Last Look At Eden review by Europe

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  • Released: Sep 9, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (10 votes)
Europe: Last Look At Eden

Sound — 8
One autumn morning not too long ago, I was siting in my bedroom, plaing a bit of Halo 3 and listening to the Bruce Dickinson Radio show on BBC Radio 6. As I was playing, I noticed that a particularly good song was on. It was a catchy rock song with an epic orchestra in the background. My interest piqued, I looked at the tracklist for the show and my eyes widened in shock. This song was by Europe. Europe. As in, "It's The Final Countdown". How the hell were they good enough to make a song like this was my initial impression. Admittedly, I was naive. Apparently Europe started off as a hair metal band in the 80's, not too dissimilar to Bon Jovi. This song of theirs I was hearing for the first time was the title track of their new album, Last Look At Eden. 01. Prelude And Last Look At Eden: I'm going to review these two songs as one as Prelude lasts for a mere 52 seconds and is essentially an extended intro Last Look At Eden as the two bleed into each other. This song is what made me like Europe. As I mentioned before, it's catchy and has a great orchestra. I also love how you can listen to the first three songs as one. Give it a listen. Go on. You know you want to. 9/10 02. Gonna Get Ready: I'm liking this rock song. Sounds like the good old stuff, not the generic and rather crap new stuff offered by the bands of today. I also had no idea that Europe's guitarist was capable of such a solo. 8/10 03. Catch That Plane: good song. Not great but good. I can imagine it being played on some kind of holiday programme, just as the couple who are going to waste the viewers time by looking at four very nice houses on some beautiful island before deciding to stay in Middlesborough arrive at the airport. Not that I watch stuff like that. 7/10 04. New Love In Town: the love song of the album. It sounds really nice in parts. Solid. 7/10 05. The Beast: kicks off with a heavily distorted riff. The song is just great. Just simply great. Good solo as well. 10/10 06. Mojio Girl: I'm enjoying this. Good song, pans out well. 8/10 07. No Stone Unturned: I have a distinct U2 feel about this one. That may just be me. Not my favourite but it's good. 7/10 08. Only Young Twice: not exactly sure what the title's about but it's a great song which progresses nicely. Demonstrates the abilities of singer Joey Tempest. 8/10 09. U Devil U: time for another heavy song. Not as good as The Beast this one. 7/10 10. Run With The Angels: starts off with some funky bass. I really like the chorus and pre-chorus. 8/10 11. In My Time: starts off with a heart-wrenching acoustic. It's a generally sad sounding song. Good way to end what has been a good album. 8/10

Lyrics — 8
I like Joey Tempest. He's a good singer. I wouldn't put him in the same league as the monsters of rock that are Steven Tyler and Axl Rose but neither are so very many singers and I can assure you, Joey's a lot better than the stream of pop rock and other faeces like that. Lyrically, quite religious perhaps? There's references to Eden and Angels and one would presume that 'The Beast' is Satan. It's not as if they're forcing Christian propoganda down your throat though. Any references are subtle.

Overall Impression — 8
It's a good album, certainly a lot better than I would have expected of Europe. I urge you to give it a listen. It doesn't do anything new, in fact the band members call it 'a modern retro rock album', but what they do do (lol) they do very well. Give a liste to the title track and The Beast and revisit some classic 70's rock sounds. Go on. I dare ya.

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    Granted, I had an initial like of Europe before this album was released and not just from The Final Countdown (although that is an absolutely amazing song!) This album however is a truly great piece of work. I feel that it follows on from another song that they did called Yestedays News. It's on their greatest hits album but wasn't actually on any of their other other albums. I believe it was meant to be on Prisoners In Paradise, but for whatever reason never made it on there. Anyway; I digress, this is a truly great hard rock album and in some ways resembles a lot of the 80's style of the likes of Bon Jovi and Poison (just with an orchestra.) Don't let The Final Countdown put you off. Imagine it's a new band and you won't be disappointed. I'm so glad I bought this album and so surprised as well, but only in a good way!