All Hallows Eve review by Evile

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  • Released: May 1, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (12 votes)
Evile: All Hallows Eve

Sound — 8
This ladies and gents, is Evile's first ever record. Recorded in 2004 whilst still an unsigned act, All Hallows Eve showcases the band's talent and their promising future in a mere 6 tracks. The record opens up with the favourite 'Killer From The Deep', and it's remarkably similar to the rerecorded version that's presented on 'Enter The Grave'. Full of rapid fire intensity, incredible leads from Ol Drake and Matts vocals tear through you like shark teeth. The following song, 'Dawn of Destruction', is a really good mid paced track with a hint of groove in there and it feels like Matt is actually spitting venom in your face. Not something for the faint of heart. Prophecy just blows up at you, coming in straight away with a brilliant riff that could even make Vio-lence cry. The next two songs, 'The Living Dead' and the title track, are the two least impressive songs on the album, but that doesn't neccessarily mean they're bad songs at all! 'The Living Dead' is a relatively slow song for a band like this, yet it's still incredibly well executed, as is 'All Hallows Eve' with it's catchy lines and headbanging hooks. Last but not least, the band closes the CD with 'Torment', which is a short instrumental song. It's not a heavy thrashy effort as one would expect, it's more of an eerie clean track that reminds me of some of Slayer, Sepultura and Annihilator's material. A fantastic way to end this EP. The tone of this album is alright, although the mastering isn't quite as good as a lot of people would hope from 2004. Tone doesn't matter when compared to the band's musical and writing abilities though, as this album shreds harder, faster and better than pretty much every band from the new wave of thrash. Be afraid!

Lyrics — 7
Evile's lyrics tend to be what puts people off. They're the kind of typical metal lyrics, about vengeance, war, hell, blood etc. But even so, the lyrics are very well written indeed and I think Matt wrote some of the lyrics deliberately, or so I read in an interview somewhere. Killer from the Deep is pretty much about getting eaten by sharks, which I thought was a little different from usual. Since I don't have the lyrics for the rest of this album, I can't really comment on them. But what I have been able to make out is, as aforementioned, your typical metal lyrical fanfare. But done much better than usual.

Overall Impression — 8
Well, I'm stunned. I've been searching for this EP for about a year and a half, I even spoke to the band to try and find a copy and they told me it was out of print. So I was incredibly lucky to find someone who had this, and I'm glad I spent all that time searching because this is one of the best 'debuts' I've ever heard. It's really interesting to see how the band evolved from the material on here to the colossus that is 2007's 'Enter the Grave'. I have to give the boys credit where it's due. The only bad points are that 'The Living Dead' and 'All Hallows Eve', whilst slower and a nice change from the regular thrash formula, tend to get slightly repetitive after about 4 minutes, and the band's Metallica and Slayer influences do show a little too well in some areas. But these are just minor flaws that have since been ironed out, and I can safely say that this is the mutts nuts of thrash demos. Hunt it down if you can, or PM me and I'll send you one or two tracks, because this is a must hear for thrash fans. The band has claimed that they don't think this record is very good, as it was a band 'finding their feet and their sound'. Well that might be the case guys, but I'll be damned to hell if this record isn't very good. It's immense!

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    Matt said that most of the songs are about movies, and stuff like that. Killer From The Deep is obviously Jaws This album is awesome, but you can tell they've got better as they go along, even when just comparing this to the Hell Demo.
    You say because they gave it a good review it MUST be a fanboy? What a stupid comment There's no denying there's a lot of influence from the legendary thrash metal bands on this EP, but does that matter? Why does everything new have to be different and be drastically different from everything else going. Frankly there are few bands now who can make thrash metal sound original, but bands like Evile and Havok in my opinion have managed to make it sound more original while retaining just enough of influence from old thrash metal bands I bought this the other day off eBay, and now I have all their albums, and it's great to hear how they've progressed Plus they're all really nice guys, which is great (really hate when you get a great band but everyone in it comes across as a giant dick xD) I'm really suprised they didn't use the clean section from Torment on Five Serpent's Teeth somewhere, I really think it would have fit in with the mood on that album Goes to show as well that thrash/metal doesn't always have to be fast,loud and aggressive to be good
    Evile are rehashed, boring, unoriginal mock-thrash rubbish, and this review was written by a fanboy.