Ex Lives review by Every Time I Die

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  • Released: Mar 6, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (54 votes)
Every Time I Die: Ex Lives

Sound — 9
If you know anything about the Southern metalcore quintet that is Every Time I Die, you will be expecting multiple grandiose displays of their talents, including (but not limited to) vocalist Keith Buckley's raucous screams, chilling clean vocals and well-written lyrics, along with catchy blues-scale-gone-evil guitar lines that rocket through every song paired with lightning fast drums and equally impressive bassistry. The fantastic news is that Every Time I Die have gone and improved themselves in this album, outdoing themselves yet again from their last effort "New Junk Aesthetic". The album starts out much like the way "The Big Dirty" starts out; with a pulverizing chaotic number entitled "Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space". The song is a headbanger from start to finish, complete with all the things you would expect from the band going balls to the wall. Many fans of the band have voiced their wish for the group to return to the violent days of the first albums that they put out, and the first track serves exactly that purpose. Even better, this is not the only track to take listeners out on a wild ride, "Partying Is Such A Sweet Sorrow" takes listeners on a journey something reminiscent of driving a Chevy at 80 miles an hour through the swamps down south, and "The Holy Book Of Dilemma" is like the soundtrack to a drunken bar brawl, featuring violently jarring power chords that are pinned down by blast beats (yes, blast beats). "The Low Road Has No Exits" features sixteenth note palm-muted verses that could make any metal fan happy in the pants, and "Indian Giver" offers an insanely low tuning paired with lovely vocal melodies provided by Buckley. Songs like "The Typical Miracle" showcase ETID's comprehension of groove, specifically the songs outro. Buckley showcases his vocal abilities as well as lyricism on the former, belting out some of ETID's most violent lyrics while simultaneously keeping his sarcastic edge that the band is known for. If you were wondering if this band had their throttle stuck to the floor the entire time, fear not! "Revival Mode" is a slower and softer little number that allows listeners to catch their breaths while keeping the intensity of the album cranked to 11.

Lyrics — 9
As come to be expected, just about every song has an insanely catchy vocal line paired with some excellently written lyric that ETID is known for. "Underwater Bimbos" starts out with a throat shredding and eerie "I want to be dead with my friends", and "Revival Mode"'s "Thanks Lord, but I don't need any more poor advice" are the two lines that stick out the most on the album. Buckley's biting sarcasm paired with his red-hot harsh vocals make this album just as fun of a vocal listen as a lyrical one.

Overall Impression — 9
This album has taken Every Time I Die to a new level completely; in my mind, this release has taken the band from being the leader in the Southern metalcore genre to being one of the defining rock-and-roll bands of this generation. This release proved that they are easily the most versatile bands in the genre, staying heavy and saucy and being more than enough to satisfy old fans needs while simultaneously being accessible enough to draw in new fans. This album will knock you flat on your ass upon first listen, much like a solid swig of moonshine and a mouthful of dip, no matter who you are, and it's evident that's exactly how the band intended to showcase this album to the world.

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    I like the singles, and the music videos, it seems promising, and the best thing is, its a better return to their early 2000 stuff, a really aggressive and raw sound which was complimented by Converge and Dillinger Escape Plan. Nice stuff.
    i've always wanted to like an ETID album, and I finally do. i've always likes bits and pieces of them, but i could never get into them - i've given them more chances than almost any band. but i love this album. revival mode is an instant favorite for me.
    Great CD! Saw these guys last weekend with The Devil Wears Prada, letlive, and Oh, Sleeper. They killed it. Definitely going back to see them whenever they come around again.
    I like this album a lot. The poppier songs took some time to get used to, but they're working with the bigger picture now. Better than New Junk, and as usual a solid release by ETID. Great great band.
    Album of the year, imo. Better than New Junk and their best release so far, every song is killer!
    Much better than new junk aesthetic, but it's missing that witty, sarcastic charm that Gutter phenominon and Big dirty had, that's what made them catch my eye. Ah well, still a good album nontheless.