Fashionably Late review by Falling In Reverse

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  • Released: Jun 18, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 4 (194 votes)
Falling In Reverse: Fashionably Late

Sound — 7
Many people complain about the record and when they reference anything from it they only use the song "Alone" which really isn't a bad song. Its not great but its definitely not a band piece. After listening to the whole (deluxe version) album all the way through multiple times I can honestly say this is the best work they've produced. I was blown away, not saying the record is a perfect 10/10 because it most certainly isn't, but I was just amazed how they pulled off playing multiple different genre's and it still sounding good. Rock, Pop, Punk, Metal, Rap, etc every track was unique and very opaque. Guitar solo's on the standard edition of the record their was a lack of, however the deluxe edition adds 2 more solos so their's a total of 5 solo's on the record. The drums on the track were really awesome and creative considering the multitude of genres that took place on the record. The bassist on the record has some pretty cool moments example would be on born to lead right before Jacky's solo, pretty cool guitar and bass trade off lick. The rapping that going into it I thought would be horrible and kill the record was actually really interesting. Song's such as "Rolling Stone," "It's Over When It's Over," and "Self-Destruct Personality" showcase the talent Ronnie has at rapping and "scream-rapping" I don't know if their is a term for that but he does that in "Self-Destruct Personality." Their was also some sort of "nintendo-core" would be the best way to describe "Game Over" which was a really interesting track none the less. Song's like "Keep Holding On" and "Drifter" are really emotional tracks that touch on two different and deep subjects that really attracted me and they instantly became my two favorite tracks off the record. Both very slow and completely different sound/lyrics.

Lyrics — 8
When I say a majority I mean a MAJORITY of people that quote lyrics from the record use "Alone." For example from "Rolling Stone": "Don't get it twisted, ballistic, characteristics when I rap shit intricate visions of infinite wisdom empirical spiritual lyrical very cool synonyms" or from "Keep Holding On": "My head is floating somewhere in the clouds while I'm being paid to entertain a lively crowd, they sing my songs and feel my pain because pain is what create my fame a vicious cycle some day I'll get out" or from "It's Over When It's Over": "I wear my heart up on my sleeve so my souls exposed. And I carry this disease the weight of the holy ghost." Lyrically the album has some really clever literary device's all through it and you can't deny that it does. All the lyrics fit the sound of every song on the record. Depending on the person however Ronnie's vocals may either make you want to shoot yourself in the head (not literally of course) because its to whiny which is understandable I feel that way sometimes (not literally of course) when friends show me bands when the vocalist is singing so high I can't tell if its a guy or a girl and its to whiny or you'll think they're incredible and really unique. His singing is in the higher range as usual but occasionally it goes down to the lower notes.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall I'd say this record is easily a 7.5 personally it's a very easy to listen to record and is very catchy and attracts a wide variety of people which was most likely the intent of the record. Memorable tracks that will carry on throughout the bands career are definitely "Keep Holding On" (I know I've mentioned that track about 100000 times calm down) and "Born to Lead." The album has not one bad track their is some average tracks such as "Alone" and "Bad Girls Club" but their isn't a single bad track on the whole piece which isn't rare but is uncommon among today's bands. Even the "Rolling Stone (Shy Kid Remix)" isn't too bad its definitely a 4/10 track but that's just slightly below average not bad necessarily. One thing I hate which I really hope on the bands next effort they touch more on is guitar solo's because their was a lack of solo's and Jacky has such an incredible talent. I know most people will say "all he does is sweep..." but watch some of his guitar world videos. Not saying he is going to be the best guitar player of his generation but he's definitely got a lot of soloing talent they need to tap into. Overall from me a solid 7.5 it was a really well written record if you are actually listening to it and not just straight up hating on it because of the first single "Alone" and maybe the second single "Fashionably Late" (which sounds basically like situation's just a little more pop). If my copy was stolen/lost I would most certainly buy another copy when it would be convenient for me to do so. This band is really going to be blowing up over the next couple of years and it'll be interesting to see if they do something as drastic like this in the future or if they'll go back to their debut's style. Good day old sports.

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