Enter The Grave review by Evile

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (68 votes)
Evile: Enter The Grave

Sound — 9
Earache record's marketing department must be very happy right now, because they've promoted their young thrash metal bands in a very effective way, and lucky for them the metal media has picked up on it and is selling based on a single tagline: 'thrash is back! '. Along with Municipal Waste, Evile are the second Earache band to really be put in the spotlight for leading some kind of revolution in the metal scene, especially in the UK. They're energetic, they're fresh UK talent and to top it all off their debut album, 'Enter The Grave' was produced by Flemming Rasmussen, the guy that produced Master Of Puppets, arguably the biggest thrash metal album of all time. What more could a promoter want from a new band? If you're into thrash the talk of this band will certainly interest you, and there's a good reason for it. The opener and title track of 'Enter The Grave' sets the mood for the whole album; it's a balls-to-the-wall thrasher with massive nods to the 80's thrash gods throughout. Anyone who's familiar with even a little thrash will recognise immediately where their influence is coming from. There are even a few suspiciously delivered lines which sound rather similar to classic thrash songs (Bathe In Blooooood, from a lacerated sky) but these guys are no plagiarisers. These four guys from Huddersfield clearly have chemistry, and I think a lot of it is due to Ben Carter's drumming. While the drums mostly have a formulaic backbone, he always does something to freshen up the tried and tested offbeat snare beat, with double bass rolls, floor toms and a variety of different cymbals. He's got speed, endurance and a great dose of originality, which is exactly what any thrash band needs to have to get anywhere today. Of course the drums wouldn't be worth anything if they weren't accompanied by a pair of top quality metal guitarists. Your wish is their command. They take up the familiar line-up of rhythm guitarist/vocalist and lead guitarist, in brothers Matt and Ol Drake, and in short, they're awesome. Dirty tone, some impressive downpicked riffs and a variety of soloing styles come into play throughout 'Enter The Grave'. I counted two riffs on the entire album that didn't get me pumped, and a good 10 or so that were absolutely top drawer. Again, there's nothing new in the style but it's great to see that style come close to it's peak sound (no doubt thanks to Rasmussen's stellar production) in some of the riffs these guys play. There's a thrash riff for every occasion, a lightning fast pummelling of aggression, incredibly headbangable mid-paced sections and even a few down tempo South Of Heaven-esque riffs that are oozing with menace. The faster riffs' string-skipping nature brings to your attention the talent of bassist Mike Alexander also. He only has a few steps out from behind the guitars (but in music like this, you don't expect them to) but simply keeping up with the riffs is quite a feat in itself.

Lyrics — 8
Anyone who's ever heard a Slayer record before will know that good lyrics are nothing more than an added bonus to a thrash record, but the lyrics of Evile are indeed very good. Don't expect any political commentary from them though. The songs are about the typical thrash themes, death, war, corruption and a little ancient history. Of course, the war and corruption themes are not to be taken and really thought about separate from Evile's music, as they are just a boost to the energy and attitude of the music. They're very effective in this way as Matt Drake's voice has enough grit to make it a good metal voice, but enough clarity to let the lyrics come through, so the lines that add to the feel are nothing short of f--king metal.

Overall Impression — 9
Evile are a great thrash metal band, that much is undeniable. Perhaps the 'new wave of thrash metal' is fabricated by the media and record labels, but if it means that more bands of Evile's calibre emerge, then I'm certainly all for it. Cynics could point out similarities between the band and other bands all day (Matt has a passing resemblance to the late, great Chuck Schuldiner, the 'Armoured Assault' intro being basically Metallica's 'One' etc) but this reviewer is certainly looking forward to a strong and lengthy career from these guys. When your album is produced by the same guy that produced three Metallica classics, I'm sure there's going to be a high quality control and the standard that Evile have set for themselves is very high, and I can only hope that they continue to churn out songs like 'Enter The Grave' and 'We Who Are About To Die' and inspire a real thrash revival.

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    This is really a killer record. I'm happy these kind of bands actually do appear and still exist. Awesome riffs, just a killer record all in all. Ordered right after I heard the tracks on their page. Because this really is the only good new thrash band they get a 10/10 from me. THRASH!
    Randaman wrote: NosferatuZodd09 wrote: they sound so generic lol but oh well not like generic is always bad i guess Generic!?GENERIC!?!?! How the **** can you call this generic!?
    Because it kinda is lol. There's nothing that you can call new in it really. Just solid old school thrash by a new band.
    My second favourite band, i bought their special edition album and plan to follow them with every album to come LOVE THEM
    NosferatuZodd09 wrote: they sound so generic lol but oh well not like generic is always bad i guess
    Generic!?GENERIC!?!?! How the **** can you call this generic!?
    This album is a good ole taste of 80's thrash with a modern touch. At some points in the album they sound undeniably like a young slayer. THRASH IS BACK!
    i just discovered this band, they are absolutly incredible, i cant believe it, words cant describe how ****ing awesome this band is
    Evile are a really great band and can really pull it off live as well as on CD. They played Cardiff Barfly with Sanctity on Monday and totally destroyed the place. Met Matt and Mike after the gig, really cool guys. I must get this album.
    prepare fools for the NWOUKTM is here, tis a shame deadfall wont be there for it though MAN WAS MADE TO THRASH
    I abosolutly love Evile-my third favortite band. They really have a great attitude, sound and vibe
    yeah at least we got one decent metal band in the uk not like the bands we getting nowdays that have been spawned i.e elliot minor
    Nice, I saw these guys at a local gig type thing called metalbrew where loads of metal bands played, and these guys rocked!
    NosferatuZodd09 wrote: they sound so generic lol but oh well not like generic is always bad i guess
    generic compared to who? radiohead? oasis? I think its ****in great that England has some really cool new heavy talent coming out...Anterior, dare i say bullet for my valentine? now these guys? For ****sakes, the UK spawned heavy bands like Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest and even the earlier incarnation of Carcass, its about time they started pumping out next generation heavy metal bands!!!