Burned Alive By Time review by Evergreen Terrace

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  • Released: Nov 26, 2002
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 6 Neat
  • Users' score: 8.4 (8 votes)
Evergreen Terrace: Burned Alive By Time

Sound — 6
If a group of emo kids decided to start a nu-metal (yes we all dread that genre don't we) it would sound like Evergreen Terrace. Recorded in 2002 this cd combines punk and metal creating their own type of hardcore (that many many other bands seem to be playing at the same time). Weird time signatures and brutal guitars roar throughout this cd in rhythmes that sound amazingly familiar. They play downstrokes alot with their twin guitars and the drums are heavy, double bass full throttle attack. The bass is chunky and deep growling above the guitars at points showing us that all the members of evergreen terrace have talent. Another cool thing about evergreen terrace is that they tune their guitars to drop-A for some songs so it gives a unique approach to metal (instead of tuneing to D or C they go lower). Overall Evergreen Terrace is what a modern hardcore band should sound like.

Lyrics — 6
"This is everything I know, Take my hand. Here it is (goodbye) I will go, I'll be with you. I will go, I will stay with you" (from the song "Understanding the fear that lies within", those are the words that you here Andrew Carey scream across brutalling guitars,drums, and bass on the first song by ET. They all eventually sing/yell at one point of the cd but for the most part Mr.Carey is singing/screaming for them. The lyrics as you can see are modern poetry since the poet of today is the rock star(good enough to be turned into songs). They fit the music nicely as does the voices that can sound like stereomud to shadows fall. Growls, singing, screaming it's all there.

Overall Impression — 6
If you took Stereomud's vocalist and put him in Shadows Fall and took out all the solos, got a team of emo kids (what I've met by emo is heavier emo like ASL or FATA) to work on the music with them than you'd have Evergreen Terrace. It's more diverse than nu-metal and hits hardcore like a sword in a heart (for all those who own the cd you get the little joke here).Andrew Carey (vocals), Chris Brown (drums), Jason Southwell(bass),Craig Chaney and Joshua James (guitars)have made a cd worthy of being called hardcore but it's still just average. If you like chugga chugga in your music then buy this record.

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