Minutes And Miles review by Evita

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  • Released: Jul 13, 2009
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7 (3 votes)
Evita: Minutes And Miles

Sound — 10
This band's debut album speaks to their already very impressive musical ability. The sound fits very well into the melodic metalcore sound, but their individual take on the genre is very impressive to say the least. The band has a deep sound, using synth backdrops and technical metal guitar riffs combined with very impressive and varying drum beats to keep the audience involved every second of every song. The vocals are equally impressive - too often with the metalcore genre these days you see bands try and deepen their sound with clean vocals on top of yelled or growled style vocals that doesn't fit. This is not the case with Evita. The combination of the soaring clean and bone-crushing heavy vocals is fantastic, and fits in with their sound perfectly. I would compare their vocals to Unearth possibly, and the guitar and drums work a combination of tech death metal bands like Born of Osiris and early All That Remains. The bass does not standout on most songs (Elusive Victories, Passive Trickeries excluded), but it does its job, providing a tight rhythm section with the drums.

Lyrics — 10
Aaron Beider's lyrics and vocals are deep and varied. The lyrical content ranges in topics from struggling with hope and the usual topics like love and heartbreak. While these topics are discussed a lot, Aaron's take on each subject combined with his lyrical talent make s it work very well. I was blown away by the talent of both the metal and clean vocals, these guys have an enormous amount of talent. If I could compare their styles to anyone, I would compare the clean vocals to Scar Symmetry's Christian Alvestam in terms of clarity and vocal ability, and that's not being said lightly - before this, I considered (and still do consider) Alvestam's ability to be the best in the business. For the heavy vocals, I'd compare them to Unearth, but honestly it's very difficult to peg them down with any other vocalist. I listen to A LOT of metal, and they're pretty unique, as well as fantastic.

Overall Impression — 10
As said before, I would compare Evita's sounds several bands across many separate genres of the metal world. Johno's drums are flawless - the best way I could describe them would be to say that they have the unpredictability of a prog metal band's drums like Dream Theater but with an absolutely destructive ability on the double bass. The guitars are very well done - solos don't exist on the album, however, the riffs on several songs are so tight that the ability of the guitarists cannot be doubted. It suits their style, so why change? I hate nothing about this album. IMO, it's probably one of the best contributions to the metalcore genre since its conception. If it were stolen or lost, I would feel good that this band got more exposure, because they damn well deserve it. Then I'd go out and buy it again.

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    It's more or less the same as any another band,however the breakdowns kinda fade in rather than springing in like on BMTH T....that's always a plus,and the clean vocals are less emo than the usual,another plus.
    krvolok wrote: Basic formula of life today: Metalcore+Fanboydom=10/10/10
    Agree 100%
    link no1
    I like metalcore...but judging from past UG metalcore reviews IE.
    krvolok wrote: Basic formula of life today: Metalcore+Fanboydom=10/10/10
    I will listen if I remember/ can be botherd inbetween guitar/warcraft.
    i know its easy to knock the review, but I wouldn't have wasted my time reviewing this if the album was shite.
    But you do realize that you might be hurting the band/album by giving it a ultra high rate?
    how about someone actually listen to them before making judgments on my review? that doesn't seem like an unreasonable request seeing as you can just youtube it...
    so what'd you think? i'm guessing by your music choices that you don't think much of the metalcore genre in general, but that aside.