 wrote: "You Are So Beautiful"'s lyrics are genius: "You are so beautiful You are the kind of girl That has the chemicals That makes me fall in love" That's Genius! I REALLY hope that's sarcasm...
    me too. such a fanboy review.
    the album is great it just disappoints me that Craig Replaced Ronnie. considering Michael Jagmin form a skylit drive could have taken Ronnies Place i mean some one wasn't thinking that day Michael isnt as good as Ronnie but better than Craig. Im still happy with Monte Money's sweep picking in this war is ours =)