From Under the Cork Tree review by Fall Out Boy

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  • Released: May 3, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (283 votes)
Fall Out Boy: From Under the Cork Tree

Sound — 10
I'll admit it, I bought into the whole Fall Out Boy craze. Why? Because of the sound. F.O.B.'s standard yet unique punk sound is easily distinguished, mild distortion, Patrick Stumps sloshed vocals and the easy guitar riffs played in drop D. They don't really use any fancy techniques, just slides hammer ons and a bend or two. Even without those, Fall Out Boy can still easily rock.

Lyrics — 7
Patrick Stumps lead vocals are slurred sometimes, a good thing for young kids or people with over protective parents. Why? Because literally every song is about drinking, partying, or sex, but you can get past that usless crap and still jam to the catchy tunes.

Overall Impression — 10
Falll Out Boy is an extrordinary punk band, yet just another one. But, this Fall Out Boy's From Under the Cork Tree will satisfy all punk fans and most every person who is willing to buy a CD rom an arstist that their not that familiar with. It's a must have for any CD collection, no matter what genre you favor.

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    this is a really great album, no matter what anyone says. fall out boy has been able do things many bands never thought of and with it's catchy lyrics and off the wall guitars, "from under the cork tree" is the first step towards a new kind of rock...not emo, not hardcore, not punk, not pop, but something entirely different.
    musicman666! good lord, you haven't even listened to any of the song on the other albums and you are still hating on fall out boy! people like you are usually the people that aren't opened minded and are annoying because all they do is talk about bad bands! so just shut up! nobody cares wat you think!
    lol yer i agree with mick86. fall out boy are amazing, there are loads of other stuff out there, but not much compares to fall out boy, and musicman666 you go and do better!
    What the hell is Patrick Stump playing at? he sings liked a destroyed mongoose. Pete wentz is not beautiful, he is a very ugly indervidual. The drummer sucks. And the guitarist jumps around like its metal. Newsflash, It's not metal!!! And Pete wentz and Gerard way are the source of emo, if there destroyed, the emo sociaty would die! YAAAAAY!!!!!
    XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW wrote: They're going down down and they need a new sound Cuz sugar I ain't digging his singing They're your number one but they killed it They're loaded with cocksuckers This album really sucks it HAHAHA I SHOULD SOoOoO make a song out of that s***!! F*** YEA
    Wow these lyrics are Genuis, there a hell of a lot better than F.O.B's anyway. You deserve a grammy my friend. You see people, these are the lyrics youre meant to write, not shitt.y whinny lyrics like fall out boy. This guy proved a very good point, that all lyrics (Even black metal lyrics) are a hell of a lot better than F.O.B's, and why can't pete wentz go ugly, so the emos will shut up saying hes hot.
    i used to like fob... when i was still in grade skul. i'm not really into punk music. especially punk-emo. but that's just my opinion... kids, listen to more mature music. rather than loose braincells listening to fob.
    God, I hate their lyrics, but they are so damn catchy that I want to blow my brains out just so I can get those ****ing voices out of my head!
    Honestly kids. Do you think you're cool because you bash Fall Out Boy? Seriously, I love Fall Out Boy, but I love bands like ACDC, Sublime, Dragonforce and Slipknot, but I honestly prefer Fall Out Boy. The guitaring isn't all that original, I'll admit. But the lyrics are catchy, especially the way Patrick sings it. Oh and, "XxWoRdSoFsOrRoW", or whatever the hell your name is, I hope you realize what a goddamn fool you just made of yourself. :\ Not everyone who listens to FOB are idiots who cry themselves to sleep or type like WoRdSoFsOrRoW. The MAJORITY of us listen to other bands, bands that you probably listen to. But then again, everytime I see idiots like you, who claim to be another bands' fan, I wish I didn't like their music. It's kind of like, "Dude. Am I really a part of THAT fanbase? Will I ever become that ignorant? God, help us all." And another thing, guys: You DO realize that your favorite bands are all famous? They're as famous as Fall Out Boy, so why are you bitching? Grow up, you losers. If you have nothing better to do than bash on a band that doesn't give half a rats' ass about you, then you REALLY need to go do something with your life. Like end it, maybe. Or go buy some concert tickets, asshats.
    this band is too strange, when i listen to it it sounds like it has no sense of direction. i agree with turnfoot, theres MUCH more better music out there than this shant.
    Chosenfro68 wrote: Sweet Jesus...This album is horrible....but I must admit.. Fallout Boy Fans Are worse than the Band itself...Anyways.. I'm gonna go back to listening to NOFX
    Oh man, NOFX?! Aren't we tough? I listen to NOFX, and I listen to Fall Out Boy; and I like both of them. If you simply don't like their music, so be it. But it's absolutely sad when people look for reviews for bands that they hate--fashionably, of course--and waste their time to belittle them. I, however, don't really need to defend Fall Out Boy because they're doing what they love to do, and they're making more money doing so than you could ever hope to. Kudos to all of those who can resist the urge to hunt UG for tabs, reviews, and news relating to bands they hate, just so that they may try to prove their pathetic dominance.