Skull review by Evile

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  • Released: May 27, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (47 votes)
Evile: Skull

Sound — 8
Evile are marking their return to the music world this year with their new studio album, titled "Skull." Now in case you could not infer, Evile are a thrash metal band, who were first introduced to the scene back in 2004. After some rough beginnings (which involved one of their members having a brick thrown on their face during the band's first concert), Evile landed a spot as a supporting act for Exodus, and later signed onto Earache Records to create their debut album, "Enter the Grave." Since their debut, Evile have registered themselves as one of thrash metal's leading new bands on the scene, earning praising acclaim from both critics and fans alike worldwide. And with "Skull," it's not that hard to see why. This new album is a bold collection of metal anthems built upon racing foundations and angst-soaked vocals. Wherever you place the needle on this record, you'll be able to get lost into the rhythm of the pick-grinding guitar riffs and thunderous percussion beats. Whether it's the Metallica-esque "Head of the Demon," the heart racing "Underworld," or the roller coaster-style pace changes of "Words of the Dead," you cannot go wrong with "Skull." I admittedly wasn't familiar with this band before I gave this album a listen, but after listening to this album I have to say, I have become a fan.

Lyrics — 7
Lead vocalist Matt Drake gives a standout performance throughout "Skull." Now, I may take some heat from Metallica fans, but when he dedicates himself to his lower register Matt does have some noticeable similarities to James Hetfield. They are in no way the same vocalist, or even on the same caliber of one another, but Matt does provide such aforementioned tracks as "Head of the Demon" a strengthy Metallica vibe and feel.

Overall Impression — 7
For the most part Evile do a strikingly great job with "Skull," that is filled to the brim with instant head banging classics. For any fan of the band's earlier outings, this should be a no brainer to pick up for yourselves. And any fan of the thrash metal genre in general should at least give some of the above mentioned tracks a listen.

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    What's funny is at first most Metal purists were backing them fiercely, and now they just take the mick out of them. They're still a good band putting out good albums, I don't see what most other people are ranting about.
    This is actually their best sounding album. Much more refined and defined, the vocals are strong without being tryhard, although I think the rhythmical patterns are borderline lulz. Matt Drake was listening to a lot of Kreator it seems.
    hey one day the classic bands will be gone. good that we have Evile to continue 80s style thrash. Good old meat and potatoes band.
    Out of the 4 new albums I've listened too(Alice in chains, Megadeth, COB, and Evile)Evile has by far put out the best album.
    They're by far the best-sounding modern thrash band that exists.
    havok, hexen, vektor, revocation and municipal waste are all FAR superior and far more original. Evile are good but lets be honest here, they're nothing special.
    Yeaaaahhh man, there is not doubt the best disc is Evile, incredible, amazing. You've to listen once to think this. AGUANTE Evile!!! When is Evile coming to Argentina...?
    It seems their influences were no doubt Metallica, but I heard some Testament also. Good new stuff.
    The vocalist is pretty neat IMO, on the track "Underworld" he sort of sounds like a blend between Tom Araya and Hetfield, but with his own twist.
    I really like "Words of the Dead". This band isn't revolutionary by any means, but they are good Thrash. And I'm a sucker for good Thrash.
    i hear the metallica influenece-no doubt.But they sound sorta cooky-cutout from 1989.Cooky Cooky Cooky!!They have the chops,just not original at all on this track.Underworld was abit more flavorful,but still I hear somethin missing.Maybe in the lyrics,maybe songstructure,somethin.
    Theyre the biggest joke in metal. Nu thrash that sounds like SlayThrax's vomit.
    Well Evile are kinda bad ... i mean their early works are good ... good thrash .. but the new records are boring for me ..
    Leather Sleeves
    Gotta agree. It's not bad, but it's pretty bland. Their first EP was great, they had a good vibe and sounded distinct but even by the first album they went to thrash-by-numbers.
    This is a DECENT album. Nothing really stands out to me here. It's just a solid release. Their seems to be a bit missing too me thou. What I mean by this is if you compare the album to records released by Kreator and Death Angel you see how the Evile album just falls short of the type of music they are trying to help revive. They do have so much potential thou. I'll continue to supprot them.
    Head of the Demon is a f***ing steamroller. Catchy and dark, with a bit of groove thrown in... My neck breaks every time I hear it. An easy candidate for a classic track, Evile's music has really raised the bar and carried the flag into war for Thrash Metal.