Fantastic Planet review by Failure

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  • Released: Aug 13, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (20 votes)
Failure: Fantastic Planet

Sound — 10
Failure's music har seriously changed my life. I was beggining to get really fed up with a lot of music. So much rock out there is just a clich pop melody played out in powerchords. It p***es me off so much. Then i stumbled upon Failure by sheer accident. The sound on this record is so special, and in my oppinnion this is the best concept album ever. There's this spacy sci-fi thing about all the songs. Failure have mastered putting tha twist into their melodys that makes the music exciting and unexpected in the most melodic, somber, heavy way. It's amazing. There are no weak points on this album. Only things that need listening. This band is the greatest band ever to go over in history practically unknown (This was their most succesfull album and sold 40,000) There is a very heavy and hypnotizing sound on some of the songs, while some songs are faster and more punk. But all of the songs have a spacy dark psychadelic thing. It's hard to explain. A freat detail, making this a great concept album is the three segues (small bits of instrumental music) between some of the songs. They have a part too in making this one of my altime favourite albums. You just have to hear it. The quality of the recordings are not the best ever probably also due to their budget, but it's a part of the whole feeling of the album. The lead riffs on the album are not extremely insane technically, but fantastic. You really have to hear it!

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics on the album are very cryptic. I think a lot of the lyrics describe a state of conscience or an atmosphere that sets your brain into imagine mode, making you visualise all kinds of spacy stuff. The lyrics aren't really trying to tell a story in each song. The thing I love is that, a lot of time, you can understand the lyrics in your very own way, because they're not that one-sided. Ken Andrews is the singer. He has a kind of stoned way of singing. In the beggining I thought it was a shame that he didn't put more feeling into his singing. But I've discovered that he has more feeling in his singing than anyone else. You just have to listen to the small details. The stoned Singing is a major part of the vibe of Failure's music.

Overall Impression — 10
I swear my life wouldn't be the same if I hadn't discovered failure. I stumbled across them by sheer accident. I kind of liked a song i heard, and I looked a bit on the internet to see who they were. I started getting my hands on their music. I was just caught up one song at a time. Their music is the best thing ever. Almost everything else seems boring after failure. I know these guys had something special together. But even on their own(the band broke up in 1997)The x-bandmembers are spreading trails of exciting music e.g. A perfect circle, Queens of the stone age, Year of the rabbit, autolux. If you think a lot of music is getting boring you have to check them out. I know a lot of people won't like them, but seriously, this is the biggest thing ever. I've started tabbing a lot of the songs here on the site. If you like the music, spread the word. We gotta get a failure reunion!!!! The most impressive songs on this albums are probably songs like( all the songs are great!) Another space song with its spacy sound effects, The nurse who loved me because of its beauty(recently covered by apc), Pillowhead because of the raw angry energi. This album has got so many sides to it. If you spend the time this band deserves, you won't regret. Their second album Magnified from 1994 is just as excellent. Their first album Comfort is good too, but I would definately not reccommend starting with it. If I had the time I would write a review for each album, but I think it would seem kind of silly, so if you decide to check out failure be sure to hear some songs off Magnified too. eg Bernie, small crimes, undone.. Oh What the f*** just get your hands on anything Failure-related! It's all amazing! If the cd was stolen I would go out first thing and buy it again!

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    Completely understand how you feel about this band, man. Even though i feel bad for Failure - that they didn't hit the big time (as they certainly should have done), i think that hidden gems shine ever the brighter. It also feels great to love a band that not every average joe on the street has heard of. Great review brother.
    Anvil pants
    this is the best album i have ever heard ever. and it's the biggest shame in the world that they didn't become famous.
    Suav Nitebeest
    Amazing album. Another Space Song is seriously one of the most amazing songs I've heard, and I'm very sincere when I say that. I'd definitely like to see some more Failure tabs on this site.
    I just discovered this album, and I haven't listened to anything else for the past two days. You don't hear much about this band, but everything you do hear is extremely positive. I feel like one of the fortunate few that has stumbled upon what I've read one reviewer describe as "the best kept secret of grunge", and I hope to share this secret with as many as I can. It really is incredible music, check it out!
    The most underrated album of the 90's. One of the few albums from that era that I haven't grown sick of.
    In my opinion, Failure walked a very jagged line and somehow found a way into a distant and removed no-mans land within this vast spectrum of varying colors we earthlings like to call music I would venture to say that not since Husker Du's Zen Arcade (circa 1984), has a band twisted the accepted rules of what music 'needs' to be as much as they were able to. I completely adore the utterly detached sound/delivery/attitude of it. That is what sets it apart! J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) was a big SOFTY compared to Ken Andrews.. And although J. made big waves with his own concoction of detached slacker-rock, Failure possesses things that J. (and Husker Du, for that matter) simply could never, ever. Again, that is why I feel they missed a lot of deserved recognition. Silly as it may sound, but just consider this: If they had named the band @ Jane's Addiction instead of Failure, they might have gone a lot further into fame and fortune (I dont know?) But there is something to be said for self-fulfilling prophecies - and the name one chooses for an entity. Especially for a rock band Failure is not a good name for a band, Im sorry: For a song, YES; for an album, Okay; but for your band?! Grrrrr Just sayin Thanks for reading, btw.