This War Is Ours Review

artist: Escape the Fate date: 06/07/2011 category: compact discs
Escape the Fate: This War Is Ours
Released: Oct 21, 2008
Genre: Alternative Rock, Post-Hardcore
Label: Epitaph
Number Of Tracks: 12
It is the first Escape the Fate album released without lead singer Ronnie Radke and rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa.
 Sound: 7.3
 Lyrics: 6.1
 Overall Impression: 6.5
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overall: 7.7
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: hidemyintention, on november 13, 2008
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Sound: Ok, let's cut to the chase. Escape the Fate have had to go through a radical change. Losing a singer in Ronnie Radke with a unique voice and losing once guitarist was always going to mean the band wouldn't be able to make Dying Is Your Latest Fashion 2.0, which is the main criticism of this album from many people, especially fans of Radke and the more throaty screaming. Give Craig Mabbit some credit for coming in and doing a stellar job with his tuneful vocals and fearsome roar. What shines though are the guitars and the drums, providing interesting music for Mabbit to sing over. However some songs, although not particularly bad, do sound very samey, radio friendly and you wouldn't want to listen to them over and over again. Thankfully, this is more than made up for by the rest of the songs, that provide most of the interest on the album. 01.We Won't Back Down: the opener is a real crasher, starting suddenly and with a great deal of energy from start to finish, reminiscent of Atreyu's Doomsday on "Lead Sails, Paper Anchors." 8/10 02.On To The Next One: this isn't particularly a standout track, but it does have some neat guitar riffs and a very bouncy rhythm. 6/10 03.Ashley despite being one of the slower, radio friendly songs, this is a very good song. Singalong all the way through with interesting instrumentation. 8/10 04.Something: something heralds the start of the mediocre songs. There's nothing particularly wrong with it, but I wouldn't particularly listen to it obsessively. Still has good instrumentation. 6/10 05.The Flood: one of two tracks that sounds most like something from Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Fast pace, heavy guitars, singalong chorus and a heavy breakdown with roaring vocals. 9/10 06.Let It Go: this is the worst track on he album. Again, nothing particularly awful about it, but it just fails to shine in any way. 3/10 07.You Are So Beautiful: this is a strange one, the verse and chorus, although quite catchy, are like the more generic songs on the album, but it has a heavy breakdown and good vocal work by Craig Mabbit that make it more memorable. 6/10 08.This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II): the standout track on the album. Visceral guitars, roaring verses and singing so powerful on the chorus it may knock you backwards. Escape The Fate show their diversity by introducing spanish guitars halfway through the song, before tearing through a very impressive solo. This song also follows the same pattern and riffs reminiscent to the very popular song (from the EP and first album) The Guillotine. 10/10 09.10 Miles Wide: a charging Rock n' Roll song that sounds like Atreyu's new style. Older metal redefined with a new age touch, with some good vocals from Mabbit and an interesting riff throughout. 10.Harder Than You Know: another mediocre song. Nothing to say about it that I haven't with the other songs. 3/10 11.It's Just Me: a surprising shift in style for the album closer. The verses sound generally unnerving, much like Finch's "Dreams of Psilocybin" on "Say Hello To Sunshine." The chorus has a great singalong chorus, and the song album sounds like it was made at the circus. Genuinely a very good song. 10/10 // 9

Lyrics: Now the main issue with the album is the lyrics, especially in the songs that are less memorable. The lyrics are all about love, or breaking up with someone. Now this is fine, but it's repeated so much that it gets tiresome. Lyrics on This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II), It's Just Me, The Flood and We Won't Back Down are more inventive and better written. Craig Mabbit's vocals are simply amazing. He possesses and incredibly powerful singing voice, as well as the throaty roar I wish he uses more often in this album. Marks lost for the repetitive themes of some of the lyrics. // 6

Overall Impression: This War Is Ours was a make it or break it album for Escape the Fate, and I feel they have just about made it. For the next album they should concentrate on writing faster paced songs, which implement the styles of Dying Is Your Latest Fashion and their new style in This War Is Ours, and then they will truly be a fearsome combination of melody and heaviness. This album will no doubt upset purist fans of Ronnie Radke and the older style, but Escape The Fate can be proud that they have managed to keep making the music and what's more, mainly making very good music. I feel the mediocre songs are far outshone by the quality ones. // 8

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overall: 4
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 21, 2008
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Sound: Escape the Fate has long been regarded as "Up and Coming", "The next best thing", and all the likes that a magazine or website that can give them credit for their strong guitar and harsh, screaming vocals. Their new album, This War is Ours, hardly steps up to the plate to compare. With new lead vocals from Craig Mabbit (formerly Blessed the Fall), as Ronnie Radke endures his prison sentence, the sounds generated sound much align with older Escape the Fate... for two songs. Yes, sadly "This War is Ours (The Guillotine Pt 2)", and "The Flood", which ironically are the only two songs that the band posted on their myspace page, are the only two songs that compare to the older days of ETF. Otherwise, I would much rather listen to a cat being skinned than endure four minutes with Craig Mabbit moaning about a long lost love; hardly what the band initially stood for. // 6

Lyrics: Apparently, Justin Timberlake is now writing their lyrics. One would have thought, "Hey, doesn't this sound a little, well, homosexual?" but this is not the case with the remaining Escape the Fate band members, as apparently they were all in cohorts with songs like "Ashley", which boasts the memorable lines "Like the brightest star you shine through. Ashley, baby, you make me feel so alive. I've got purpose once again. Yeah, yeah." I kid you not, there are eight, yes eight, more miserable songs on this CD, just like this sad excuse. Compared to the previous records of ETF, one cannot even fathom what kind of cracked up joke this is. // 2

Overall Impression: As previously said, this band has gone to hell, and I'm not sure if they can retrace their steps. I can honestly say, when the fans get their hands on this CD, they will be knocking from the doorstep, upset with what has become of their favorite heroes. As for me, I'll switch back and forth from "The Flood", to "This War is Ours", a couple more times, before I toss the CD out the window, hoping it will be hit by a semi. Then I'll probably turn it over to more memorable, older songs by my favorite band, and reminisce of what their music really should be. Guys, you should be ashamed. // 4

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overall: 7.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: SHUTuPnRoCK, on november 14, 2008
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Sound: When I first heard Escape The Fate, it was on my birthday, October 22nd 08. I heard The Flood on Youtube with the music video and loved the band. Delving deeper into their history and albums, I found out that they had had a previous album and EP, both of which I loved. I also discovered the fact that they had had a different singer in the past, a certain Ronnie Radke. So I watched a ton of live performances by them, and I saw tour videos and interviews and I got to know the band. And that was when I started seeing the huge difference between this album and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion/There's No Sympathy For The Dead. Ronnie Radke, in my opinion, brought the band to where they were a few years ago. His energy, hyperactivity, and extremely unique singing made Escape The Fate a band with a hugely one of a kind sound. Dying Is Your Latest Fashion is my favorite album of all time because ETF combined all my musical tastes into one band. They had the more punk/pop oriented "Situations" hit (still their most well-known song) and then they had songs like "There's No Sympathy For The Dead" and "The Guillotine" which were more melodic screamo metal. that's what I loved about them, the melodic chorus' and screams and insane guitar riffs in the background. This War Is Ours is a vaguely similiar, but at the same time completely different album. While Craig Mabbit brings a cool new voice to the band, the songs are also very different. it's as if the Escape The Fate is waving goodbye to itself and looking straight in the eye of a NEW BAND. They've changed. This is not Dying Is Your Latest Fashion but a fledgling band out with their debut album. That's how I look at it. Escape The Fate was destroyed with Ronnie going to jail and is now risen in the form of something entirely different... except without Mr. Radke or the other guitarist, Omar Espinosa. // 8

Lyrics: I must agree with the majority of comments I have read on the fact that most of these songs are about the opposite sex. That is kind've new considering the fact that DIYLF didn't really have song meanings. The songs were about feelings: hatred, rage, anxiety, etc., all sung with passion about something that was never really totally clear (with the exceptions of songs like Situations, Not Good Enough For Truth in Cliche and The Day I Left the Womb). At first, the only thing we all realized was that it was awesome music but you had to look deeper into the songs to find the meaning. Ronnie Radke DID sing about the opposite sex, alot, but he wrote/sung his lyrics in a different way. Craig's songs draw a straight red line towards girls with songs like Ashley. There are some exceptions, however. Songs like We Won't Back Down, The Flood, and This War Is Ours come back to the old Escape The Fate lyrical method. These are great songs, in my opinion, the best on the album. Mixing a slight glance at love with some punkish ideology and other real-life themes, these tracks hold true to Dying Is Your Latest Fashion's genre. // 7

Overall Impression: Yes, this album is good. But it is not Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Escape The Fate Post R.R. is a good band and I like them a lot. I liked Escape The Fate with Ronnie Radke a lot better though. Bands can change, and people need to get over it. If you look on Youtube at The Flood and scroll down to the comments, you'll see what I mean. All the comments are ETF fans arguing over TWIO. There's the die-hard old ETF fans, and then there's the one's like me, people who had never heard of Escape The Fate before This War Is Ours, people who love both the old ETF and the new. // 7

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overall: 10
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on february 12, 2009
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Sound: Escape the Fate is definitely my favorite band. I love Screamo and Emocore music such as: Escape the Fate; Underoath; Senses Fail and Bullet for my Valentine. The guitar licks and riffs are insanely fast and amazingly melodic. Bryan Money, the lead guitarist is the best guitarist ever. This is Epitaph Records best album. Craig Mabbit is a great singer, as great as Ronnie Radke. Escape the Fate will always be the best emocore/screamo band ever. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics of this album are awesome. "We Won't Back Down"'s lyrics sound a lot like it was made for "A Skylit Drive", Craig Mabbit's other band. "You Are So Beautiful"'s lyrics are genius: "You are so beautiful You are the kind of girl That has the chemicals That makes me fall in love" That's Genius! Again Craig Mabbit is as great as Ronnie Radke. Great structures of lyrics are important in an album. // 10

Overall Impression: This album does appear to be better than "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion". The most impressive songs from the album are: This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II) [Which by the way is a great sequel to "The Guillotine"]; The Flood; You Are So Beautiful; We Won't Back Down, and Ashley. The best guitar solo is either This War Is Ours or We Won't Back Down. If I ever lost this album or was stolen; I would buy a new one A.S.A.P. I definetely recommend this to and emocore fans, screamo fans, or metal-heads. // 10

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overall: 5.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 21, 2008
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Sound: As much as Escape the Fate's Dying is your Lastest Fashion exploded onto the music scene, I can't help but think that this album is some what overrated at the moment. The hype, the incredible hotness of the band members; teenage girls will love this one. But I do have a strange feeling that some fans will be distracted by this release. In my personal opinion I think this record is far below anything else they've recorded, very much a completely different band to me, as they've lost the rhythm and the vocals they used to have. However I'll start discussing the principle sound they've adopted in this album. I saw these guys live a while back, the show was pretty good, Craig held up and it was half decent. Although, in the album his voice is different to what I heard, it's almost like he's trying to be a Ronnie. Listen to Blessthefall and you'll get what I'm talking about. My first initial impression of the sound was in the form of the first song; We Won't back Down. Some parts were annoying but not too bad, still nothing special. One particular element of notice is the continuing little bits of shred scattered throughout the song and every other song, reminds me of PTH. The shred also accompanied pinch harmonics like there's no tomorrow, the lead guitarist seems to have gone harmonic crazy since the last album, in every song just about you will find that pinchies have been massivly overused, personally I think it's unnecessary. Some of the riffs used at the start of certain songs such as 10 Miles Wide were very metal and actually kind of interesting, but what really down plays everything is Craigs voice in this song, very A7X like, and kind of like grove based... it's hard to explain but just listen and you should get it. One thing that did also hinder me was how much like everything else this sounds and how love struck Craig is (again teenage girls = target audience). This is a very generic album. Very poppy (probs John Feldman's doing). Kind of soft. But it's not shocking it's not bad, it's just not Escape the Fate. I will give it a six though as I do respect the fact that these guys do have some good parts in this album. // 6

Lyrics: Love... that's about all I need to say. Some of the lyrics don't really fit in place like some of This War is Ours' screaming. Another theme is War, but if I could say again; the theme's of love, girls and Craig loving this girl and voicing his mistake's and saying how beautiful a girl is, It is a bit of an over saturated genre already, but this goes right into the whole Emo scene. Although I don't usually label music, this album fits Emo like a glove. I'm sure he needs to get out some emotions, I mean it's ok to sing about love but having some originality would do him a world of good. Anger is also another theme which is an offshoot of the love, following the whole: You broke my heart and I'm pissed off and I want you to know it thing. The lyrics are unoriginal, period, but he managed to get them to fit into the song generally so I'll split it even and give him a 5, not really impressed with the lyrics though. // 5

Overall Impression: Well this album is a massive step backwards from what they were, I'm trying to like it but I don't, still, the songs will please the massive hoards of scene kids waiting in line to hear this album. I'm currently listening to old ETF just making a comparison and I like the old better, the old is much more, well less Craig, and less shred your face off the walls and more beef, there's more there, much more. But I won't entirely discredit the new ETF, in the nature of trying to keep the review as unbiased as possible (which is hard) I'm giving it a five, the songs are listenable, you could like them, but I doubt you'll love them. Go and buy the record when it comes out, and post a review of your own. Mainly cause they'll need some support on this record money wise, and hopefully after they read the reviews the next one they write will bring the standard up a notch. // 5

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overall: 3.7
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 27, 2008
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Sound: Upon hearing about the new album being released in mid oct. I also heard about "The Flood" This being one of the first songs with him writing and singing my standards were very well standard. I loved the way Ronnie Sang with so much passion and so much "umph" you can tell that when he sang he gave it all. I also Enjoyed Craig From BTF I honestly think he has one of the best screaming voices, but he can't sing worth shit. When I heard "The Flood" I liked the opening riff I thought alright sweet bryan is gonna do his thing on guitar. Then the opening lines to the verse came in."I can't Believe... The Drama that I'm in!" I thought I was listening to linkin park. That hole song was horrible it sounded very much like something that would all the sudden have mike shinoda break in with this crazy rap sequence. I think heared the second song "This war is ours(the guillotine pat2)". Which honestly like most of the people out there is now my favorite song on the album. YET, it still doesn't have that sound that goes hey I'm different and great and not really compared to other stuff. Which was very true with the first album. The screaming was good up until he sang, and the guitar was good for the intro but everything sounded like bryan was trying out for Dragon Force, not to mention it's a little fishy he mentions "through fire and flames" in the song. Did not have it's own distinctive sound that stands out every song sounded different and like something else, and for that I give it a 4 // 4

Lyrics: If Craig wrote these I hate him. I hate him with a fiery passion. lyrics like "a gallery of your beauty, No charge at the door"(cellar door),"the day I left the womb"(titled) and many others from DIYLF, are put to shame by ones like "We will conquer them all"(this war is ours), "like the brightest star you shine through"(ashley. I already was aware craig couldn't sing nor write, for people that were BTF vets they could easily agree with how bad "with eyes Wide shut" is with a line like "you make me happiest of all men, I am the happiest of all men". Although, I love the way he screams and he can sing just in a different way. But he doesnt't sow the same passion Ronnie Did, and he Doesn't stick to one type of way to sing on "this war is ours" He honestly brought the whole album down by not screaming and writing bad. // 3

Overall Impression: I didn't have much of an impression I felt like hey I've heard that some where before, and if it wasn't that it was "alright I'm done listening to this bullshit, his lyrics are awful". The only song I would recommend listing to is:This war is ours(guillotine par2)" other then that Go and listen to the whole entire Dying is your latest fashion album, or go listen to Bless the falls His last walk album and listen to the first 5 songs. you will honestly ask your self what happened. I did not buy this album and I recommend no one does it's good to have but not to buy. // 4

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overall: 1.7
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 04, 2008
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Sound: First off, I wanna say I was really looking forward to this album. I was devastated when I heard that the lead singer was out of the band, and even more devastated when I found out who the new singer was. I'll start off by saying that Craig has a lot of great potential, but he completely misses the vibe that escape the fate had in the past. the band has left Ronnie's awesome raspy singing and trades all this for some puss high pitched girly singing and these drawn out notes where it sounds like someones holding a fricken vibrator against his neck. I'm giving this a 3 because his singing ruins the awesome guitar playing and bass and drums. Escape the fate is good, and this isn't escape the fate. It's some crap attempt at a come back. sorry find a better singer. // 3

Lyrics: "Lyrics" are gay. they are not thoughtfully put together like Ronnies. The older lyrics were more of sayings or events you could relate to other things, the new lyrics are straight up singing about something. and they are not good. getting fallout boyish. The Singer is just horrible with this band. // 1

Overall Impression: The best song on this album is "10 miles wide". and that's because it sounds the most different. I gotta give props to money however, because his guitar got even better. While it does sound a lot different that the previous album, he's got a new sound that works well. I would never buy this album, and I would never suggest other than people who like a slightly more hardcore Fall out Boy. // 1

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overall: 2.7
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 17, 2008
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Sound: This War Is Ours is Escape The Fate's second album after losing their front man, Ronnie Radke. New Singer Craig Mabbit drags Escape the Fate into the ground. Monte Money's guitars in this album are decent but nothing special, except in the song "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine pt. 2)" which features a pretty nifty intro solo as well another solo in the middle and Robert Ortiz' drums are nothing to get excited about. The band failed in keeping any of their old sound present. Sure, I understand that a band needs to change their sound to keep up with the times, or that when they lose a band member sound is bound to change, but they changed their sound so dramatically that they completely lost the old Escape the Fate vibe. // 4

Lyrics: The lyrics on "This war is Ours" have to be some of the worse lyrics I've ever heard. Deep, relatable lyrics and passionate singing is replaced by terrible lyrics which seem to be written by a 9 year old. The singing in the album is dreadful and completely lacks in feeling. Lyrics such as "Oh, they always told me I was gorgeous in a way, And that fateful day, I found who I was, So fill this hole with my prescriptions, I just keep feeding my addictions" are replaced with mainstream, unoriginal such as "Baby, don't talk to me, I'm trying to let go, Not loving you is harder than you know, Cause girl you're driving me so crazy". I will say Ronnie's lyrics were not the best, hardly above average, but at least they seem like time and effort were put into them. Lyrics that could be taken a few different ways are now lyrics that have one, "this is how it is" meaning, which makes the songs harder to relate to. It almost seems as though the band just wanted to get a new album out just to please the fans, and no real effort was put into it. // 2

Overall Impression: Escape the Fate has lost all the elements that made them Escape the Fate. They might as well go by a different name. This album is something that should be buried 6 feet under and forgotten about. The only song worth listening to is "This war is Ours (The Guillotine pt. 2)." The band is not going to be the next Motley Crue, they are not taking over the world, and this war is certainly not theirs. // 2

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overall: 6
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: mmkat, on november 17, 2008
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Sound: Well, who didn't have those highly set expectations after listening to their debut album "dying is your latest fashion"? I did, and honestly, this CD has been a let down to me.. but still: I'm gonna try to do an unbaised review of this disc, which is kinda hard! here we go: After ronnie radke got kicked out, etf got themselves a "new" singer: craig mabbitt, formerly blessthefall! a quite good singer, even better screamer in my opinion. etf was very well known for their outragious screaming vocals mixed with great singing and kick-ass riffs, up-beat drums and all in all aggressiv and harsh: one of the best debut-albums I ever listened to, great production! on this record though, they changed a lot.. almost no screaming/growling and a lot of songs sound too similar, the production is still great though. really radiofriendly music, but not metal anymore, more kind of alternative rock on most songs! I expected more from a former screamo band. actually, the first time that I ever think, that a band is more interested in commercial success than in making good music.. too bad! I really miss songs such as "the webs we weave" or "there's no sympathy for the dead". I still listen to the debut album, but I can't listen to this one anymore except for 3 or 4 songs. but I have to admit, there are a few good songs, f.e. their first single off the flood! nice intro and a little more up-tempo than other songs and the breakdown contains some screaming! the title track, obviously the best track imo, is the sequeal to "the guillotine" of their debut! that's what escape the fate should sound like! and finally there's "10 miles wide" another nice song! keep those songs coming, etf! // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics.. well.. try to guess what the songs "you are so beautiful", "ashley", "something", "let it go" and "harder than you know" have in common: exactly, the lyrical subject! 5 out of 11 songs are about relationships, love, breaking up, losing each other etc. pp. I miss lyrics like the ones on "this war is ours (the guillotine 2)" and on "10 miles wide", not to mention the lyrics on DIYLF.. the lyrics can't just always be about the same subject, a bit more diversity would have been great! craig mabbitts singing: to me, it's not as good as ronnie's singing, but it's decent! his screamings really get you pumped up though, I gotta admit that! // 6

Overall Impression: If I had to compare this CD to anything, the first thing that comes to my mind is fallout boy. escape the fate almost lost their distinct sound, the sound that made them uncomparable to anything before them. they we're categorized as screamo, although they sounded a lot better than other screamo bands such as atreyu f.e. which sound really repetetive. The most impressive song from this album is "this war is ours (the guillotine 2). it still has the distinct sound escape the fate used to have (that's why I said "almost lost" before). There's nothing I really hate about this cd, you either like the music or you don't. but it's such a let down to me! I expected simply more than some lame radiofriendly pop-rock. if it were stolen or lost, I wouldn't buy it again, but maybe u'll like CD more than I did! // 6

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overall: 8
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: xxxsticksxxx, on december 23, 2008
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Sound: Well considering that ETF lost their original singer Ronnie Radke due to him being sentenced to prison I think that this album is nothing too bad, and if anything shows a much more mature attitude of music, the bands sound has not really improved in catchyness and originality but it has improved a lot in the forms of techniques used by the instrumentalists and a lot more skill has gone into this album and talent you can esaily tell and also craig's vocals do go quite nicely with this newer, more grown up sound, although I do agree that they shud've had a few heavier tracks. // 8

Lyrics: When it comes down to lyrics I think craig mabbitt is a bit of a "love" or "breakup" themed writer, which is fine but he needs to experiment a bit more because to be honest ronnie's lyrics were poetry, in tersm of how catchy they are craig's lyrics are good but that makes the band seem sort of generic, needs to think outside the box more I suppose, but in terms of actual singing the album is fine especially on tracks like "this war is ours" and "ashley" and "10 Miles wide" it shows the variety of craigs vocals. but yet again shud've had some more heavier songs with a bit more aggresive vocals not necessarily screaming just more heavier like. // 7

Overall Impression: Well this album I do feel is better than "dying is your latest fashion" because to be completely honest I preferred their EP to their debut album but hey that's my opinion but overall I think this album is an improvement of their sound and their skills as musicians. I personally love the guitar parts o the whole album brian "money" monte has done a fantastic job and the new addition of craig mabbitt has sparked arguments amongst fans but I feel he is doing a good enuf job and if anyone thinks this new album is "shit" or anything then they are clearly not true ETF fans because this album is pretty good. // 9

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overall: 8.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: AlexBristolUK, on july 22, 2009
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Sound: When I saw that a friend of mine was due to be supporting ETF on a tour in the UK, I decided to check them out. I began with this album, and after listening to a few songs decided to look up the band on wikipedia. There I found information about the band's lineup changes (due, as I'm sure many will know, to the former singer's incarceration for aiding in a murder... No amount of singing will get you out of prison buddy.) The only reason I checked out the first album was because I was looking for more of what I found on This War Is Ours. This is one of my favourite records of all time. Naturally people will bitch about the change in style, because it isn't the same band. But you know, he did commit a pretty major crime, so... Back to the point, the sound here is utterly incredible. The album's production is stellar, crystal clear and brilliant. And this means you get to fully appreciate the talent on display. One of my favourite things about this record is that the band does not miss a note. Everywhere you think there should be a note, everywhere you hope the music goes, everything you hope comes next... they've written it. It is perfect. The drumming shows creativity, with some awesome fills and riffs, with the double bass bringing a metal influence to the record. The guitar work is intricate, technical and highly melodic. Monte has become one of my favourite guitarists ever after delivering some highly impressive solos and some of the best riff driven guitar work I've ever heard. Put bluntly, if you're going to fault this record on anything, do not do it on their sound. It is simply flawless. // 10

Lyrics: Here is where a lot of people are going to come to disagreement. Due to the change in lineup involving a new vocalist joining the band, the whole impression they deliver is now different. In my opinion, for the better. Someone here suggests the reverend JT has been writing their lyrics and brands them as homosexual (the lyrics are clearly about women, so well done for being homophobic, closed minded and unintelligent), but they are at least a mile away from ronnie crying on his diary in a dark corner of a bedroom in his parents house. There are a few tracks which don't shine and some may find annoying, but for the most part they are energetic, perfectly matched with the music, and deliver a brilliant impression. I welcome the change, and I think the band is all the better for it. Although it doesn't feature particularly prominently, the screaming on the album is also superb. Some bands just can't pull it off, whilst others define it. ETF is in the defining group, with bands like Alexisonfire and Atreyu. The new vocalist is a far more tuneful, powerful singer, with a voice that suits the sound produced on this record more than the grainy, straining style you hear on the first album. Give the guy a break. If you don't like it, carry on playing the first album til it breaks and then buy another copy. I will give this section a 7/10, for the fact that although I enjoy the lyrics, none of them are particularly amazing. For me, this record is a lot more about the drum and guitar parts. // 7

Overall Impression: As I've said already, this is one of my favourite albums. I'd certainly buy it again. I love the way it sounds, the feeling it gives. I love how impressed I still am after several months. I remember when I first heard the title track I wanted to wake the hosue up at 3am to show everyone that I'd found a song which truly does have everything. This War Is Ours and Ten Miles Wide are my favourite tracks from the album. They stand out more obviously than others, although even the many-times-slammed 'If I Let You Go' delivers an upbeat feel and a pretty awesome duelling solo. I appreciate many people may not like this album simply because they can't get past the change. I guess this album isn't for those people, and perhaps it would be best viewed that thsi is a new band entirely, though they remain in the same broad genre. But that doesn't make it a bad album, and it doesn't deserve the measly 6 it's been awarded on UG. I implore you to check out this album, or at least 'This War Is Ours (the Guillotine Part II)' and 'Ten Miles Wide', and I defy anyone to tell me they aren't excellently crafted songs. I like every track on this album, but I appreciate I must at least attempt to remain objective, so I will score with an 8. Though some of the songs simply aren't as good as others, and fall down even in comparison to songs on the first album (which I will mention I do also love. I appreciate that it's different, but that it too is awesome. Simple as that.), the skill of everyone involved in this band and the construction of the songs must be taken into account. It is a brilliant album. // 8

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overall: 9.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: LeoHH, on october 21, 2008
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Sound: Coming out stronger after the departure of a singer is a hard thing for a band to do. Escape the fate aren't just any band though. Craig Mabbitt, their new singer, has had huge shoes to fill. Ronnie Radke brought a crazy amount of energy to the band that had thousands of fans interested in what he was singing. This War Is Ours, their second full length, is full of extremely catchy choruses, littered with fantastic guitar-lines and bass-riffs, and has some of the most insane drumming you've ever heard. Opening with We Won't Back Down, Escape The Fate don't mess around and burst into an up-tempo catchy song with a sweet solo. Craig's voice shines from start to finish, and it has the same feel as the opener on Dying Is Your Latest Fashion - 'The Webs We Weave'. 'On To The Next One' definately isn't the strongest track on the record but has some nice guitar riffs and leads nicely into Ashley, a more mainstream sounding song, along with 'Something', the most radio-friendly song on the album, that is destined for TV and radio play if released as a single, which it no doubt will be. 'The Flood' and 'This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part 2)' sound the most like the Escape the fate on DIYLF, and are both fast-paced and memorable. '10 Miles Wide' is a fantastic, aggressive track that from start to finish won't dissapoint for those looking for something heavier, and is pure rock n roll. 'Harder Than You Know', a cliche rock song about getting over someone, is a great slow song to begin closing the record off with, which leads into the eerie, almost circus-sounding 'It's Just Me' which sounds like nothing ETF have ever done before. I can imagine these two tracks having mixed reactions. // 10

Lyrics: Craig has done a fantastic job on the lyrics for this album, that although lack some diversity, are full of imagery and really bring you into the songs. The lyrics themselves have a very similar feel to previous songs that the band have done, which is good as listeners want to feel like they're stil listening to Escape The Fate. // 9

Overall Impression: This is such a good record that rivals their previous effort easily. Fans will no doubt forget about all the drama with their previous singer and focus on where Escape The Fate has got to, not where they came from or what brought them here, and will be able to enjoy a fast-paced album that shows off the bands sound, a mix or metal/alt rock/screamo that can only be described as Escape The Fate. As bassist Max Green has said: 'This is the next generation of rock'. // 9

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overall: 7.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: Neverhead666, on october 21, 2008
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Sound: This group from Las Vegas-based still carry on a lot of what made them such an enjoyable listen on their previous effort, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Even with the loss of their former front man Ronnie Radke, the band is able to deliver the sound they're known for. Ronnie was replaced with former Bless The Fall vocalist Craig Mabbit, and he doesn't do a bad job. The album is basically the same goth/emo tinted metalcore you found on Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. Songs about love and breakups, and a title track that has a slight theme of war. So lets look over the track listing shall we? 01.We Wont Back Down: a nice opener. A bit of a punkish sound to it, and has a few good riffs in the song. Craig does some good vocal work here. Overall a pretty good song. 8/10 02.On To The Next One: another pretty decent song. Not one of the best on the album though. Could pass as a filler song, but it's still pretty good. Decent fretwork on the solo. 6.5/10 03.Ashley: quite obviously a love song, and a pretty good one. Some seriously heartfelt lyrics about a girl, whom I'm assuming goes by the name Ashley. Could become a favorite of mine. 8/10 04.Something: a sort of depressing song. You can definitely get the emo sense of the band from this song. The music isn't the best, but it's good it's moments and the lyrics are some of the best on the album. 6/10 05.The Flood: one of my favorite and in my opinion one of the better songs on the album. Some good heavy riffs, and a good lyrical flow. I miss Ronnie, but Craig belts it out quite nicely on this track. 9/10 06.Let It Go: another emo-ish song. The music on this track is good though. Good lyrics. The song is short and sweet. 7/10 07.You Are So Beautiful: another love song. It keeps up with the kind pattern the album offers. Love song, breakup song, love song, breakup song, etc. It's decent but not a standout track. 5/10 08.This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II): the title track definitely the stand out track of this album. Easily my favorite off the album, and could be a longstanding favorite song of all time. Opens with a great solo and awesome growling. The song uses the lyrics "Through the fire and the flames...," which leads me to believe these guys have either been listening to Dragonforce or playing Guitar Hero III. In any case, this is one the best songs I've heard in a long time. 10/10 09.10 Miles Wide: a song with a funky beat to it. A real nice groove, and some interesting lyrics and an even more interesting approach toward the vocal style. Overall a decent song. 7/10 10.Harder Than You Know: this is another breakup song, and is the only clean track on the album. The way Craig sings the chorus sounds almost identical to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day. Although that's the only resemblance to it. Not one of the better songs, but still good. 6/10 11.It's Just Me: this is a different song, doesn't sound like any of the other songs on this album. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are very nice on this disc, as they were on the bands last effort. Once again, the songs are about love and breakups as a whole. Some of the strongest lyrical content I've ever heard, and they are very beautifully written. Though I miss Ronnie as a vocalist, Craig delivers some beautiful vocals. Overall it's very good. A fair warning for fans who fell in love with Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. If you expect the same vocal styling, you will be a bit disappointed. Good news is you wont be wholly disappointed. After all, change isn't always a bad thing. // 7

Overall Impression: All in all, it is a very good album. I was iffy about it because of the change in the line-up, but I was both impressed and satisfied with the final product these guys have produced. Definitely worth the money you would spend on it. Old fans will either be disappointed or pleased, as is with all new releases from a group. New listeners to the band will surely have a new favorite band upon a few listens to the disk. This band is just full of great riffs, awesome solos, and strong lyrics. A lot of potential is to be found with these guys. Pick up the album and go see the live show. // 7

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overall: 9.3
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: Crazylegs11, on july 29, 2009
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Sound: Releasing there second album under new singer Craig Mabbitt, Escape the Fates new album seems to me to be a bit soft, with such songs such as "Ashley", "Something", and "You Are So Beautiful", But the band does an exellent job of balancing these songs sentimental meaning with some killer guitar, drum, and base riffs. The only way you could describe the sound of Escape the Fate would be loud. Driving riffs, and screeching vocals make this a great album for lovers of loud powerful music. The band also brings back there old screamo sound in the title track for the album, "This War Is Ours". All around I would say that the sound of the band is still in full force, yet morphed into something almost new. // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics, what can I say about the lyrics besides they are amazing. They seem so powerful, and intricate compared to most of the music today. For example, here is the chorus for the song "This War Is Ours", "Yes I will see you through the smoke and flames on the frontlines of war, (we have to find a better way), and I will stand my ground until the end 'Til we conquer them all (we have to find a better way). The lyrics in parenthese are what's being screamed, and Craig is singing all of the rest. I also want to say that Craig has been a great replacement for the bands original singer, Ronnie Radke, but I like the vocals of Ronnie a little better than Craig, even though Craig is an amazing singer. // 10

Overall Impression: Escape the Fate has there own unique sound and style, comparing this album to there debut "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", as I stated before this one is a softer from what I heard, but rocks just as hard. Some of my favorite songs off the album are of the softer variety in "Ashley", and "Something". It is hard to target the best songs on this album as to all the songs being good in there own unique way. One thing that I don't like about this album is the lack of screaming compared to there debut, along with the lack of solos that Monte is playing. If it was lost I would definetly by another copy. // 9

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overall: 9
This War Is Ours Reviewed by: heorhey, on june 07, 2011
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Sound: Escape The Fate are one of those bands that are well known for combining heavy solos, lowered bass and a quality American finish on their Vocals. They combine amazing riffs and stunning solos into a package of explosive genius that will leave any listener yearning for MORE F--KING AWESOMENESS! The production of this album was stinted due to drug and legals problems with lead vocalist Ronnie Radke and rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa. However these factors clearly didn't hold them back from creating this Metal masterpiece. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics and style of vocals have a tender tone to them filling them with emotion. This is especially noticeable in the track "Ashley" that can bring any emotional prick 9 (like me) to a tear. This album has a song for every mood and activity, for example, I've listened to it while: running, relaxing, tuning up/warming up, at parti, I've even fallen asleep after a blazing night listening to this album! The instrumentals and the vocals go together like the queen and tea, The former vocalist of bless the fall was called in after Radke was kicked out for bringing bad publicity and I can't think of anyone better for this album honestly no one else could do what this bloke has managed! // 9

Overall Impression: One of the greates albums to date. Incomparable. Recomeneded tracks: "Ashley", "Something", "You Are So Beautiful" and "10 Miles Wide" feat. Josh Todd. I love it's consistency, the lyrical ideas and combinations. I hate: Harder than you know has apparently got an acoustic version but it's exactly the same as the original version. I'm never letting my copy out of my sight. // 9

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