Slaughter in the Vatican review by Exhorder

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  • Released: Oct 23, 1990
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.7 (21 votes)
Exhorder: Slaughter in the Vatican

Sound — 9
First off, I can't believe that there is no review for this great album on UG. I love this album, it has some great songs that you can head bang to. I think Exhorder sounds very similar to Slayer and Pantera. If you like fast heavy riffs, insane drumming, and Slayer-esqe vocals, then you're in for a treat my friend. The album starts off with Death In Vain. It has a lengthy intro but then there is an amazing guitar riff that comes in and you just want to headbang to it. The songs speeds up with some of that fast drumming and insane guitar I was talking about. The tracks only get better from then on. Slaughter In The Vatican being my favorite song on the album. It has a church chant intro, then all of a sudden it starts up with a heavy guitar sound and drumming out of this world! Overall, the songs and riffs on this album are amazing! I just can't believe that there where no reviews for this album!

Lyrics — 9
Death In Vain - This track is about being buried alive apparently. The lyrics are quite gruesome and descriptive. Talks about " cappilaries burst and drown my cries", " Claustrophobic waves send me wild." 9/10 Homicide - probably the second most gruesome track on this album. It talks about killing the pope, raping women, killing infants! It's pretty messed up actually. The guitar and drums are, again, very fast and amazing. This is the definition of THRASH! 9/10 Desecrator - This track seems to follow after Homicide. Talking about desecrating the church after the pope is dead, having no religion and being basically insane. This song has a slower tempo than the last two songs, but its still heavy as all hell. 9/10 Exhorder - I'm not 100 percent sure, but I think this song is about controlling people or someone to kill for you. This isn't as graphic and violent as the other songs on this album but still a good song. 8/10 The Tragic Period - this is, in my opinion, the most "philosophical" song on the album. It's about a man who had to parents and was brought up by bad men and people and slowly he began to have twisted and disturbing thoughts. The lyrics are really not violent are gruesome as in most of the songs on this album, but they are very dark and give you a foreboding feeling. Great lyrics, the best on the album! 10/10 Legions Of Death - pretty self - explanatory. This track is about demons coming form hell and killing people while priests pray to God and are murdered. If you haven't noticed by now, this album seems to be about religion and how it's so bullshit and whatnot. All of the songs on here are about the ironies and contradictions in religion.8/10 Anal Lust - the Most graphic and violent track on the album. This is a song basically about rape. About a gruesome violent bloody rape to be exact. Some of the lyrics include and I quote, "Shove my fist inside your cunt Shove my dick right up your butt Screams of pain fulfil my lust Beat your face in get my kicks Fuck your brains out Squeeze your tits Blood on your thighs Virginity dies" Now, if that's not messed up, I don't know what is! 9/10 Slaughter In The Vatican - This is my favorite song on the album. About basically killing the pope. Again, this is about defying religion and all the contradictions that are involved in religion. 10/10 Overall: these are Thrash lyrics at their best! If you like thrash! Get This album!

Overall Impression — 9
This is a great album. Good riffs, and great lyrics. I love the heavy and fast guitar riffs, since I play guitar. This band is definitely an inspiration to me! I would recommend this to anybody who enjoys great thrash music and lyrics that will get your parents blood boiling!

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    "Shove my fist inside your **** Shove my dick right up your butt" Probably the reason why they didn't make it
    lol god forbid a band has juvenile lyrics. Do you really think the point of Exhorder's music, or thrash at large, is to inspire deep thought? Who cares, they bring the riffs, and a lot better than most thrash bands, I might add.
    Seriously, this review makes the fans of this band (and more generally the anti-religious crowd) look like morbid idiots. All I got was, "RAPE! MURDERING INFANTS! THAT'S HOW I SHOW THAT RELIGION IS BULLSHIT! Oh and there's some fast guitar and drums and stuff too." Lay off the exclamation points and try to give a slightly more objective review.
    On closer inspection of the album, not bad. The lead singer sounds like Phil Anselmo did on the Cowboys... album
    awesome cd.... a thrash metal classic, the riffs which they put out on this record are just insane, long live the mighty EXHORDER
    Excellent and often overlooked album... very influential to a lot of bigger name bands. Pretty bad review though.
    This album changed my life. Great review, and better album, I wish people knew how great these guys were!