Gore Metal review by Exhumed

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  • Released: Oct 27, 1998
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (2 votes)
Exhumed: Gore Metal

Sound — 9
Exhumed have always been one of my absolute favourite metal bands of all time. I first heard heard them in probably 2006, and the first track I heard was "The Matter of Splatter" off of the "Anatomy is Destiny" album. I then checked this album out, and I became hooked. This whole CD is pure death metal start to finish. The riffs are fast and brutal and the drumming is pretty wicked. From the opening song, "Necromaniac", which starts off fast from the start, the CD grabs you by the head and rips out your writhing spine. However, the one thing keeping me from gving the sound a perfect 10 is the lesas-then-stellar production. Given that Exhumed has a very fast, distorted sound, it is probably understandable that circa 1998, it might have been challenging to handle a guitar sounds or a drum beat like that. That being sad, the whole CD just f--king kills. The track listing is as follows: 01.Necromaniac 02.Open the Abcess 03.Postmortem Procedures 04.Limb from Limb 05.Ennucleation 06.Casketkrusher 07.Deathmask 08.In My Human Slaughterhouse 09.Sepulchural Slaughter 10.Vagitarian II 11.Blazing Corpse 12.Deadest of the Dead 13.Sodomy and Lust (a Sodom cover) Each song has its own awesome thing about it, check it out for yourself.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics are very typical blood-guts-and-gore lyrics, and while theres nothing revolutionary happening with the lyrics, they do suit the musical style of Exhumed. For example, the lyrics in "Necromaniac": "The naked and the dead gore whore slashed/Opened her torso after plundering her gash /A bone-f--king, pus-grinding necromaniac/I assault the dead with this f--king gore attack". Yum. Its hard to picture Exhumed singing about anything else except blood, dismemberment and necrophelia. The lead singer/guitarist, Matt Harvey, sings the lyrics with a high death metal scream, while bassist Ross Sewage does vocals in a typical low death metal voice. Sound-wise, the vocals are very typical, but Matt Harvey's vocals impress by singing some very tongue-twisting lyrics very fast, while maintaing his scream. Once again, nothing mind-blowing, but still fitting.

Overall Impression — 9
In my opinion, this is hands-down Exhumed's best album. The best songs are "Necromaniac", "Open the Abcess", "Limb from Limb" and "In My Human Slaughterhouse". If this album was stolen from me, I would kill someone in a very gruesome way, considering I had to order it and it took a while too get to me. Overall, one of the best death metal albums ever, in my opinion.

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    I agree 110%. This was one of the first albums I fell in love with while first getting into death metal a few years ago. It still remains a top favorite and always will.
    The Necrotizer
    Great Album, could have put a more into your review, It's not a Pure Death Metal album, there's a strong grindcore influence and feel to some songs. Also, how long ago to you think 1998 was? Plenty of bands were doing over processed metal productions by then, Exhumed have a overly bassy production style to add to the Brutality.