Shovel Headed Kill Machine review by Exodus

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  • Released: Oct 4, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (47 votes)
Exodus: Shovel Headed Kill Machine

Sound — 9
exodus, man. these guys have been around for awhile, but I only just got into them. damn was I missing out. this is one of my favorite CDs I own. the drumming from Paul Bostaph, formerly of Slayer and Forbidden, is unbelievable, the guitar-work of Lee Atlus, formerly of Heathen is hard and heavy, and the vocals of Rob Dukes, who used to be a roadie for Exodus, I think, are brutal and fit the evil lyrics (which ill get to momentarliy) perfectly. its like one big, happy thrash family. the other member, and only original Exodus member, Gary Holt, is such a monster at the six-stringer. he goes from crazy-ass Kerry King style whammy bar noise, to dave mustaine style shred runs. and I cant remember the bassist's name, but theres sick bass in 'Deathamhetamine' and a bass solo in 'Now thy Death Day Come' this is the first Exodus CD I've listened to, so I cant realyl compare it to Tempo Of The Damned or Bonded By Blood, their other acclaimed 'must have' albums. but this is a damn good album.

Lyrics — 10
Rob Dukes is a unique singer. In some songs, like 'Raze', he's dishing out screechy, Children Of Bodom-esque yells, while at others like in ".44 Magnum Opus" (my favorite track) he's belting it out reminscing of Tom Araya. There is absoloutely no clean singing on this album, but I dont see how it would fit with the music anyway. The lyrics are mostly about kicking ass and taking names, or stuff of that same vein. 'Raze' is about burning 'Motherf--kers like roman candles, burning these bitches straight to the ground' (straight quote, btw) 'Deathamphetamine' (another of my faves) is about their old guitarist ignoring the band due to his meth addiction, while 'Shudder To Think' covers this same topic, I think. On the topic of serious lyrics, there is 'Altered Boy', which is a decent song about the preist molesting children. Then the ass-kicking songs. '.44 Magnum Opus' is about making an art out of killing peple, with lyrics like 'Fire away; put your body on display; build myself a tower of decay; a symphony; written in human debris, art and murder; true syonomy; no appeal no 'I got a raw deal'; I don't give a f--k; one thing is clear, I got a deaf ear, you better shut your mouth and duck; when I get a taste of laying everyone to waste; my hunger wont subside, I won't ever stop till the last body drops, let the bullet be my guide' hard to see how they fit with the music, but they do. 'Going, Going, Gone' is about stalking and killing someone and getting off to it. Weird, but kickass song. More violence then you can shake a severed limb at.

Overall Impression — 10
I dont know how it stacks up to their other prime efforts, but if theyre like this, then f--kin-A, I have a new favorite band. teh best songs are Raze, Deathamphetamine, Going, Going, Gone, I am Abomination, and .44 magnum Opus. I dont hate much about it, but thats a good thing, eh? if it were stolen or lost, id feel bad for the person that stole it, 'cause if they arent used to sick thrash like this, hes goin to jail in the near future, charged of murder.

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    People shouldn't be so obsessed with the Kirk Hammett thing, and what could have been. They've done great without him, and if you compare these later albums to Metallica's latest albums, I guess I'm glad he quit the band. Exodus' three latest albums are filled with the same filth and fury, even more so now than ever! I'm glad these "oldies" have survived and kept doing what they do best. And that is creating music. Real music.
    MotrHeadFan22 wrote: Personally i liked their older albums, the vocalist they have now, isn't as good IMO
    his vocals are better on exhibit b: the human condition
    Normally I'd like the album, but I can't stand the singer. I don't get how anyone can listen to that screaming.