The Open Door review by Evanescence

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  • Released: Oct 3, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.7 (255 votes)
Evanescence: The Open Door

Sound — 7
Slightly similar to Fallen on some parts of the songs, yet in a completley different direction. The sound is relaxed a bit and has a more soft, calmer sound. The album shows more of Amys keyboarding skills especially in her passionate song, "Good Enough" which she wrote all on her own. You can't compare it to any other band not even thier old stuff.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are more heartfelt and understandable. She hides behind less metaphors and uses words to make us sit down and think. The way she sings her lyrics triggers whatever emotion she'd focucused on. She sings everyword like it it was her last, powerful and in full emotion. Not only does she hit low notes, she also shows a more operetic side of her without making it sound like Nightwish or Operitika. Every songs we can relate to.

Overall Impression — 6
You can't compare this to any other band and it doesn't even sound like Fallen or anyother projects theve done. The most impressive songs on the album are Sweet Sacrifice and The Only One. I love all the piano songs on it and the only downfall of this album is that there are more soft songs than chugging giutar ones. If it were ever lost, I would replace it in within a week.

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    fallen was better i give it ten out of ten buut the open door i give nine out ten first 7 songs are great and your star and good enough rule but sadly there are four bad songs but this still rocks cant wait for the next album!
    Biggest load of $#@! ever written. Ben Moody was the brains behind Evanescence, Amy Lee is just the face, no brains, just the face. I gave this album a 1 out of 10 mainly because it's total bull-crap. "Ben Moody $#@!'s over Amy Lee."
    The album doesn't match up to Fallen. The first few songs are cool then they do start to sound the same. But it's not all that bad...
    Magero wrote: Patient_Zero wrote: I've heard some of the poptart crap ben moody has released since leaving Evanescence. Say what you will about Amy Lee, she's a much better vocalist and musician than either Avril Levigne or Anastasia. If you have any doubts about Terry Balsamo's talent, listen to the guitar track in the second half of "Your Star", then consider that the guy wrote and recorded that song and the rest of the album less than a year after having a stroke that nearly killed him. I'll grant you that the album could have been mixed better, or at least differently, but overall I thought it was a pretty decent album. Why does every band have to put out an album that is either completely different or completely identical to everything they've done before? I think what people are trying to establish is that this album is a repeatitive, boring album with very little inspiration or talent. Amy Lee gets on my nerves after awhile. She seems to feel the need to use her entire vocal range in every sentence she sings. And sure, she may be better than Anastasia or Avril Lavigne, but she's no where near as talented as James LaBrie, Tarja Turunen, or David Draiman even. As for the rest of the instruments, its pretty standard pop-rock. And so what, the guy had a stroke. Chuck Schuldiner was still writing and playing music WHILE he had brain cancer. Evanescence are an OK band in today's mainstream society, but they are not the ****ing renaissance like people make them out to be.
    I cannot believe that you just compared Amy Lee to James LaBrie. At least Amy Lee's vocal suit the genre, unlike LaBrie who sounds like a cat being strangled.
    fallen has more good songs than the open door-it has some really odd ones like lacrymosa and your star... but the some good songs in the open door are better than those in fallen i like the open door's cover way better than fallen i reckon the open door is more gothic and fallen more rock/grunge
    green_slyme wrote: I am both a trained musician and an Evanescence fan with a moderate view and I must say that this Open Door album is a huge disappointment for anyone looking for worthwhile music. Those official reviews at the top of this page are misleading because this album's lyrics, songs, riffs, vocals... everything is disappointing. There's no variety and very little musical entertainment to it. It's almost like a bad movie where everything is predictable because it's exactly like what you've seen before in dull work. Pardon me while I wait for a CD from Ben Moody.
    trained musician my arse!