Fashionably Late review by Falling In Reverse

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  • Released: Jun 14, 2013
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 2.3 Junky
  • Users' score: 4 (194 votes)
Falling In Reverse: Fashionably Late

Sound — 2
"White boy on the beat rocking Gucci sneaks. All I do is win Charlie Sheen."
~Falling In Reverse, "Alone", 2013.

As musicians, we tend to value progression and experimentation. Flirting with new styles, trying new instruments, exploring new modes of expression - these are endeavours that further our art and must be welcomed, whatever the genre. We can all recall a few instances where these experiments have gone wrong, but that should not put anyone off trying. Nevada's Falling In Reverse tried; led by former Escape The Fate vocalist Ronnie Radke, they enjoyed considerable success with their 2011 debut "The Drug in Me Is You," combining American post-hardcore with shiny, auto-tuned pop. If you think that sounds like a bad idea then turn back now, because new album "Fashionably Late" takes it and pushes it to the absolute limits.

Opening track "Champion" starts as you might expect chugging metal riffs, angry barks and a processed poppy chorus. The heavy bits are hardly revolutionary but the hook, taken on face value, is relatively catchy. Then, at the half way mark, a mid-00s hip-hop beat enters the fold and Radke starts rapping. He gets through 200 words in 40 seconds, and before you can say "career change" there's a monotone breakdown, deathcore tempo drop and another serving of pop chorus to deal with. It's all rather disorienting, and the album continues in this fashion, throwing seemingly random styles together at will. "Rolling Stone" takes in Slipknot riffs, choir pads and a Skrillex-esque dubstep drop, "Self-Destruct Personality" combines auto-tuned rap with harmonized guitar leads and "Drifter" trades sugary synths for snare brushes and steel-string guitar, ending the album with a rousing country singalong.

There's a common theme here, and you might have guessed what it is already: it's all absolute trash. The hip-hop is dated, the metal is generic and One Direction would wince at how sickly some of the hooks are. The vocals, though versatile, are produced to the point of absurdity and auto-tune drips from every note. Very rarely do the band make a genuine attempt to merge two styles together, instead jumping from one to another and assuming that the listener is patient (or nave) enough to go along with it.

Lyrics — 2
Unfortunately, the lyrics are no less confusing. Take the title track, and this snippet from the chorus:

"I wanna be that guy that makes you sad,
That makes you cry again,
Without a doubt, sorry about f--king all your friends.

Two songs previously, Mr Radke was reflecting on why his girlfriend didn't really love him, bemused by her lack of interest and claiming to be a helpless victim of "the Bad Girls Club." The stupidity is truly unbelievable. Other topics include his "white boy swagger," girls liking his Facebook posts, being in rap since he was "sh-tting in Pampers" and, stepping out of character for a moment, how much he misses his mother, who abandoned him as a child.

When he drops the nauseatingly conceited rockstar persona he's actually very open, reflecting on deeply personal issues. The honesty of it makes the misogynistic nonsense elsewhere all the more bizarre. However, regardless of whether he's playing the womanizing sex god or the poor, traumatised boy, his words are extremely self-absorbed and lack any visible grounding in the real world. You do feel for him, but when the album's most emotional lyrics are found on "Drifter," the exceptionally tacked-on country and western ditty, it's a challenge to take them seriously.

Overall Impression — 3
Ever the zealot, Radke has been telling the press all about his excitement over this album, claiming it's the best he's ever made with Falling In Reverse or Escape The Fate and that people would "lose their minds" when they heard it. That is certainly one way of putting it. However misguided, you have to admire the band's passion and willingness to play exactly what they want to, when they want to. Unfortunately, the result in this case is an arrogant, incoherent, blathering mess with genre fusion that doesn't work. It's like mixing oil with water, except the water's been poisoned and the oil is fuelling a devastating war in the Middle East, where cities are terrorised by militant rule and chemical weapons mutate the faces of civilian children. This is an unmitigated disaster.

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    Very entertaining and well written review. Have yet to listen to the album but that awful single "Alone" killed my interest.
    Don't bother.
    the chalky one
    No offence dude, but do you ever have anything nice to say?
    I don't think anyone has anything nice to say about this shit.
    This is UG, does anyone have anything nice to say about anything? No.
    actually the album is different, unlike most artist now a days that stick to one genre, and cause close minded ****s like you, its a decent album get the **** over it
    Yep, experimentation and being different is great. Absurdity and ridiculous mash-ups are only good if you're TRYING to be absurd and ridiculous.
    LOL Close minded? Most bands try to stick to one genre because it works... This is a prim example of why they should. Pop and metal DON'T MIX. It does NOT MAKE SENSE. It's a crappy album. My sister loves them and I can't understand why. Gonna go listen to Havok and Hexen again brb
    ^I don't like the album (or the band, for that matter), but ragging on a band for experimentation is just stupid. "Most bands stick to one genre because it works"? The same style of song, 12 times on one CD, after releasing a few CD's, becomes incredibly dry and boring. That's how styles get over done and die out. Let musicians mix whatever "genres" of music they please, if the result doesn't turn out good- who cares? Don't listen to it. I'm sure someone else has mixed metal and pop efficiently.
    Why is it, when people post negative opinions about albums, the fans rush to the defense of the band with things like "That's NOT very nice!"? They dislike the album. Get over it.
    u wot m8? Half the comments on the Supercollider review is you saying "it's not that bad." Seriously do a Ctrl+f for your username and it says "too many results, please narrow search". Hypocrite much?
    And to think this gigantic piece of shit came from the guy that bashed all forms of rap music in print and vocally at concerts with Escape The Fate.
    "I wanna be that guy that makes you sad, That makes you cry again, Without a doubt, sorry about f--king all your friends." I don't wanna' live in this world anymore.
    Empty Memory
    "I DON'T wanna be that guy that makes you sad, that makes you cry again, Without a doubt, sorry about f--king all your friends." *
    I love the 12 year olds posting long comments trying to convince everyone else that this isgood. There is no redemption for the shameless lines the singer uses. He says something about twitter in that song Alone. If your gonna name drop a website s o kids will listen, by all means, but leaveme out
    The guitarist should just leave, he's a great musician, but is in a shite band
    But I bet he's getting paid well, I'd take his job in a heartbeat!
    It's not like it's hard, from what i've heard its 0 0 0 0 on Alone and a few random chords and sweeps in born to lead. But the money must be good for him to stay, or he somehow like Radke and can stomach the guys enormous ego
    holy shit. I have never heard of this band before but they managed to combine the worst elements of every genre into one, I am in awe at how shit this is and I applaud them for this milestone! and the lyrics of that single, alone, the lyrics are brilliant: "ermegerd furk teh haters y dey h8 my shitty music on teh twitters? I haf teh cashz u no haz cashes so shut up!"
    "they managed to combine the worst elements of every genre into one" You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar!
    I'm still finding it hard to believe this is a real band.. I was thinking it was just someone taking the piss on YouTube..
    So this is what it takes to get a negative review from the UG team. I was starting to wonder.
    This is what Brokencyde SHOULD sound like...too bad it can never become a good formula. X)
    This is an unbiased review: It is complete garbage and these guys should quit
    Why is it that everyone who thinks it's bad is biased? And why can't any of you f*cking spell "biased"? Seriously, stop being butthurt idiots and accept that this is a bad album that people genuinely listened to and hated. Not because of bias, but because it's bad.
    The lyrics are really shitty. But, personally I do like the energy and the uniqueness of it. at least they're innovating and having fun, but god knows that doesn't matter here on UG in terms of boy bands and pop.
    Personally, the fact that they are "having fun" means nothing in terms of how much I like it.
    Don't label this as post-hardcore, it's a term that is too liberally applied. It also takes a huge steaming dump on what bands like Fugazi helped to create.
    I actually really liked the first album, it was a guilty pleasure of mine. This ruined the band for me, absolute drivel. terrible album.
    The first time I ever listened to 'Alone', I was honestly speechless... It just... It killed me.
    The International society for the deaf has refused to allow this record to be played in any of their centres.
    Damnit, UG, I just submitted a review for this yesterday and it's not showing up now. Oh well. Was a waste of time anyway.
    When I saw the subtitle for this review, I legit thought it was going to be you.
    User-submitted reviews tend to show up a few days after the UG Team one.
    Well,I submitted my review through my smartphone, and for some reason it wasnt showing up under my profile under contributions, so I asked N-D and it shows no history of it. But whatever, I think this review is good enough. I just wouldve mentioned about The Drug In Me Is You, and how that album isnt even half as bad as this one is. That one actually had a few memorable guitar solos that were reminiscent to some 80's hair metal bands, while this is like Abandon All Ships making love to Hollywood Undead.
    I just submitted a review that's an actual review. no offense to the reviewer but it seems as though your being incredibly bias'd and hating on it due to something other than sound. not to say the record is a 10/10 because it's not but it is full of really good literary device's among other things to be rated a low 2 or 3..
    With a username like that, I can already tell what type of music you like. This album iss full of drop c meaningless crap. Just like your Bullet For My Valentine.
    my user name has nothing to do with Synyster Gates, i was trying to make it singey because my hair got all screwed up from pyro's and looked singed for awhile so my gf last year when it was like that called me singey sometimes time i can understand the thinking its A7X though, but August burns red is decent like idk not my cup of tea, KSE is pretty good most of their work to me is a solid 7.5-8/10. but this stuff to me is more Rock/pop with a metal vibe on some songs its not metal and people think it is. but BFMV is actually a pretty decent band their not to bad lyrically its a little shakey but their not bad. hate to disappoint but im into stuff like rush, metallica, clapton, trivium, pantera, VH, etc. people have different tastes in music and thats understandable but to say this is crap and 2-3/10 is wrong.. like Sleeping with sirens 2-10 this is ten times better than that so if at the least a 4-5/10 would be the lowest this record should be at imo.
    This album is awful, we get it... why did you spend so long in the comments section in this review though?
    Jacky Vincent is actualy a great guitarist, he even has his own section in guitar world magazines on sweeps and other fast shit, hes one of my favorites but Dimebag beats all!!!
    I'm all for experimentation, but this is more of a juxtaposition of two things teenagers are into. Is this guy even still in his teens?
    I feel like no one in this band could have any actual good friends because someone should of said, "hey man, that sounds terrible, scrap it."
    It's great for bands to experiment with new styles, but this album was a total mess. It goes from metalcore to rap to post-hardcore to pop, and finally to country. I thought Alone was horrible, until I heard Bad Girls Club, that song makes me want to go out of my mind.
    It's not a waste of time if you like the original ETF, or FIR's album The Drug in Me is You, or catchy music. While Ronnie decided to try something new because he likes to try and be better at everything (although not) and it definitely isn't the most successful use of the combination (pop punk, electronic, and rap)- it is still a catchy and amusing album. Absolutely some of it is ridiculous and embarrassing, but it's so fun and it's just as outrageous as you would expect it to be. The lyrics aren't as confusing as you profess or as vapid as you might claim them to be. They generally are about how he went down the wrong path, he's given that up and he's back, and he knows what he's supposed to do know; how FIR doesn't care what you think about them so it's fine if people talk shit; and the exception in this album is Bad Girls Club, which focuses on girls. To clarify, it is "I don't wanna be that guy." Yes, it is amateur. Yes, it's ridiculous. No one said it wasn't, but that doesn't mean it's a bad album. Last thing, "because new album "Fashionably Late" takes it and pushes it to the absolute limits," exactly. That's Ronnie Radke for you, I'm sure that was his point.
    People having different musical tastes than me? HOW DARE THEY? I'm going to start an argument online to show them wrong! Honestly, I don't care for Falling in Reverse, but if someone likes them, alright, good for them. I'll listen to what I like, and you can listen to what I like, and we'll all get along.
    i think this album is badass i dont care what any of you say, thers only 1 bad song on it and thats badgirls club the rest of the album is great
    You cared enough to register here just to brag about how much you don't care. Just like those other people further up.
    There's a trend in usernames. I get the feeling it's one butthurt person
    Nah, it's just that FiR fans aren't creative enough to come up with a handle other than "first name . last name", and maybe a number. Even something stupid like "Cavalcade".
    Dont listen to anyonr reviewing this cd . One they are extremely biest and have no wider view on music they are like little kids stuck on one on what they whant and the cd is sick has been the most anticipated cd for me to here and if your gana bitch about alone u truely wernt a fan im the first place just like in the mettalica days ohhh they cut their hair they sold out .. To who and bands are here to make music and have it herdnot judged and bitch over couse a certin few dont like it . Just listen to cd then make your choice bdt you will even end up likeing alone the song u souly hage beacusd if you listen to it your fallower scenkid friends wont like u boo ****en whoo laters
    Oh, look at that, another person that registered here just to bitch about their favorite band getting trashed.
    If you want good metalcore in the key of C, stick with Killswitch and August Burns Red. There's not much else..
    Drop C is one of the most used tunings in metalcore, all they way from As I Lay Dying to Threat Signal (both possibly better in a couple departments than ABR). Using vague key signatures references as means of music classifications is sort of absurd (no offense intended). There's a lot of misconceptions about guitar tunings :/
    "Drop C is one of the most used tunings in metalcore" That's the point. It's even all in the same key, never mind that they all use the same chord progressions. The point is that it all sounds the same.
    Guitar tunings dont make music sound similar, and "chord progressions" aren't even a determining factor (axis of awesome have an awesome video about that topic that blew my mind). Metalcore does seem to have a "over saturation" that's common with any sub-genre. I could say all melodic death metal sounds the same or all improve jazz but thats just because they share core elements (thus the classification) there's great metalcore bands that dont deserve to be undermined just because of attack attack!
    Not all actually. I know The Devil Wears Prada uses Drop D for their past albums. New stuff uses B.
    Record does suck majot ballz lol I saw some interviews about his "alter-negro" and other none sense and i laughed so hard ir hurt
    Truthfully I liked the album. I liked that he went out and risked something and he made it sound decent, not to bad or to good. Although i could do with out the rapping in it. The review said nothing about Jacky's solos which were really good.
    ok, Why is this editor so biased? AND WHY THE HELL DO YOU POST A BIAS ON WRONG LYRICS. the lyrics state "I DONT wanna be that guy, who makes you sad, makes you cry again." not that he DOES want to. ****ing *****. THis rview is slander and propaganda, I felt like I was lading a Russian progom flier.... this editor needs to stick to worshiping bland boing bands if he cant appreciate a fair decent review.
    Whoa there, be careful when you're throwing around big words like "slander" and "bias". You could hurt yourself.
    There was nothing biased about this review. The reviewer genuinely believes this album to be shit.
    jeez...why bother writing a long comment trying to convince that this album is good when you know that most of UGers here hate these kind of "genre", you are wasting your time here. This is album is bad, and you should feel bad
    I really don't mind the rap/metal attempt. At least it's something new to say the least
    20 years ago it was new, if you've ever heard of Faith No More, or the Anthrax/Public Enemy collab, or the Run DMC/Aerosmith collab. Today, no, this is not new, dont pretend its new.
    He got the lyrics completely wrong, making Ronnie Radke to be a bad person.. -.- When the lyrics actually ARE: "I don't wanna be that guy, that makes you sad, that makes you cry again. Without a doubt sorry about making out with your friends!" Yes, "Alone" polarised fans and critics, but to base a judgement on one song's characteristics are appauling. Ronnie Radke is very honest and open about his issues in this album, rising up against rumours of domestic abuse, etc. Sure, the album crosses many genres, but it works. It's hard to adjust to possibly, but I personally think songs like "Rolling Stone", and "It's Over When It's Over" really work. Jacky Vincent shreds up the guitar, and even the bass is shown off, especially in the solo of "Born to Lead".. And hey, we see Ronnie Radke has a heart in songs like "It's Over When It's Over" with lyrics such as: "I've got my life laid out in front of me like roads drawn on the map I've had so many times where I slipped off the beaten path I took the time to see the picture and for what it's worth I'd walk a thousand miles without my shoes to make it work I swore to God that I'm never coming back. Kept my faith when I was clapped Staring at the wall through a crack in the floor. And these metal doors, they've got me trapped I gotta remind myself that my mind is strong so that I won't lose my head I've got my demons that I fight with, every little thought in every breath I wear my heart up on my sleeve so my soul's exposed And I carry this disease, the weight of the holy ghost God, can you hear me? God is missing Take it back, take it back, my friend, All the things that you said about the end This is it, this is me telling you it ain't over til it's over Give it up, give it up, my friend The score is settled even if you won't admit Set it down, final hour without a doubt, it's over when it's over" But hey, just my opinion.
    I think they're saying he's a bad person because he was arrested for, you know, killing someone and hitting his gf. "Personal" lyrics are easy. The challenge is in writing good personal lyrics. These "personal" lyrics are full of clichs. Heard it all before; there's nothing about them that stands out. Not gonna lie, I think this one deserves a higher score. Their finger is on the pulse of pop culture, but they just don't know what to do with all these ideas they have. They could be good. Maybe not classic, but enjoyable for what they are (see: Sleeping With Sirens). 5/10.