Five Serpent's Teeth Review

artist: Evile date: 01/30/2012 category: compact discs
Evile: Five Serpent's Teeth
Released: Sept 26, 2011 (Europe), Oct 18, 2011 (North America)
Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal
Label: Earache
Number Of Tracks: 10
I would put this album in the top 10 thrash metal albums all time. This album is easily worth twice what they're charging.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 9.7
Five Serpent's Teeth Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 30, 2011
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Sound: Ohhh Thrash Metal. A genre of music that began in the 80's with Metallica's "Kill Em' All", went into a deep coma for about 12 years or so (starting a little after the release of "Countdown To Extinction"), and has slowly been recovering ever since. Lately there have been some bands that have brought back true Thrash Metal with a vengeance, with some people coming up with their own arrangements of the new Big 4, while others simply subtract Metallica (because let's be real; this LouTallica thing is awful) and add in another band. Generally, that one band is Evile. Led by Drake brothers Matt and Ol and hailing from West Yorkshire, England, this is their third studio album to date. And it's f--king awesome. "Enter The Grave" was raw and powerful, while "Infected Nations" was tight and controlled. "Five Serpent's Teeth" is like taking the best of both worlds. The production on this album is phenomenal; producer Russ Russell deserves a medal. Lead guitarist Ol Drake is faster than ever, producing blistering fast solos ("In Dreams Of Terror") and incredibly catchy riffs a'la "Peace Sells..." and "Master Of Puppets" (the title track sounds remarkably similar to the latter for a bit). Rhythm guitarist and lead singer Matt Drake improved drastically; gone are the monotonic vocals from "Infected Nations". He really put a lot of effort into his vocals for this one, and it shows on tracks like "In Memoriam" (a tribute to former bassist Mike Alexander, who died very suddenly shortly after the release of "Infected Nations"), "Xaraya" (which has an odd, almost Irish Folk rhythm to the vocals) and "Cult". Drummer Ben Carter has always been reasonably solid, although to me many of the songs on Evile's first two albums sounded remarkably similar due to the same exact drum beats. Carter also improved dramatically; getting much tighter and faster, and his fills sound awesome. Now, I mentioned before that former bassist Mike Alexander passed, so one of my big questions going into this album was how well newcomer Joel Graham would fit in. The answer: flawlessly. His bass playing fits Evile's sound really well; "In Memoriam" and "Cult" are two good examples, but definitely check out "Descent Into Madness" for an awesome bassline about halfway through. Overall Evile got alot better, and they're out to prove that they're not the next Metallica/Slayer/Megadeth/Exodus; but rather that they're the next big thing. And I think they've done it with this album. There isn't a bad song to be found. // 10

Lyrics: Matt Drake doesn't exactly have the most remarkable range, but this is thrash metal not prog rock. His voice fits Evile's style really well. Lyrically speaking this album wasn't really spectacular (I was too busy trying to keep up with Ol Drake for most of it) but on some tracks ("Cult", "In Memoriam", "Centurion") Matt's skills as a songwriter shine. As I said earlier, the track "Xaraya" has a really odd rhythm to it. It's not a bad thing; if anything it shows how unique this band is as far as thrash metal bands go, but it does make following along a bit of a challenge. Again though, this is a thrash metal band we're talking about, not Dream Theater or Tool, so I'm not too concerned with the lack of lyrical depth (although I'm sure you can find it if you look for it between the double bass and the power chords) When you consider that Matt is also playing rhythm over younger brother Ol's absurd lead playing, it takes your perception of him to a whole new level. The track "In Dreams Of Terror" is an absurdly fast-paced song that would make Dave Mustaine sweat trying to sing and play. // 9

Overall Impression: I would put this album in the top 10 thrash metal albums all time. With Metallica saying goodbye to the metal scene, Dave Mustaine on the wrong side of 50, and the overall health of each band member of Slayer slowly deteriorating, Thrash Metal needs a powerful band to rise up and take the throne. Evile is just that band. "Five Serpent's Teeth" is an album that you want to have just to prove that you're a true thrash fan; it's THAT important. There isn't a bad song to be found anywhere on here. There are songs that will make you want to start a mosh pit ("Origin Of Oblivion", "In Dreams Of Terror") while there are others that have the potential to be played proudly at sporting events ("Cult" could replace "Enter Sandman" if it got enough attention) and make you bang your head happily along. The highlight of this album is by far and away the tribute to former bassist Mike Alexander, "In Memoriam". This is my favorite metal ballad of all time. Everything about this song is amazing. Tony Drake, Matt and Ol Drake's FATHER, came in to play a guest guitar solo for the track. Joel Graham nails down Alexander's tone. Ol Drake's guitar is just the right tone for the slow and somber setting. My friend said after listening to this song for the first time, he had to pause the CD just to take it in. This album is easily worth twice what they're charging and I happily gave them my money for this. If this is only their third album I can't wait to see what's coming next. // 10

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overall: 10
Five Serpent's Teeth Reviewed by: parkouraliberte, on september 30, 2011
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Sound: In the past I have bought "Enter The Grave" and "Infected Nations" (two other very good albums) and I was so stoked when I heard news of a third album being released! This third album is an absolute masterpiece in terms of sound, it's a perfect balance of really thrashy tracks, head banger tracks and it even has a ballad! I really can not compare this sound to anything else that I've ever heard, it's just incredible. // 10

Lyrics: Matt Drake's vocals on this album are excellent, he's kept the aggression in his voice from the first two albums and mixed in some melodic vocal patterns. The lyrics are great on each track (favorites so far are "In Dreams Of Terror", "Cult", "Five Serpent's Teeth", "In Memoriam") and fit the guitar riffs flawlessly. // 10

Overall Impression: What can I say? This is the most modern Thrash Metal album that I've bought so far and is by far the best. This doesn't just destroy every other modern-day album that I've heard, but it definitely belongs in my Best Albums Of All Time list! I have played this album over and over again... It just NEVER fails to impress. Ol Drake's guitar solos are just insane! Overall this is possibly the best album I've bought (so far!). // 10

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overall: 6.3
Five Serpent's Teeth Reviewed by: colm c, on october 20, 2011
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Sound: The oddly titled third studio album from the UK's masters of modern Thrash, Evile, "Five Serpent's Teeth" is a strange mix of melody and works... some of the time. They divided fans and critics alike with their 2009 release "Infected Nation" when they focused on more melodic, slower and darker songs which tended to put me asleep than make me feel any sort of real emotion but seem to have come back to their roots with a more speedy approach to dark and melodic. // 7

Lyrics: The Drake brothers prove once again they can write astounding guitar work on this album, showcasing imaginative riffing and thoughtful, well planned solo work. This is the high point of the album really as Matt's attempt at singing doesn't always fall into the good side of the category. The drum work, courtesy of Ben Carter is consistent definitely but he doesn't look at reinventing the wheel and if you've heard an Evile album before, you've heard similar drumming. This is the first album to not include Mike Alexander in the band, as he passed away while they were on tour in 2009, replacing him is Joel Graham and he does an excellent job filling some very large shoes as its never easy to replace a member who has died. // 5

Overall Impression: The album suffers from lulls in the middle as it gets a little bit uninteresting but they do end with some very imaginative moments but these aren't frequent enough to have the album take up any real space in the memory. A solid album that will live briefly in your mind but has no real lasting power, a good concept album that suffers from too many lulls and bad vocal delivery at times. // 7

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overall: 10
Five Serpent's Teeth Reviewed by: Tomayo88, on january 30, 2012
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Sound: From their first demos - "All Hallows Eve" and "Hell Demo" - Evile have shown that they were a band to be reckoned with. The debut, "Enter The Grave", resembles Slayer-type riffs and amazing solos. The sophomore album, Infected Nations, was where Evile developed their own sound, and is slightly melodic. "Five Serpent's Teeth", the focus of this review and the band's third record, sees Evile completely embrace their new sound, and take the music to new levels. Released in 2011, the band retain their Thrash roots, but develop the sound. They worked with Russ Russell of Parlour Studios, Kettering, for a second time as they did with "Infected Nations". Russ did a fantastic job with the production - it sounds crisp, clean and everything is audible. Of course, this is the band's first record without original bassist, Mike Alexander, who passed away on 5th October 2009. Vocals & Guitars - Matt Drake Guitars - Ol Drake Bass - Joel Graham Drums - Ben Carter // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are more grown-up than "Enter The Grave", and there's even a 'ballad' ("In Memoriam") on the album, in memory of Mike Alexander. Some of the lyrics are quite angry, others reflective and dark. My favourite lyrics are from "In Memoriam". The lyrics on "Cult" are good, too. Especially live where Matt encouraged the crowd to shout another... Similar... Word to cult! Matt Drake's vocals have definitely improved; we heard on "Enter The Grave" shouts, yells and growls. "Infected Nations" saw pitched vocals come in, to great effect. Matt seems to have added a new ferocity to his singing, and even uses clean vocals at different points of the album. The singing is great. // 10

Overall Impression: If you haven't gathered, I'm a massive fan of Evile. This is their best album yet. I highly recommend any fan of Thrash, or just straight-up Metal, to buy this album if they can. It's my favourite release of 2011, over Onslaught's "Sounds Of Violence", Venom's "Fallen Angels", Anthrax's "Worship Music", and more than I can mention here. Songs in order: In Memoriam Cult Long Live New Flesh In Dreams Of Terror Descent Into Madness Xaraya Centaurian Origin Of Oblivion Eternal Empire But honestly, there's no bad song on it whatsoever. I'd definitely buy this again if it was stolen, lost or broken!!!! // 10

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