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artist: Escape the Fate date: 05/12/2014 category: compact discs
Escape the Fate: Ungrateful
Released: May 14, 2013
Genre: Metalcore, Post-Hardcore
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Number Of Tracks: 11
This album is not groundbreaking. This album brings nothing new to the table. This album is a cliched massacre, which is part of the reason why metalcore/post-hardcore is looked down upon by most metalheads.
 Sound: 4.5
 Lyrics: 3
 Overall Impression: 5.5
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overall: 3
Ungrateful Reviewed by: vppark2, on may 24, 2013
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Sound: So people may be wondering why I even bother reviewing an album that I, in fact, do not like at all. Well, folks, this is good practice on reviewing, and to be known to what to listen to and what to not listen to. This is the beauty in reviewing. While I can certainly bash this band by all means, I don't find that very necessary in my reviewing knowledge. And while I have in the past, let's just say they deserved it a bit more than these guys. ETF will certainly not please all crowds, but they still have a steady fanbase. And while the majority of this fanbase has taken the bandwagon on Ronnie Radke, and his boys in Falling In Reverse, they will still support ETF by all means necessary, no matter what. It's almost like a rivalry. I don't know, it seems childish, and lame if you ask me. It's bands like these that are bringing down the music scene today, only to be looked at as drama-infested tools. I won't put much hate towards ETF, and I do respect them not selling themselves out completely, nor talking trash like the dude Ronnie Radke does best. But that's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm here to talk about Escape The Fate's new album, "Ungrateful." Now, where to begin? Vocally, there is just so much negative in this area that it's honestly embarrassing for me to say. Singing has not changed whatsoever. It's still your typical Escape The Fate sound, whiny with no emotion whatsoever. And I've had this problem with Craig in the past. Hear this guy when he was in Blessthefall, it's still the same old sh-t, and he has not improved at all emotionally whatsoever. The screaming is not bad, but it tends to bore me sometimes. It's just a tad bit barbaric, in my opinion. Now, as for the rest of this band, they seem to be much more talented, for the most part. The guitar parts, I find to be overly generic, and very VERY predictable at times. You just know when a solo is about to appear, and I absolutely hate how simple they did this approach. Yet again they fall flat with this Bullet For My Valentine form to music. Also, way to f--king rip off the opening riff in Killswitch Engage's "Numbered Days" to your song "Until We Die." I just don't get it, it's overly boring how unoriginal this stuff is. "Picture Perfect" is almost like a song a group like The Ready Set or Breathe Carolina would write. Like dude, it's that poppy. The choruses are filled with poppy-esque monotone chessiness throughout this album, and the singing can be described as such in general. And I hate how the drumming is just going with the flow to the songs. And excuse me if I sound like I'm bashing this whole band, but f--k, these guys are just as good as that atrocious band, Black Veil Brides. // 4

Lyrics: I really wish I could ignore this section, because it is really just that cringe-worthy. But hell, each section requires a minimum of 500 characters, so I must do as UG says. In the title track, the first stanza goes, "Trying to tear me apart, Breaking me down to the bone So listen closely, 'Cause what you don't see Is there's still blood inside this beating heart Still beating, Still breathing Falling from grace, You laugh in my face But you are the one who will leave with the beating With bleeding hands I fight for a life that's beat me down Stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound Rising again from the fire, A Phoenix alive and inspired You can't erase me, won't even phase me No one hears a f--king word you say." Wow, I think I have a headache from reading those lines, and it's not because I'm thinking too hard, but the near fact that it sounds like an angsty teenage girl writing how she feels. First of all, we obviously were laughing at your face because you write the some of the worst lyrics written to mankind... Maybe not... err... well... Okay, never mind. But yeah, that rhyming was just utterly terrible. Also I don't want to give credit to Asking Alexandria, but standing up and scream? Just no... And you don't sound cool when you swear, you sound bitchy. Here is another very, very well thought out lyrics (sarcasm) from "Until We Die," "Just like an animal Locked inside a cage I'm pushing back and forth Waiting with pace I can't escape We are the warriors Raising from the grave I will fight until nothing remains Nothing remains." While you may think that's not very bad, I just don't think he needs an explanation. It speaks for itself how basic the lyrics are. Now, to continue on to Craig's bitchiness, like it couldn't have gotten any worse, in "Forget About Me," this is when it's the worst. "I'm done with everyone I'm sick of everything I'm living on the blink of the God In a web of lies and deceit I've lost all sense of my reality Everyone is just a critic, a saint So judge me if you wanna but you won't destroy me This time let's get it started Dying on my knees Call me pathetic but I got good company I'm not alone Nothing to believe I'm just a loser Don't you try and save me now Kiss it all goodbye and forget about me." I will call you pathetic for dying on your knees because your lyrics are so damn cliche! Actually, okay I think this line is the worst of the worst on this album. In "You're Insane," "We started Broken hearted Falling apart at the seams Don't blame me For your problems You should fix yourself up Before you're gonna fix me Stand back as your world decays I can't explain why you're falling apart You need to find someone else to blame For the hurt and the pain I'm not the reason that you're insane Feels like I'm living in a madhouse With smoke and mirrors you see The devil in me shivers Every time that you breathe We're going mad Go take your pills and get out I don't understand what the f--k you're screaming about." Hold on, Craig. Are you meaning to tell me, when you got started with this supposed lady, you were already broken hearted? How does that happen. Wow, guess you read minds... Oh, and she's going to fix you? Well, that's nice... Hope she does it right, SINCE YOU CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF! And if you don't understand what she's screaming about, shouldn't you have asked? Now, I'm going to finish up lyrics section with once last song before my mind explodes. In "One For The Money" (I know, title is ironic. You can already tell), the chorus is where I question these group of guys making music that is so-called "post-hardcore" or "metalcore." Well, folks, it's 2013, and just about every single generic metalcore band has resorted to topics about sex, partying, and money. WHAT A F--KING SHAME. This chorus I can't even... "Cause it's one, it's one, one for the money Two, it's two gots too much for the show Three, it's three, three get ready, Are you ready motherf--kers? Are you ready? Let's go! [x2] Let me see you start a war, start a riot When there's nothing left to burn, hear the silence Hate me, you can't escape me and you ain't ever gonna change me I can't stand it, I've f--king had it, I'm about to blow." // 2

Overall Impression: Well, thankfully I made it all the way down to here without wanting to kill myself. *takes a deep breath* So, to sum this album up, let's just say this will appeal to the ETF fanbase, as nothing will cease to impress them with whatever these guys release. I do sense a Black Veil Brides and Bullet For My Valentine (mostly newer stuff) associated with these guys, so probably them too. And for sh-ts, and giggles, I think Hollywood Undead and Asking Alexandria would fit just right with these guys as well. Now... Here is the bottom line... I somehow was able to somewhat enjoy the album on first listen (excluding 2 tracks), and it's funny because after the 2nd listen to this album, I cannot say that there is any worthy material on this now. If anything, the title track rings somewhat of a tune, because it starts out the song with a scream, but that's not saying much. To be perfectly honest, this album is better than their past 2, and I'm not going to say anything about their debut because that one was with Ronnie on vocals, and well I hate comparing the two. This album is not groundbreaking. This album brings nothing new to the table. This album is a cliched massacre, which is part of the reason why metalcore/post-hardcore is looked down upon by most metalheads. This album is flatout boring, and quite honestly, I'd much rather listen to Emmure for one straight hour (I know, sounds ridiculous), than to listen to this album again. Wait... Even more ridiculous, I'd rather listen to All Time Low for 24 hours straight than to listen to this sh-t stain again. I'm glad I didn't buy it (yes, the crow on the album cover is quite cool though). Sorry UG, for the swearing.

// 3

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overall: 5.7
Ungrateful Reviewed by: spikewolf123, on may 12, 2014
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Sound: Like previous Escape The Fate albums with vocalist Craig Mabbitt, they have taken the heavier metalcore take on music from the previous post-hardcore days of Radke era Escape The Fate. Although each album has line up changes it seems this current lineup have been able to produce a solid 4th record. Unlike previous release this album is very vocal driven. Mabbitt hasn't changed his vocal style that much since previous releases, that said his screams sound clearer on this new release compared to "This War Is Ours." The instrumentals on this record aren't as impressive as previous releases with recycled riffs such as the verse in "Until We Die" has a similar riff to "This War Is Our (Guillotine Part 2)." It is able to change from metalcore to an older feel with songs such as "Chemical Love" with a late '90s-esque guitar tone. Overall it doesn't sound a fresh release at the start but develops as the album goes on, with the change in sound with "Picture Perfect" and "Risk It All." // 5

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty consistent, throughout taking similar themes from before. The opening track Ungrateful is a trip back to "This War Is Ours" with an internal and external battle theme running through it like in previous records. 

"With bleeding hands, I fight for a life that beats me down
Stand up and scream while the rest of the world won't make a sound."

Lyrically this album is repetitive to the other releases with similar themes running throughout all the songs such as "Harder Than You Know" has a similar theme to picture perfect. It's not awful lyrically but not brilliant. That said, it does show of the different vocal styles Mabbitt is able to produce although he hasn't developed a lot since joining the band. // 4

Overall Impression: Overall this isn't a bad album it contains the diverse style Escape The Fate fans should be used to. It's matured a lot since the previous self titled release. I was impressed by "Chemical Love" and "You're Insane." Compared to previously releases it's a mix between the previous two released in an attempt to compile both styles into one album. Some tracks it is successful and as an album on the whole it is. I can't compare it to "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" seeing the difference in vocal style and with how much the band has changed since then. Escape The Fate is better suited with Craig Mabbitt his vocals fits the instrumentals perfectly which is what keeps this band sounding fresh. If I lost this I would buy it again I feel it's worth the money. I've been sitting on this album for about a year now and after listening from time to time, it is listenable on most days catering for most moods. Naturally most metal fans won't enjoy this, slam it. It's worth trying to listen to and at least it's better than what Radke's doing now. // 8

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