In The Shadows Review

artist: Evanescence date: 10/06/2009 category: compact discs
Evanescence: In The Shadows
Released: 2007
Genre: Alternative Gothic Rock
Number Of Tracks: 11
This album which Evanescence made in 2007 contains most of their songs from previous albums.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
In The Shadows Reviewed by: melissa131, on october 06, 2009
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Sound: This album which Evanescence made in 2007 contains most of their songs from previous albums. The Evanescence sound is there but it seems to be lacking in something that makes Evanescence like it is. The electric guitar is not that strong in the songs and towards the end of the album the songs begin to get very acoustic guitar and quite plain. It is more of the old Evanescence than the new and sounds quite different from the open door and fallen. Amy's voice though is still good and strong and the male back up vocals in some of the songs really give it depth. // 7

Lyrics: the lyrics as of evanescence are uaually good and this is no exception. These lyrics have alot of feeling and emotion put into them. There is a lot of meaning in them. the use of beautiful, but striking words really makes the listener hooked onto what is being said. The lyrics go perfectly and smootly with the songs and they really match amy's somewhat petrified and sad voice. // 9

Overall Impression: In The Shadows is not one of the best albums but it is quite good. I believe that it is slightly above average. The letdowns tend to be the last four songs which are shallow and not really evanescence like. Some impressive songs in this album include away from me-fantastic verses and chorus with fitting back up vocals in the second verse, however, it doesn't have a great bridge and is lacking some substance toward the end. Surrender: it starts slow then gets to a peak in the chorus, no bridge though and has something missing. It Was All A Lie: great verses with exciting repeats and a reallly good lead up to chorus with a good beat, but when it reaches the chorus it is a bit of a let down. The chorus is strained and a little boring. The best song would be Before The Dawn: Amy's voice makes it sound very haunting and the backup vocals are just amazing. I like the musical bit after the first chorus. Good verses, choruc, music, bridge lyrics. The change of key is not too pleasent for the ear and it is a little too short though. I do not love or hate anything about it, but I like more than I dislike. If it were lost I would not buy it again because it seems to be lacking something and is not so great for me to want to get it again. // 8

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