Fallen review by Evanescence

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  • Released: Mar 4, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (70 votes)
Evanescence: Fallen

Sound — 8
As with all music, some things get a little tedious and some musical formulas tend to get run into the ground. This CD teeters on the edge of over done and still makes it possible to enjoy it. That cant be said about many groups in this current muddy musical mayhem. That was the single factor that made me spend my money. The music is very well crafted and recorded. The musical pattern relays a tad to much on the E based 'crunch and stop' for my taste, but hey, Its my review and overall I am pleased.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are tastefully dark and are delivered to us full of care and emotion.

Overall Impression — 8
First Impression I am a slave to honesty so let's just be open with each other. The first thing to catch my ear was the female voice. Driving to work one morning, I tuned into my local DJ saying that he was about to play a new song from the Daredevil Soundtrack. I almost changed the channel, being one who runs from propaganda and sell-ability through image, i.e. boy bands and the Spears-esk females on the market. So, I keep my car stereo at a respectable 3 as I journey. Keeping the noise of the street out of my head as I wander aimlessly onward through the routine of morning travel. The song Bring me to life began to play and immediately I begin dissecting it. The piano opener is such a beautiful touch, dark and reminiscent with a noticeable layer of unrest. Then she begins, an angelic presence and masterful delivery of poetic stanza. Oh, Yeah, this one is great, full on grooves progress with a punching metal power of the old school legends, angst ridden power balanced by the soft overlay of blissful harmony and direction. Nice breaks with added depth and return to the devilishly poisonous refrain. I am rocking now. I took out my notebook and jotted the name down and added my notes on the band as I raced to work to download it. Mhmm, don't act like I'm the only one. The Download So I get a copy of the song and begin to listen again. I take myself out of the moment of hearing it the first time and treat it as real estate. That is what its all about. I am about to spend money on this and it must be inspected to the finest hair, because investments make legends in the music business. As I listen to the tainted mp3, I hear more than I did in my car. More and more and moreyes. It is time to see what else this band has to offer. I fire up my P2P and begin a feverish search for something, anything, Evanescence. Ah, I found one. My Immortal Imagine being laid out on a bed of satin and a beautiful woman begins telling you everything she ever felt about you. The love, the longing, yearning, and tells you that she has died for you a million times just to be next to you, supporting you. Yes, feels lovely doesn't it? Track four on the CD, worth the purchase I think? Is this talent? Time to get some feed back and a CD. The Purchase I will continue my deepest honesty and admit to you that most music of this time doesn't make it to the purchase. But I must remain honest to those who work hard to create this medium and keep it floating. I still stand firm on the fact that if the music companies would release good music, we would buy. Release a CD with one good song and you have a downloading issue. Give us the whole thing and make it quality from cover to cover Now, where was I? Yeah, ok, the purchase. So I make it to the local music store and blend in with the elements of the crowds gathered at the listening posts. I sneak over and press the play button on the Evanescence CD, Fallen. Heads turn at the shear volume that I have raked over their skulls. After the apologies and pardons, I began to listen deeply again. Selecting an even random number, 8. Taking over me. Ok now we have a Disturbed style delivery of guitar riffs but something takes the edge off. Yup, that female voice and Linkin Park production. 'Not bad', I think as I listen more and feel into my pockets for some cash. About 2 minutes into my listening I decided to make my way through the crowd gathered near me and leave.CD in hand of course! You made it to purchase. My hard earned bucks lay faithfully in the music business again. Comfortably this time. My Final V? Buy it. It is worth every penny. Then place it into the CD player of your car with gentle gloves and BLOW the ass off of the adjacent cars with track 3. because metal isn't dead, it is evolving into a mixture of class and concrete musicianship. Taking time to execute the finer touches of music making and becoming a much-needed entity due to the media cloud of pop music. Through that cloud comes a deviant specter of illuminating Evanescence.

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