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artist: Falling Up date: 07/01/2008 category: compact discs
Falling Up: Captiva
Release Date: Oct 2, 2007
Label: BEC Recordings
Genres: Alternative CCM, Christian Metal, Christian Rock
Number Of Tracks: 12
The lyrics are devout, but not in a way that's likely to alienate anyone except the most hypersensitive nonbelievers.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 7
Captiva Reviewed by: For My Love, on july 01, 2008
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Sound: Captiva is something new for the Oregon-based band. With their first two CDs Falling Up went for a style of straight rock. And with the release of Dawn Escapes I think that people thought they found their sound. However their very experimental third CD release Exit Lights, which is various remixes of past songs combined with new songs, they threw us off the trail. Captiva comes to combine the old with the new. Eerie music with ripping guitar and killer drums brings this CD alive! But will listeners quickly become tired with it? Although a lot of their past music is redundant and eventually bores people, it seems that Captiva might not have the same fate. Musically, the CD is powerful beautiful. Two thumbs up! // 8

Lyrics: Let's face it, their lyrics have always been confusing and lot of words they chose to use were used repetitively. Not too much has changed with Captiva. I must say, the words do flow with the music very well, but it misses the mark when compared to Dawn Escapes. The lyrics in half the songs give you the feeling of: "Man, these are cool words... But they don't make any sense." It's hard not to like Jessy Ribordy's voice, that's a fact, but his lyrics (which on this CD were mostly written by Aaron Sprinkle, their producer) are a different story. // 6

Overall Impression: Captiva is a good album. Their experimental approach to music is a great thing, however, four CDs into their career is a little late to be changing/finding their sound. Don't get me wrong, Captiva is a good CD and I would certainly recommend it. But it is a change for all of their long-time fans. Whether or not it is a good change remains to be seen. // 7

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