Arquitectura Efimera review by Fangoria

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  • Released: Jun 1, 2004
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (1 vote)
Fangoria: Arquitectura Efimera

Sound — 8
"Arquitectura Efimera", Fangoria's ultimate masterpiece, has been produced by the spanish producer Carlos Jean, probably the best of producers in this country. Carlos Jean is a very effective and hard-working producer,and he had already worked with Fangoria in their former works, so Carlos and Fangoria are a consumated team. The album is the last of a trilogy joined by "Una Temporada En El Infierno" (1999), "Naturaleza Muerta" (2001) and finally this one, "Arquitectura Efimera" (2004). It's the most pop and melodic album of the trilogy, and personally, I think it's also the best in all the ways: lyrics, sound, production, melodies, arrangements. The whole album (contains 10 new songs and a cover of The Ramones)sounds both eclectic and compact. You can find pop, rock,tecno, house and classical ballads in this album, but all of the songs have a special style. Alaska's voice sounds deep, powerful and clean, and the arrangements are great: there are always electronic beats, because Fangoria is, mainly, a tecnopop band, but you can find a lot of little sounds and arrangements taken from another different styles: the emotional strings and micro-beats on "Teatro Del Dolor" remind of Bjork, "La Mano En El Fuego", "Nadie Mejor Que Tu"" and "El Arte De Decir Que No" remind of bands like Dandy Warhols,Blur, Suede etc. "Retociendo Palabras", the main single (it hit number 1 position on charts), is a very powerful tecno song that reminds of Pet Shop Boys. "Adios" is pure emotion with delicious guitars and beats, quite similar to Madonna's latest songs, "Miro La Vida Pasar" is pure 50's styled, but in a brand brilliant tecno arrangement. And "Hoy Aqui Maana Vete", the cover of Ramones' song "Here Today Gone Tomorrow" is just a delicious reinvention of this punk track turned into a emotional electronic ballad that's near to the sound of bands like Goldfrapp. In this album you can find mainly disco beats, electronic loops and synths, but there's also place for electric rocky guitars, strings, distorsions etc.

Lyrics — 10
Fangoria's lyrics are just perfect, it's probably one of the spanish bands with the best lyrics, full of dramatism, irony, lyrism and beauty always seen from the sadness, the darkness or the fatalism. They're full of funny word-games, emotional sentences and strong ideas. I specially remark the irony and humour of "La Mano En El Fuego", the beauty of "Adios" and "En Otro Mundo", the sadness and pesimism of "Miro La Vida Pasar" or the power and rage of "Interior De Una Nave Espacial Abandonada".

Overall Impression — 10
"Arquitectura Efimera" is the best of all Fangoria's albums since their beginning in 1990 with "Salto Mortal". Fangoria is a band with a lovely own style, always on the thin line between pop and vanguard, between simplicity and delirium. I specially recommend the tracks "La Mano En El Fuego", "Retorciendo Palabras", "Miro La Vida Pasar", "Interior De Una Nave Espacial Abandonada" (my favourite one), and "Adios". I love the whole album, and there's honestly nothing I can say I hate. Maybe the thing it dissapointed me most was the song 6 "Entre Mil Dudas" which I think it's not good enough to complete this great album, but It's just my opinion. If I lost it I'm sure I'd buy it again. The cd and dvd with videoclips are kept in a cd-book-box with 40 pages of contemporary art. It's delicious!

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