How Strange Innocence Review

artist: Explosions in the Sky date: 10/09/2006 category: compact discs
Explosions in the Sky: How Strange Innocence
Release Date: Oct 11, 2005
Label: Temporary Residence
Genres: Post-Rock/Experimental, Indie Rock
Number Of Tracks: 7
Despite some predictability, How Strange, Innocence shows remarkable tact for a band that was so unseasoned during its recording.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
How Strange Innocence Reviewed by: giantheadphones, on march 17, 2006
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Sound: This album caught me off guard the first time I listened to it because the music was like nothing I'd ever heard before. The sound in general reminds me of someone literally painting an image in my head. Each of the songs is meant to represent a memory or emotion, and something that makes them stand out is the fact that they have no exact meaning. This album particularly is a little more amature then the band's other two, seeing as how it was their first album. // 9

Lyrics: As an instrumental band, there are no lyrics in any of the songs, but this band has a way of turning a lack of lyrics and vocals into a huge strength. Without lyrics, the audience can connect with the music on a much more personal level because the songs can mean anything to anyone. // 10

Overall Impression: I can't say that it really sounds like anything else I've ever heard before. It is deffinately unique. The most impressive songs on the album in my opinion were 'Look Into The Air' and 'Magic Hours', both of which stir a sort of compelling energy within me. What I love about this album is how much I can feel the music. I really do lose myself in the music, and I can listen to the album over and over again for hours. If I did somehow manage to lose this album, I would most definately replace it, and I recomend it to just about everyone who asks. // 10

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overall: 10
How Strange Innocence Reviewed by: seventhwave777, on october 09, 2006
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Sound: This album is impressive from start to finish. The first time I heard them I was like I have to get their music. This was their first album and it shows when you listen to the others but this was also their first work I heard from them. The album starts with the slow rhythm "A Song For Our Fathers". Then kicks it up a bit in "Snow And Lights", then my favirite song on the album "Magic Hours", a very emotional song with a slow intro and moves up to a very climatic end. From there on the album slows down yet still keeps you in. "Remember Me As A Time Of Day" is definetly another must listen. // 10

Lyrics: No lyrics. All instrumental. In my opinion the instruments do all the talking and seeing how the songs have no words, you can think of your own meanings for them. Example: you may be having something going on in your life and listening to the right song at the right moments will make you remember it for ever. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall just plain amazing. They have this simple and pure sound that attracts anyone. I love how simple the album is. I play in a band and I play guitar and I have to shread the guitar since our music is so fast pace and crazy but I wouldn't think twice if I had the chance to play with these guys. It's just how they make their music that's beautiful. I would definetly buy it again and again and again if it were stolen that many times. // 10

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