Folie à deux review by Fall Out Boy

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  • Released: Dec 16, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (349 votes)
Fall Out Boy: Folie à deux

Sound — 8
The sound of this album is very different from their other albums.Espically when you look back at the timeline from "Take This To Your Grave" to "Folie A Deux". That's not always a bad thing, but then again it's not always not a good thing. The sound is new for Fall Out Boy and it stands out on songs like "27" and "West Coast Smoker". Personally I think they should go back to their old sound but that's just me. They did however sound great with songs like "I Don't Care" and "The Shipped Gold Standard", Both had a great rock feel. Also I thought their collabaration with Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco was great and definetley made "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" shine on the record.

Lyrics — 8
I've always been a fan of Pete's lyrics. He always hints sarcasm with a hint of seriousness. I think the lyrics on this one we're a bit off, espically in songs like "West Coast Smoker", and "W.A.M.S". Though they stood out on other songs with catchy lyrics.As far as Patrick's singing, I was very very impressed at how he stepped it up vocally for "What A Catch, Donnie" and "Headfirst Slide". Overally I loved most of the lyrics and Patrick's vocals but I wasn't a big fan of the guests (Excluding Bredon Urie) I thought the others were pretty terrible.

Overall Impression — 8
Honestley, you can't compare this to Take This To Your Grave and From Under The Cork Tree since they don't have the same sound at all. Though I love this album I'd definetley like to see them go back to their roots for their next album. The most impressive songs on this album are "What A Catch, Donnie", "Coffee's For Closers" and "I Don't Care". The thing I loved most about the album is how Patrick stepped up vocally and some of the catchy hooks, Though that was slightly overshadowed by the lame collabs with other musicians. I currentley have the '33 vynil of Folie A Deux but if it was stolen I'd definetley buy it again. Overall this was a great album but not as good as the albums that it proceeded.

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    Captain315 wrote: OKAY! I just set up a whole stupid account with this site just so I could stick up for Fall Out Boy. These reviews are written by older generation people who all have their heads shoved up the pious rear ends of the arrogant, talentless fools that form bands like Led Zeppelin and Metallica. And all you metalheads are just a bunch of heartless, Godless, porn addicts with hideous greasy hair and obviously a skewed brain that allows you listen to crap like Lamb of God or Killswitch. K so now that I've bashed YOU, let me tell you all about Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy is one of the best bands ever formed on the face of this earth. NOT because they're amazing musicians. But because their music is filled to the brim with beautiful nostalgia and a version of teenage angst that has some intelligence to it and never turns to actual darkness. I love Fall Out Boy because they understand and depict every emotion I've ever felt, good or bad. They make the good better and the bad feel like it's going to be okay. I would not be the person I am today without Fall Out Boy. Without Pete's unique, incredible, picturesque lyrics. I don't care that Joe Trohman doesn't (or possibly can't) bust out a wailing guitar solo like any guitarist in a metal or classic band, or that Andy doesn't blow your mind with complex time signatures. NONE OF THAT FREAKING MATTERS!!! YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AN AMAZING MUSICIAN TO MAKE AMAZING MUSIC!!! What matters is honesty. That's it. Honesty and emotion. Fall Out Boy has more honesty than any band I've ever heard, and not to mention more intelligence, lyrically. And don't you DARE tell me that that means I haven't listened to very much music. Music has been my life, my ENTIRE Life. I've been through a phase of just about every genre, and Fall Out Boy just has something that no other band or single musician has. I can't even put my finger on it or put it into any words that would do it justice. But it is beautiful. They are simply incomparable. They have saved my life, expanded my vocabulary, inspired me to be a better person countless times, and provided me with the most priceless memories through the combination of whatever that beauty is and their amazing live shows. And yes, they have changed their sound quite a bit since their first record, but that hasn't changed. But actually, personally I'd be more disappointed in them if they DIDN'T change. PEOPLE CHANGE, YOU IDIOTS!! I bet YOU aren't the same person you were when TTTYG came out. Neither are Fall Out Boy, and they have alot more excuse to change than you do, that's for sure. And now I'll say a bit about Folie a Deux alone, seeing as that is the purpose for this whole thread. Folie a Deux is definitely not their best record, but then again you can't really name their best one. Because they're all amazing, with the exception of Evening Out With Your Girlfriend..that one is embarrassing. This album is just as filled with emotion and classic, clever lines to be written on notebooks and myspace pages for years and years to come, just as the 3 preceding it. The only song I really do not like on the whole thing is West Coast Smoker. I believe the album should have ended with 20 Dollar Nosebleed. 20 Dollar is probably pretty close to my favorite song, until it is ruined by that stupid dark poem leading into that horrible, screamo last track. That last song just left the record with a dark feeling, which is not FOB at all. I actually hated that song so much, I unchecked it when I imported the CD into my iTunes. I then proceeded to stick 20 Dollar into Garageband and cut off the poem, then burn the cd anew with 20 Dollar as the last track. All FOB's albums have a different unique sound, bringing new beauty and credulity to their name. This record is no exception. If you don't like Fall Out Boy, you either don't have a soul, you're old, or your ears are broken. The end. Sincerely A dedicated Fall Out Boy fan
    i like fall out boy to, but thats NOT the way to react to people who think they suck. Why even care, sticking up for fall out boy is the same as trowing buckets of water in the sea. It has no effect. just drop it.
    We aren't insulting it, we're just telling the truth, their a mainstream pop punk band without talent, its the truth.
    Okay need a rant here- first of all I love the album and I love Fall Out Boy- but thats an opinion. If the band or the album isn't your thing, then fine, but some people are just ridiculous. First of all to all you 'why can't they go back to their roots?' people, bands and music change I'm afraid. I love TTTYG- quality album- but why the hell would you want another 3 that sound exactly the same? People need to grow up, pretty much every band I like I got into when they were already famous, I've got no problem with that. It's pretty pathetic to think a band should do everything your way just because you heard them first. Secondly- to all the FOB haters. As i said before, if you don't like the band that's your opinion, but reasons such as 'they're gay' and 'only teenage girls like them' are neither valid nor true to be honest. Oh yeah, and there's more to life than Machine Head and Slayer by the way. So be a bit more open minded. And if these points points have already been made, I apologise, to be honest I couldn't be arsed to read every childish comment on here.
    st jimmy666
    First of all to all you 'why can't they go back to their roots?' people, bands and music change I'm afraid. I love TTTYG- quality album- but why the hell would you want another 3 that sound exactly the same? I agree with you but TTTYG isnt there roots at all.They released Evening Out With Your Girlfriend before that which i think was better than TTTYG.
    Seriously people, you generalise teenage girls too much!!!!! Some of us acyually appreciate their music! Some of us don't go for the actual band, just the music! Think about all thos girls that listen to FOB, then get to know them! Jeez! Not every teenage girlis shallow and ditzy! Some of us are music enthusiasts!
    i like alot of this album, i admit, some of the writing is not at all wentz's best, his life situation has changed and we cant expect his writing to stay the same, thats not how a writer works, thats not how an artist of any kind works, hes married so dont expect very good lyrics in the way of slutty girlfriends like before, (chicago is so two years ago lyrics will be missed) alot of it is however very good, (what a catch donnie, headfirst slide, pavlove(bonus track) ), stump's singing is astounding, that has stayed the same, his musical arragements for the songs are hwoever alittle inflated, there are alot of other instruments and tones in these songs that confuse the melodies and it is really dissapointing, (violins and keyboards in watch a catch donnie) they are good but it is just too much to listen to, like playing a huindred good songs all at once, just too disorganized, there are standouts to all of this and it is a good album so i advise you buy(or steal) it yourself and form your own intellegent opinion of it, there is nothing worse you could do than refuse to listen to something, hate it and not know why, it can only help you understand your own taste in music
    st jimmy666 wrote: First of all to all you 'why can't they go back to their roots?' people, bands and music change I'm afraid. I love TTTYG- quality album- but why the hell would you want another 3 that sound exactly the same? I agree with you but TTTYG isnt there roots at all.They released Evening Out With Your Girlfriend before that which i think was better than TTTYG.
    evening out with your girl was not their best, it was their first, not their best, honorable mention was good, but stump was not a very experienced music writer and it shows, sry
    who talks about "sell outs", how do you pay the bills? oh you're not a musician, yeah so because you don't do what you love for a job you're not a sell out? i thought so. =)(sarcasm, a long forgotten language)
    ok look just because they dont play ridiculous solos and scream except for in like 2 songs doesnt mean there not good dont get me wrong i love all of that too but come on this cd is really good, so what if its different so was blink 182 and everyone loves them. fall out boy didnt sell out they just make music that everyone can enjoy and they experiment, the real sell out bands are the ones who dont do what they enjoy, so if fall out boy enjoys what there doing let them do it, plus patrick stump has one of the best voices out there and he improves every cd, i do admit that i like there earlier stuff better like take this to your grave and from under the cork tree but i love this too so stop being so close minded, and take a second look at the lyrics very impressive, and by the way i know more people that listen to fall out boy than just about any other band, cant wait to go to there concert this weekend
    by the way who ever said fall out boy is just a pop punk band with no talent dude anyone could say that about anyband like i like metallica but you could say man there just a bunch of random solos put together, no offense metallica i like your music, so if your gonna say somethin say something that means something
    o and they have the most friends on myspace of any band i think just to add
    This album has a couple REALLY good songs on it. "Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes" "I Don't Care" "Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet" "What a Catch, Donnie" All A+ songs in my book. Especially the first one.