Let There Be Blood review by Exodus

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  • Released: Jan 1, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (20 votes)
Exodus: Let There Be Blood

Sound — 10
Exodus have always been one of the kings of thrash metal. While they may have not been as successful as bands like Metallica and Megadeth out of the Bay Metal thrash scene, they're still one of the kings, if not gods, of thrash metal. This album is a very unnecessary remake of their first album. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent album and should still be rated as high as their first, they just didn't need to remake it. Just think "Bonded By Blood" but with Rob Dukes singing. The only difference in sound from "Bonded By Blood" to "Let There Be Blood" is that now there is that incredible Exodus undertone that we got from albums like "Tempo Of The Damned" and "Shovel Headed Kill Machine". Kick-a-- album!

Lyrics — 10
Lyrics like the lyrics to the song "Exodus" are lyrics that I desperately wanted to write when I was in seventh grade, but could only do once in a great while. These lyrics are brutal, bloody, aggressive. These are the kind of lyrics you get kicked out of school for by spray painting them on the side of your principals car. The undertone, plus dukes voice, plus, "get in our way, we're going to take your life, kick in your face, and rape, and murder your wife." Does that not sound amazing? It does. Rob's skills in singing since he's been with Exodus have gotten progressively better. On "Shovel" he was practically screaming, on "Exhibit A" still kinda screaming, just cleaner. On "Blood" definitely a lot cleaner, and on "Exhibit B" they were full on clean vocals.

Overall Impression — 10
My overall impression of this album is just really, blood, metal, a-- -kicking, etc. Definitely a good listen if you liked their first album like every other thrash metal head. The most impressive songs are probably Exodus, "Piranha", "A Lesson In Violence", "Strike Of The Beast", "Hell's Breath" (Bonus Track), and "Bonded By Blood". I love everything about this album, the undertone sound of Gary's Schecter, the intenseness of Rob's singing, the hard backing vocals that they used on albums like "Fabulous Disaster". I didn't really hate anything about this album. Not a perfect album, but as a giant Exodus fan, it is definitely amazing. I would spend hours trying to find this just to buy it if I lost it. So I would definitely buy this album again.

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    Leather Sleeves
    If I wanted to hear Bonded by Blood down-tuned with an obscene amount of compression I could have done it myself.
    I really enjoyed this rerecording. I much prefer the vocals on this, to the original vocals. Although I will say I feel there is way too much compression. Nonetheless, the guitars, drums, bass and vocals are all tight, intense and in your face.
    I believe it really wasn't necessary, along with the rest of the thrash community. As for Balof's vocals, Balof and Dukes sound almost exactly the same on this album.