The Drug In Me Is You review by Falling In Reverse

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  • Released: Jul 25, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.8 (108 votes)
Falling In Reverse: The Drug In Me Is You

Sound — 9
Falling In Reverse on first impression are just a generic pop punk/metal band, but I realised quickly these guys have an edge over alot of other comparable bands, for starters the guitar work is great! Fast, catchy to the point solos with some good drumming to back it up. Ronnie's lyrics and vocals are definitely the highlight of the album though but I'll go further into that later. This really is a very crisp, well put together album. 01. "Raised By Wolves" - Great start to an album, extremely catchy. 02. "Tragic Magic" - Worst song on the album its got an annoying melody and not much going on musically, a few cool lines but abit of a let down. 03. "The Drug In Me Is You" - Great song! Great melody, great lyrics, great guitar just great!. 04. "I'm Not A Vampire" - Properly my favorite of the album, awesome lyrics and guitar work love it!. 05. "Good Girls Bad Guys" - Very radio friendly abit too much for my liking, but has some cool funny lyrics and a nice solo. 06. "Pick Up The Phone" - Not a good song, annoying melody with a weird almost rap part for the pre-chorus. 07. "Don't Mess With Ouija Boards" - Cool Song, best for Ronnie vocally IMO. 08. "Sink Or Swim" - Good song with some quite disturbing lyrics ha. 09. "Caught Like A Fly" - Has a weird kind of carnival feel to it but a pretty cool song with good lyrics. 10. "Goodbye Graceful" - Weakest lyrics on the album, okay verses and chorus but not one of the best. 11. "The Westerner" - Awesome song! Very personal and hard hitting lyrics with an infectious melody.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are definatly the highlight of the album, Ronnie opens up about his drug and personal problems with alot of harsh words towards Max Green and Craig Mabbit of ETF and fair bit about getting f--ked up and banging chicks ha. The vocals are really good, I never thought Ronnie's clean voice was anything special but his screaming is really bloody good, the only problem I had with the album was they didn't utilize Ronnie's screaming enough and went abit to far towards pop punk.

Overall Impression — 9
All in all a very solid first outing by Falling In Reverse, with alot of radio friendly songs but also a few good hard hitting post hardcore songs. But its definitely Ronnie's ability to "Turn a phrase" that's makes this album not just another pop punk/post hardcore album.

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    This record isn't bad... but in saying that, Ronnie is very egotistical in nearly everything, and some of the lyrics just don't feel right when you consider Ronnie Radke's songwriting talent. overall, not bad. But could definately be improved. Also, I speak oon behalf of every NON-Radke/Mabbit uber-fan when I say the whole Mabbitt vs. Radke shit has gone far enough. NO ONE CARES!!!!! IT'S F**KING TWILIGHT FOR ETF FANS!!!!!
    shecter guy
    I like the album. Definitely better than that crap ETF put out as their self titled album. I've always enjoyed ronnie's lyrics and it's obvious that FIR has some talent. Not bad for a first album, and i'm curious to see what they put out next now that a lot of the ''**** you ETF'' songs are out of the way.
    Ammm... I really enjoyed alot the album, its really catchy; you can learn fast the lyrics... about the lyrics... i actually liked them and some of them actually to me were deep enough... i mean dont mess with quija boards and goodbye graceful... aint weird if you can read the real message in them.. about ronnnie's big ego in some of the songs... okay guys... its alright... pride its always the best way to get up when you feel betrayed and at the end for me it was better to here these lyrics than some stupid pop lyrics talking about love and happiness and flying birds or a girl who broke up with me so... become a man... and be pride of yourself and show it to the world...
    Le Fantome
    Great instrumental work from the band. Shame the singer is an egotistical jerk.